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Published: Friday, Feb. 20 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sutherland Institute forever! How can gays call themselves normal? In what class or species do we see reproduction with two daddys or two mommies? Did any gay get to this earth from a gay union? Look at nature folks. You are denying the natural order of things to try and justify your "condition."
The rampant disease among homosexuals should give a clue. If it was totaly left to the gays, the human race as this earth knows it would cease to exist. God didn't create two Adam's in the Garden of Eden, or two Eve's. Get a grip! Where is the discipline?
The pink illusion that you are living will render you weak and morally deficit. This is meant as truth not intolerance.

Call It

Call it like it is. You hold hate in your heart for 10% of every child GOD (& mostly) straight couples created. It's appauling.
These people from Equality Utah aren't even asking for marriage. And why would they? They've been shunned by mainstream folks for so long - why would they want to be anything like us? They simply want to take care of each other - they want basic SIMPLE protections that still aren't as good as what my husband and I automatically got when we were married.
Basic rights. They deserve that and so much more.

well, here's a thought

If marriage needs to be strengthened, is it not more reasonable to encourage marriage - real, honest, stick-with-it-through-thick-and-thin, all your life marriage - to either gays or straights? Faithful marriage cuts down on disease - if that is someone's concern. Kids get totally messed up when parents divorce. People who "don't need a piece of paper to validate [their] love" are the ones who have a bad attitude toward marriage. Why should shack-ups get the benefits of the common ground laws instead of couples who are actually committed to each other?

Call It

Who are you to say there aren't same-sex couples who are committed? This is a perfect example of the blanket judgement that many citizens and many legislators automatically give. How unthoughtful to a long term relationship that has gone through all the trials that we all deal with.
Whether or not you agree with same-sex marriage, these relationships deserve respect. They deserve to care for each other and follow through on the promises they've made to each other.
God knows we see enough two week marriages in the world. But we're reading stories in the media all the time about long term committed couples who are raising children and living life. ...not unlike the rest of us.

Sick of the lies

Giving rights to LGBT people, and even legalizing same-sex marriage does not mean anybody is "forced to accept homosexuality". It does not mean the government or anybody else is legitimizing or endorsing gay relationships. Those who claim such are perpetuating lies and fearmongering.

Religion is legal. Does that mean that anybody is forced to accept any particular religion or to practice it? Does that mean that the government endorses any particular religion? No, it does not.

Alcohol is legal. Does that mean that anybody is forced to condone drinking or to drink themselves? Does that mean that the government endorses drinking? No, it does not.

Stop the bigotry and lies, and stop making LGBT people second-class citizens to make yourselves feel superior. It's cruel, harmful and dishonest.


Sorry gay/lesbians but homosexuality is 'un-natural' affection for the SAME sex. If that's the
type of 'relationship' your choose, I DON'T CARE BUT...and this is a big BUT...don't try to force me to believe it is 'normal' or a relationship I want taught to my children and grandchildren as 'NORMAL' or under another label as an 'alternative lifestyle'. And I don't need some religious leader to teach me this. The parts just don't fit and neither does the lifestyle. Two gays or lesbians in a committed relationship is exactly that. It isn't a marriage and should never be.


Each of you please read "Sick of lies" and stop acting as deities here on earth and as eternal judges. Accept human diversity as human and realize you are humans -not Gods. Leave judgement to a benevolent Almighty.


Each of you please read the comment of "Sick of lies" and cease attempting to to be deities and pass eternal judgements here on earth. Accept yourself as humans and accept human diversity as human. Let a higher benevolent God pass judgements.

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