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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 17 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sandy Woodbridge

Jerry: I too believe that Bill Long is Sundance. He married Luzernia, my great, great grandmother. I find all of this so interesting. I have heard stories all my life about butch and Sundance from my aunt, Etta Forsyth (deceased 1-2010). Etta was my father's aunt, or my father's mother's sister. I found it very interesting that Sundance bought 3 gold watches in New York, one for Etta.
Who were the others for? I have pictures of Florence Viola and Evinda Ann each wearing a beautiful gold watch around their necks. Viola also had a gold bracelet on, and my grandmother had on what looked to be a diamond broach. Bill Long had a diamond stick pin on in the same photograph, which he was rumored to have purchased in New York as well.

Has anyone ever tested his hand writing?

Josh Nichols

Greeting Wild Bunch researchers, my name is Josh and I am the great great grandson of James Milton (Jim) Ferguson. I was hoping some of you might be able to shed some documented light on the Fergusons involvement with the Wild Bunch and any general information that could be shared on their activities. Jim resided in Dixon, WY, Rawlins, WY and Palisade, CO, I have seen his name mentioned several times in my limited research into his affiliation with the Wild Bunch, I'm hoping for a more complete story, thanks a lot.

The Artful Codger


A couple items:

Ferguson is mentioned in two Pinkerton 1901 memos, and per a November 1899 Denver Republican article, he had been arrested in Seattle as Harry Hall, alias Ferguson, and tentatively identified as a participant in the Wilcox holdup.

Ghosttown Bob

DNA has proven that William Henry Long was not Harry Longabaugh or Tom McCarty. William Henry Long's family has been found and there is no connection with any of the "Wild Bunch" Sorry all, but this was all just a pipe dream of the Nickles.


Was there any further evidence tying Ferguson to the Wilcox Holdup or was the case dismissed? I tried looking online for any reference to Harry Hall and the Wilcox Holdup but turned up nothing. I had also heard that he might have been accomplice to the planning of a robbery at Tipton, are those 3 articles that you listed the only thing of value in regard to Ferguson or is there more to his story?



You probably have these already, but there are refs to Ferguson in Donna Ernst, The Sundance Kid (2009), and Richard Patterson, Butch Cassidy (1998).

The Wyoming newspaper archive has a two articles about the Hall arrest simlar to the Denver Republican report. Search "Harry Hall" + Wilcox, limiting your search to 1899. My guess is that Hall might have had an alias Ferguson, but he probably wasn't Jim Ferguson, the Sundance friend and Wyoming rancher. Note that the conductor said that Hall bears a "striking resemblance to one of the bandits," but that he's "not yet positive of his identity."

In any event, Hall seems to disappear from the saga after this brief appearance, so I'll bet he was never even charged.

The Artful Codger


Forgot to sign in. The 1:44 pm post above was my reply to your query.

Back from the Grave

There are records for a Harry Hall in the Washington State penitentiary records for 1907 and 1890 but none in 1899/1900.

James M. Fergusen md. Rose May Lamb 9 July 1895 - Carbon Co. Marr. Records.

Also there were two Jim Fergusons around Rawlins at this time. The other was a James Ferguson, rancher born 1868 in Scotland. He was single and lived in Rawlins. There may be some confusion as to who was who.


Donna Ernst has a file on James Ferguson, she’s the one to ask. Don’t think she’s a blogger.


This is very interesting to me. I am a direct descendant of Alexander and Mary Jane Long from Fayette Co. PA. William Long's sister Amelia (Emma) was my great-great grandmother. William Long's family moved from PA to Iowa City in the 1860s. Then all I know about William Long is what is found in the 1880 census. I have worked a year on this family and still have much to learn. I don't know enough to know if Bill Long was the Sundance kid or not.


Hello- William Long was indeed Harry Sundance Longbaugh. I have another photograph of William Long taken the same time as his noted photograph which was compared to the Sundance photos. My email is maximyk2@yahoo.com

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