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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 17 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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It may be a good thing, that Mrs. Ernst has a new book out. I presume it is about Mr. Longabaugh. It should give her a chance to make a few corrections, that have been pointed out to me, that were in her "My Uncle" book. It should be noted, as I have not had the pleasure of reading the "Uncle" book, I can only state what was reportedly said in her book.

Among a "few" noted errors, the following I thought was the most note worthy and shall we say, humerous. Reportedly on page 74, there are numerous comments regarding his abilities and speed with a gun. It reportedly says "HE USED A SINGLE SHOT COLT 45 ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY," Not being a gun expert, even I detect something wrong with the above statement regarding Sundance's gun of choice. Using a "single shot" weapon, would seem to me to have put the "Kid" at somewhat of a disadvantage.

I am sure some of you are more knowledgeable about this than I and would care to comment.


Having read Mrs. Ernst's book about her "Uncle", I had to laugh at the comment in a previous posting pointing out what was reportedly said on page 74, of "Uncle". I will tell you, is is not "reportedly" said, as one of our noted historians likes to report, it is actually there.

If I may also be allowed to direct your attention to (my favorite) bit of information, which is a statement she makes on page 59. Here she is sharing what she knows about Mr. Harvey Logan (aka Kid Curry) Please allow me to quote, "he had a ranch in Landusky, Montana with some of his cousins. His cousins included Lonnie,Johnny,and Henry Logan."

I do believe she has the names correct. Cousins? Were they not, in fact, his brothers?

In closing, as anyone actually seen a "single shot" Colt .45?


Dang good

This is one dang good article.

Thanks Ghosttown Bob, CATS & Jerry Nickles for some dang good comments. You guys are my soul pals.

I also hope to learn more about the Sundance kid and old Butch Cassidy. see ya later 8>)

I Wonder

It seems from what we are seeing here, there are no standards, rules, code of ethics, or anything that requires these authors of "History" to deal in and only publish factual, verified information.

Does the line between "History" and fiction even exist anymore? If we are asked to pay our money to purchase a book about "History", should it not contain factual, accurate information? I would hope so.



Just Like Butch & The Kid.
I've Spent Most Of My Money Gambling & On Women And Booze.
The Rest Of It I Just Waisted.

Jerry Nickle

I Wonder
It is being an accessory to forgery by those who have the responsibility to verify.

Ghosttown Bob

"Anonymous has discovered your army deserter was not Bill Long as you hoped" Hah! what a laugh. He has found no such thing. He does not know what he is talking about. Tracking down Florence Parker, or Marshall Parker's kids have little or nothing to do with finding "Grandpa Bill." Both Anonymous and Jerry seem to know little of genealogical or family history research. In any genealogical investigation one always works from the known to the unknown, not making theories, and then trying to prove them right. using their kind of logic I can connect myself to both Jesse James, and to the Queen of England, and my stories will sound just as good.

The people that sound worried are Jerry and Co. What has it been now, two months and still no word on DNA results? Jerry, are you going to share the results, or is the "family" trying to "massage" the results. You do know that with a Y-Chromosome test the match has to be 100%. Anything less will be proof that William Long is not Harry Longabaugh.


Ghosttown Bob, You totally failed the Parker/Long ( Florence Parker, or Marshall Parker's kids) genealogical test, it took you a week to find the answer to a simple family history research question, that any genealogical investigator should have known, before stating that he knows with certainty that the individual hes researching (William Long) is who he claims he was. Good genealogical or family history research includes all family members. Given another week, you might discover what Julia, William and Minnie Longs mothers maiden name was. In any genealogical investigation one always works from the known to find the unknown.
What does William Long of Fayette County, Pennsylvania have to do with finding "Grandpa Bill?" Absolutely Nothing. Based on hard evidence, we the public will make the final decision on whether William Henry Long was Harry Longabaugh. The burden lies solely with Mr. Nickle providing substantial and convincing evidence.
Bob, if I were you, Id never publish anything about western outlaws, I dont think you can handle the criticism.

