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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 17 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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"Let it rest." Excellent idea Cheyenne.

I believe I heard, that is exactly what Mrs. Dora Flack said.

What difference?

What difference would it really make if Butch or Sundance were one of a dozen people? Does it really change the course of history significantly? Does it really matter in any material way? I think the conjecture is entertainmenty and thats what keeps this thread going.


"Does it really change the course of history significantly? Does it really matter in any material way?"

What difference, might want to ask Buck and Ernst that question. If the embers aren't stirred, the fire will go out. No fire, no book sales.

Kid Crow

We started out on this blog with Marilyn Grace crowing about having solved the Bill Long/Harry Longabaugh case. After we discussed Harry being at the Little Snake on June 28, 1897 and Bill Long pistol whipping George Morrell late in 1901, Ms Grace was forced to eat crow and begged us to "give it a rest", i.e. close off discussion. Jerry Nickle claims to be having a good time with the Hollywoods while his film and book projects are routinely savaged on this blog. Is Jerry's euphoria the result of taking a few hits off a bottle of Old Crow?

This old Crow is of that golden age when a public school education consisted of being taught how to think and not what to think. We also learned to have reverence for truth and American history.

Does it matter? For a good many of us old timers it matters a lot. If I have a vote I want to cast it in favor of continuing debate on this blog.

Unsolicited advice to Ms Grace: Don't quit your day job. You're not ready for prime time.

Jerry Nickle

We will see who eats crow and it won't be me.

Jerry Nickle

I will give you a hint, his initials are DB


Kid Crow...for an old timer you are certainly intitled to your opinion; I too enjoy this blog. However, for a "old timer" I'm somewhat suprised by the tone you take..that of "all knowing". I would think you would know like the rest of us that hard facts on this subject are rare. I welcome your comments as much as all the others..but place not a lot of value on yours over that of anyone elses. Let the DNA settle the Longabaugh/Long question as it should.


I don't know what is on the menu, crow or moose stew,but isn't about time that dinner is served?


I wonder why my comments of May 27 weren't posted? I followed the instructions to the letter...


Where were all you know it all's/experts when the excavating was going on in So Am ? It is Mr. Nickle's buck (of course, no pun intended) let him spend it as he sees fit. Get off his back.

If you don't like his program, switch stations.

tartan cowboy

just got rigged up with net 7 days ago,as a big wild west fan i,m enjoying this blog immensely. you,ll all get this post 2moro as i,m writing from scotland .i,d like to digress if you,ll indulge me.has anyone looked at the photograph in eamonn o,neills book outlaws?it, says "is this a very much alive butch cassidy in 19.10" its an uncanny likeness.does dan or anyone know if photo comparisons have been done?anyone know history of photo? would appreciate an answer. to jerry hope your claims are substantiated, would throw the whole debate into the stratosphere,good luck.thanks to all in anticipation.


"is this a very much alive butch cassidy in 19.10" its an uncanny likeness.does dan or anyone know if photo comparisons have been done?

Good luck Tartan Cowboy. Don't hold your breath till dan agrees that it is our pal Butch in a 1910 photo. Enjoy yourself.

tartan cowboy

oops! just realised your blog time is around 7 hours behind here not ahead,so u should all be wide awake.


Did anyone really think we would know the results of the DNA before they aired the program? That isnt the way it works in Hollywood. The blog is free publicity, and in their world, theres no such thing as bad publicity. I suspect Jerry Nickle wont know the results until shortly before the airing, so they can film his reaction in time to include it. I know Jerry Nickle honestly believed/believes that Bill Long was Harry Longabaugh. Personally, I think we should all be thankful that Jerry Nickle was willing to pursue his belief as far as he did, no matter what the outcome is, otherwise those of us who love western outlaw history, may never have had the opportunity to present new evidence in a public forum, such as this blog. I think all of us, including Ghosttown Bob, would agree that we have all benefited and learned a great deal from this blog.

Bob Jayne

May I be allowed to mention a new book by Diana Allen Kouris? RIDING THE EDGE OF AN ERA. 800 552 7819 I also have enjoyed reading, more than once, her book, THE ROMANTIC AND NOTORIOUS HISTORY OF BROWN'S PARK. Her family lived, and I believe still resides along the river in the park. A beautiful area. Her gentle, kind style of writing, telling of actual experiences and the real life of her family, in Brown's Park (hole), is very entertaining. And if Diana wrote it, that is the way it was. She might even mention something about our friends, Butch (Robert), Sundance (Bill or Harry).

Hope some of you will be able to enjoy her work.

Thank you.

Bob Jayne


I have read this blog from start to finish and I take it that Anonymous is Marilyn Grace.

If Jerry Nickle actually "believed/believes" Bill Long is Harry A. Longabaugh after reading this blog, then QUICK! everybody, lets get the poor man into therapy.

Unfortunately, there are those poor bored souls who will watch anything put on TV. Ice Road Truckers and Monster Quest spring immediately to mind. I suppose "Jerry Nickle Gets Surprised When Told Bill Long is Really Bill Long" could be fit between those two programs and the four members of the audience could then find out:

1.) Big Foot doesn't live in Alberta.
2.) Bill Long is not Harry Longabaugh.
3.) The ice road truckers don't drown.

Wow! Imagine that!



I agree completely. It isn't credible at all that Jerry Nickle actually believes Bill Long is Harry Longabaugh. I think what is going on here is a little spoof of the sort that Kerry Ross Boren puts out from time to time. We do get the bonus of real debate with facts from well informed individuals. I find that very interesting. Good job Deseret News.


Barbarella states: "I have read this blog from start to finish and I take it that Anonymous is Marilyn Grace."

Shows what you know Barbie, most of us can't count the different "Anonymous" posters that join in. Got any other idea's?

Butch (aka anonymous.)

Ancient Mariner

Welcome Tartan Cowboy. Good to have you with us.
I'll wager we're about to get some fresh information as soon as we can get Ms Grace quieted down. Until then I'm afraid you're in for a bit of a yawn.

tartan cowboy

ancient mariner: thanx for the welcome.
as a lay person with an open mind i think the order of the day should be objectivity.having read the postings to date and following the text and sub text its clear debunking someones research is not always about simply questioning the validity of gathered material but about dry gulching others findings in order to further entrench their own fixed ideas.every theory to the non historian like me sounds plausible.perhaps evary author should begin their book by saying "most of what follows is true"

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