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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 17 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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You are being used and manipulated by the commonground people as they twist the issues to meet their agendas. They have no real compassion for you.


I think governor Huntsman would have a hard time up against the popular Barack Obama. I do feel he is a much more viable candidate than Romney to go against the Democrats however.

Govenor, do the right thing

I voted for Gov. Huntsman, but if he is against the deal offered by Energy Solutions to give Utah 100 million per year in return for allowing foreign waste, I will regret my vote.

Let me say, this offers no increased risk to Utah, foreign waste is no different than waste produced in the United States. The hole will be filled eventually anyway, the only question is, do we want the 100 million per year or not?

It seems in a time that we are talking about raising the food tax, or furlowing teachers, or laying off highway patrol, this is a blessing from on high,

I hope the Govenor has more sense than to reject this 100 million per year.


The Gov. is showing he is not an right wing nut. He makes his own decisions and is more open minded than the typical Utah Republican. The GOP Members of Congress should look at some of the nation's Governors for a model to appeal and be successful, not continue their obstuction and lack of ideas. But then, maybe they should stay like they are. The GOP had their chance and blew it. Keep up your independence, Governor.


How sad that the citizenry lowers its approval of its governor for standing up for every citizen. He simply said every citizen should have the same rights. That every Utah adult should be able to get into the hospital to see their spouse, not loose their job, have fair housing access, the ability to get insurance for their family under one policy, to give your inheritance to your loved one without paying a fortune to lawyers.

Strange how all those who want to deny another human being these basic protections for their family, use the false claims of protecting their own families and their faith, as the rational for denying another human being the same benefits that their family enjoys.

What does it say about a people who don't have the heart to share something they claim is so wonderful. I guess their is a limit to how many people can be treated equally in Utah, so we can't spare any more civil rights to our citizens, for we might run out? How sad.


Utah voters are the least sophisticated in the country. This is the land where white teeth and a nice smile and lots of money will sway 80+ percent of the vote...Sad!

Stew Padomos

Given Gov Hunstman's recent stance on civil unions, I am now officially in love with him. Thank you from the bottom of my proud gay heart.


Thank you from a straight citizen for NOT being used and manipulated by the ultra conservative bigots who falsely assume they are righteous. Note: The LDS church is now curiously silent by not condemning Huntsman. Enlightenment is arriving in Zion... slowly.

Remember: Old film clips of KKK rallies show protestant ministers praying and blessing those gathered and their activities. Misplaced religious fervor tainted judgment then and it taints it now. George Wallace blocking blacks from educational institutions became the embarrassing legacy of Alabama, and Gayle Ruzicka will be the sour legacy of shame for Utah


It is OK to have an article that tells of how we think the governor is doing, but WHY must we project him as a possible candidate for president in 2012? Let's live in the now, please. There's enough to do without anticipating something 3 years hence. Enough future political speculation. I'm still reeling from the overexposure of politics from this last election.


I was unaware what a political hot-potato civil unions still are in Utah. An inoccuous statement like the one made by Huntsman brings the closeted bigots, who have learned to lie low so they don't look too mean-spirited, out in full force. It's a brave politician indeed who makes any mention of the subject at all.


Govenor Huntsman has done a great job. I like the act he will take an unpopular stance. Plus I think he is right.


John: Have you ever been to Mississippi?,Louisiana?,South Carolina?Alabama?Arkansas?

To J. Hillen

J.Hillen | 1:49 a.m. Feb. 17, 2009
"You are being used and manipulated by the commonground people as they twist the issues to meet their agendas. They have no real compassion for you."

Thank goodness Gov. Huntsman has compassion for us, though.

Family Values

I am not voting for Huntsman next election. Call me whatever you want, I call myself an American.

Utah Citizen

Huntsman was NEVER qualified to be governor. We should at least have a college graduate with some real world experience.

Post Toastee

Several Commentors:

I think if you are going to comment and critique the Governor you better learn how to spell Governor!!


Now I have read everything in these comments: The commentator at 6:51 am believes that radioactive waste is "a blessing from on high?"

Energy Solutions has now gained the status of a deity?

Wow, Utah is one strange place. Polygamy sounds normal next ot this one.

Utah rose

From pushing the REAL stadium down our throats to his approval of civil unions which have proved in other states like California a stepping stone to same-sex marriage, he is NOT my choice of governor and never has been.

He is not listening to the majority of citizens who elected him, and seems to want to go his own way. Ok for that, everyone is entitled to his opinion and vote, but mine will go to a candidate who listens to the voice of the people, and by the way, traditionals are not necessarily Mormon but believe in the sanctity of marriage. I just hope the legislators don't try to push the civil unions through just because Huntsman believes in it.


It's not just because of his gay stance... it's a simple fact that the longer you're around, the more people really get to know you.

Versus Romney

I believe Mitt Romney was also a compassionate, reasonable moderate - until he thought he had to run to the right in order to be a viable national candidate. Huntsman appears to have learned that this nation is truly a moderate, reasonable majority. Don't let pressure from the dead far right make you reconsider. This stance is also more in line with the LDS Church than the far right.

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