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Published: Thursday, Feb. 19 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I want to sympathize with their plight, but I can't. I believe that animals should be treated with respect and be well-cared for. I'm a vegetarian, even. But releasing animals that have no ability to survive in the wild is just as cruel to the animals as is the treatment from the breeders. There are better ways that are less dramatic and less destructive to create awareness and fight for better lives for animals.


These activists are really sad. How about getting jobs, contributing to society and choosing not to buy mink. Instead, they terrorize those who are productive in legal occupations. They are typical liberals - "Think the way we think, or we will make you think our way, by force".

Whining baby

What a bunch of whining babies. If they did anything wrong- meaning if they were at least parcially responsible for letting the minks loose, I hope they are nailed. There is nothing wrong with protesting animal cruelty. But when you mess with someone elses livelihood just for making your little point, you should suffer the consequences.


As in every other case of animal cruelty these people should be placed in jail if found guilty.

Dog fighting is illegal, chicken fights are illegel, it is illegal for me to abuse a dog or cat. All of these are and should be crimes. Is it not the same thing to let animals free that will die slow painful deaths? Mink have no way to survive out side of captivity. They starve, freeze, get run over by cars. How cruel it is to free these animals.

Heres an idea. Try to change peoples minds about the need for fur. Im sure quite a few would buy into the idea. Next buy all the mink yourself. Let the animal rights activists take charge of their care.

Re: anonymous

Mink have no way to survive in captivity either. Animal rights organizations have been trying for decades to show people the truth about how cruel factory farming is. But for some reason people keep buying fur when there are plenty of alternatives.

Those farmers make Mike Vick seem like pet owner of the year. And if you wear fur you should be ashamed to support such an industry.

Re; sad

Let's say these kids work at coffee shop, since that's the only place that liberals work anymore. I'm sure they are doing for the world than a guy that breeds animals so he can eventually beat them to death and skin thier corpses so some rich slag can have a new coat. Agree?

Fur has a small carbon footprint

Most fake fur is made from petroleum products. Isn't oil harvested by scarring the land with new roads, and used to create gasoline that is polluting our water and air. It seems to me that a mink coat has a much smaller carbon footprint than a faux fur coat.

Real vs Oil

Remember oil used to be alive as well!!


Hope you get a big, cuddly cell-mate Jordan.

jonas brother

Maybe someday he can grow up to be just like Peter Young. Then he can go on the college lecture tour and be worshiped by hundreds. Great career path. Mom will be so proud.

Carbon Footprint?

Really? Just about everything we do has a cabon footprint.

But since you have such a good point, beating to death and skining animals saves about 5 gallons of gas so lets just go with that.

Veggies are alive too.

I'm surprised someone hasn't taken the initiative to put that one out there. Because seriously man its too ironic not to be said. Just like the oil comment. He and i run a couple o factories called Brains....now go rethink your values, commies!

That'll teach 'em to come into Utah with views that didn't come from Larry the cable guy.


I support the idea of them protesting with tape over their mouths.

How is it...

that "More than two dozen animal rights activists" can show up at the court house in the middle of a work day to protest? Don't these people have jobs?

You Miss the Point

What I find interesting is that most of you miss the point. This is not about an animal rights issue but is a human rights issue. We have been raised in a country where we believe we have rights. These two individuals were called as witnesses, they are not criminals. We need to do away with Grand Juries. Grand Juries are archaic and when you go before one you no longer have those rights you may have thought you once had. You have no representation, and this is nothing more than a way for law enforcement or the DA to get around a law for those that want to use our perceived constitutional rights. Once again these people are witnesses not criminals but just the same are treated like criminals. I am sure that most of the kids there were friends. They are probably students and most probably work evenings at jobs most adults would not be willing to work even in this poor economy.
The comment about Jordan getting a big cuddly cell mate shows no maturity. I am sure you have been there to be able to state something like that. I'm sorry for you.


Could they please leave the tape over their mouths?

Grand Juries are Archaic?

Get real. Grand juries are one of the most important things in our society. They are convened to determine if there is enough evidence to indict someone. It's the step in the process in which citizens--not an appointed judge, not a law enforcement guy who's job is to arrest people, but average, ordinary citizens like you and me--determine who is indicted and who isn't. Do away with grand juries and prosecutors could indict anyone they want to. The biggest problem with grand juries and the entire legal system is unscrupulous prosecutors--think Duke lacrosse or the KPMG fiasco by the feds. The best protection against improper prosecution is the Grand Jury. That's why there's no defense lawyers and why the proceedings are supposed to be secret. The decision is made by people like you and me--average, ordinary folks, hopefully with enough common sense and intelligence to recognize when and when not to indict.


Well Jordan, you thought you could get away with releasing all those mink? The government isn't stupid. Why are you and the other terroractivists trying to hide the other girls name? It's cute you and your friends are trying to protect your girlfriend. But she is just as guilty as you for not coming forward with the info. I hope you both rot in prison!


Mink in fact CAN survive outside of cages, and this has been well documented in past liberation cases. Mink have been found surviving years later. These are wild animals living in horrible conditions leading to painful and cruel deaths.

If your neighbor were brutally beating their dog and you knew about it would you sit back and let it happen? Those who know the conditions on a fur farm that have the guts to give these animals a chance at life (instead of CERTAIN DEATH) are heroes in a way most people only dream of.

There is no need for these atrocities to take place and I look forward to the day that every fur farm is out of business and done polluting our water supplies. They claim these to be "family business" I am glad my family isn't in the business of torturing animals.


The point is that we are obligated to follow the law. If you do not like the law, petition to change it.

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