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Published: Thursday, Feb. 19 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I don't get it

Why do people continue to vote for this guy?


I guess I kind of have to admire Sen Buttars for saying what he thinks rather than dance around the issue and try to be everything to everybody like the typical politician. Certainly, this is not a very popular thing to say and I am certain that he will take a lot of heat not just locally but nationally.


most people have the discretion to be a lot more careful about when they say things and the way they say them. There are times when it is wise to speak and times when it's not. Buttars doesn't seem to know the difference.

Buttars really needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut even if what he's saying is absolutely the TRUTH.


At least someone has the guts to state the truth. Everyone is too worried about offending somebody else. It's about time that we quit worrying about that and worry about where "tolerance" is leading us. This whole gay rights issue is not about more tolerance, it is a shift in tolerance. They want me to be more tolerant of their beliefs yet at the same time are not tolerant of my beliefs because those beliefs do not tolerate theirs. It is a shift, not an expansion.


Please stop reelecting this guy!


I'm a Republican delegate and I think he's nuts. What kind of world do we live in where Chris Buttars can win with getting over 60% at the convention and better moderate Republicans lose?


Buttars should be removed from office. How many derogatory things is he going to say before he becomes accountable? He is so insensitive. If he doesn't agree with gay rights that is fine. But why does he have to say such offensive things? I am calling for his resignation.

Hold those judgments, Buttars

Some people believe Mormons are immoral or that they consider themselves superior to others or that they will destroy society as we know it. That doesn't make them right, and it doesn't mean that Mormons should be discriminated against.

There's no question that those who act on their homosexual feelings don't share my personal morals, but that doesn't mean they don't have morals or that they are evil people determined to destroy our society. While I'm not in favor of gay marriage, I also think we need to resist the urge to turn our state into a theocracy, and we need to elect leaders who will resist that urge as well.

I Wonder

Me thinks he doth protesteth too much!


I don't suppose the antagonists of homosexuals would agree that these comments are hateful.


"They don't want equality," he said, "They want superiority."

Unfortunately, Senator Buttar's is exactly right. Activists want to silence, through laws, threats, and intimidation, every person and every church that believes and teaches that homosexual relations are morally wrong and destructive. They want to deprive every person and every church of the right to participate in compassionate services, such as adoption placement, unless they perform them contrary to their most deeply held beliefs. They want to teach our children in school that homosexual relations are acceptable.

It's like tug-o-war. Activist want to gain ground with small steps, then dig in, then pull some more, then dig in, then pull some more, until they reach their ultimate goal. Their gains, however, would be at the expense of traditional marriage and family and the rights of free speech and free exercise of religion.

Don't believe it? Look at what has happened and is happening in California, Massachusetts, Canada, and Europe.

While Senator Buttars could be more diplomatic, I for one am grateful that he is standing up for traditional marriage and family, free speech, free exercise of religion, and traditional morals.

Selfish vs Selfless...

As much as his bluntness is offensive, his view is fairly accurate. What is this gay lifestyle, but the absence of any moral quality? Marriage is a contract to put the raising of children ahead of self-interest. It is a huge moral committment to family. And huge step away from selfishness. Gay lifestyle is a contract of selfishness, about doing everything for yourself. It is the anti charity. Marriage is one of the most selfless acts in society--the raising of children for ones entire life. The gay life style is one of the most selfish acts in society.


The idiots in his disctrict must think just like him as they keep re-electing him. Does not matter which one of the Jordans they live in, he keeps getting the votes of the apparently like minded.


Wow what kind of "senator" is this guy honestly to compare us in the gay community to "radical muslim"?
honestly who does this guy think he is to spread hate through his words and then call himself a faithful mormon come on now this guy needs to be stopped.


These blogs trying to compare and contrast gays and Mormons are fairly absurd. There is no moral comparison. It's silly.

But, Buttars really does need to learn to be more discreet in his language.

I Love It!

It's obvious that the majority of his constituents share his views or he wouldn't get re-elected. I would vote for him if he were on my ballot. He says what he believes and doesn't worry about offending others with the truth. We are headed down a slippery slope as we keep trying to give more and more rights to gays. He calls it like he sees it and I agree. Gays are not necessarily bad people but but the decline of our society has begun all for the sake of "acceptance".

The Truth Hurts

I completely agree with Buttars and I believe most of Utah agrees with him but you won't see them backing him as much as you'll see the other side opposing him. We have to step up to keep a moral society or we will lose it all.


It is comments like this that make me ashamed to live in Utah.

Got news for you....

It is more than just mormons who don't support the gay lifestyle. Frankly, I am tired of people always blaming the mormon church. Guess what, the Pope for the Catholic church doesn't support it either. Why doesn't that ever get discussed???? Gay lifestyle is hurting the american family. I support Buttars.

Just bet that DN won't print this commment!!!!


I just hope this makes it on the Colbert Report like last time he came out with his crazy rhetoric.

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