Jerry Nickle


As a public service I will FAX the relevant twenty Pinkerton memos and reports to any interested parties. These documents include all the Pinkerton references used by the Butch Cassidy historians since Charles Kelly and James Horan. You will see how the authors of the last few years have massaged and misused these reports. You will get the two separate memos showing Butch was in Utah in Feb 1909 and March 1909 after the killing of the Aramayo payroll robbers at San Vicente on Nov 6, 1908.

Contact me from my web site. Do a search for Jerry Nickle Sundance Kid.

Ghosttown Bob

Anonymous, You are mistaken. Did you not read my reply on Feb 20th at 7:53am? I said quote: I don't know what Florence has to do with all of this." This was posted the very next time I was on the board, which was the morning after your post. Yes, I passed your silly little test. I, for one do not spend all of my spare time on this comment board like some people apparently do. By the way, did you ever find Julia Ann Long Parker's obituary? It has been almost a week now and you have not found it. By your own logic you have failed the "genealogical test" of your own making. Oh, by the way did you know that, according to family, Julia's, William's, and Minnie's mothers middle name was Ann, (Wow! William Long of Wayne County mother's name was Ann!!), my, what a coincidence, or did you chose not to reveal that because it helps destroy your theory>

Ghosttown Bob

Anonymous: Now about your other statements in your 6:08 am post - The public does not make the final decision on whether William Henry Long was Harry Longabaugh or not. Either the two are the same, or they are not. DNA testing can prove that, otherwise Jerry would not have gone to the trouble or expense for the test. Lacking any DNA proof, then everything else is based on documentation with credible sources. "family tradition", "secret family files," or speculation just does not cut it. Manipulating sources for your own ends does not cut it. Too much of this has been going on, on all sides if this Butch and Sundance thing for years, hence Jerry's willingness to share his copies of the Pinkerton files. I applaud him for it.


Ghosttown Bob,
I have newspaper articles, Obituaries, Death certificates. Julia, William and Minnies mothers name was Mary Jane -------. Born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Julia Ann Long was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Julia Ann Long Parkers husband was Henry S. Parker he was born in Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire, he was wagon master at Camp Carlin. Julia Ann Long Parker died 25 Dec 1936. One of Julias grandsons was named after her brother William Long. Much, Much, More Ive done the research, what have you done Bob, Little Buck.


This question is for Gaylen Robinson, What was Harry's mother's name....I am related on the step side and just have a few questions after hearing little bits and pieces of the story all my life.


Little Buck.

Does that not imply there is a "Big Buck"?

It was reportedly said, BB has, shall we say. folded.


Double Eagle

Ghosttown Bob,
Obviously youre in Dan Bucks camp, perhaps Little Buck fits, youd have us believe that Butch and Sundance both died in South America without any DNA. Whats the difference, do you not hold Dan Buck to the same proof positive, as you insist, Jerry Nickle must provide.


"do you not hold Dan Buck to the same proof positive, as you insist, Jerry Nickle must provide."

With all due respect DE, when was dbuck ever held resposible for anything he said/wrote? Come on! On second thought though, he does claim he was successful. We don't want to hear that song again.


Just Lookin

Let me get this straight.

We want to hold Mr. Buck resposible for:

1 Finding Mr. Zimmer

2 His "reported" information by a Parker family member.

3 The accuracy of his (phone call??) with, was it Mrs. Charter? To be honest he changed that story more than a diaper, so I am not real sure, who he claims he talked with.

4 What he never said about Mrs. Betenson?


Ghosttown Bob

Jerry: Sure I would like a copy of the above mentioned Pinkerton memos, etc. I would like to compare them to my little stack. If I have anything different than you, I will be glad to share them with you.

My only problem, I was on your site, but I am still unsure on how to contact you. Do I just send and email to jerrynickle@....(yourwebsite)?

Jerry Nickle

Do you have the hand written memo dated April 3, 1902?

Horse Creek Cowboy

Some irresistable compulsion made me come back and review all of the comments. They have slowly degenerated into unwarranted attacks rather than a sharing of information. Many years ago, I found that one may very often learn more by sharing information. The attacks on Dan are unwarranted. Over the past ten years or so, I found that he was always willing to share and has not, at least with me, ever claimed to have an exclusive path to truth. The claim that anyone would "fake" evidence is outrageous and reflects more on the one making such allegations than on Dan.

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