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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 17 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ski Utah

My grandma was born and raised in Jensen (near Vernal) where Josie Bassett (an old girlfriend of Cassidy's) lived. My grandma had all kinds of stories about the Wild Bunch members (Butch, Sundance, etc)visiting the area and even having some over to her house for dinner. My grandma was born in 1915.......

Earl Dean

Lol, Mormons and their concocted legends. I guess it's true, when you have nothing to be proud of, you'll make something up.


To Earl Dean: I think it is always so funny to read the blogs by these people who comb the paper every day to find ANY article that will give them any excuse to attack Mormons. Of course, anyone can write anything he/she wants to on a blog no matter how completely stupid or off point it is.


I heard that Sundance and Butch Cassidy both hung-out in some little Mormon village near Zions canyon called Grafton. Nevertheless this little ghost town is no longer on the map of utah.


If Robert Redford hadn't played the Sundance character, no one would care what happened to the original.


I can't say if Butch and Sundance hung out in Grafton or not, but some of the 1969 movie was filmed there.

It is interesting how outlaws have legends of dying of old age. Not saying Butch or Sundance did or did not. If you watch the Young Guns movies you will find the same about Billy the Kid. Some say he died of old age too, despite the account of Sherrif Pat Garrett who claims to have killed him.


For the THEeyepatch 1:54pm. Tomorrow's story will about spelling, with emphasis on the word tomorrow!!!!

Swasey's leap

Butch and Sundance wintered with with my great uncle Swasey down on the San Rafael. Think what you want.


Grafton is still there just south of Rockville. Been there many times. My grandfater told me of stories of when he was young down around Circleville and meeting Butch.

NV Bound

There are many stories that Butch did return to Utah to visit but enjoyed his later days prospecting down around Death Valley-Pahrump. -Sure hope I spelled everything correctly.


I have an ancestor buried in Grafton, Utah. It has to be one of the coolest looking pioneer graveyards that I have ever scene. It is definitely a beautiful place to visit. However, if you ever go there you will need to watch for rattle snakes that seem to lurk around there. I have heard many stories about Butch Cassidy visiting the area, although I'm too certain about the Sundance kid?




Butch Cassidy is DB Cooper. Who, incidentally, is Bigfoot, who died of old age in Scipio.

Duchesne, Utah

I wish my neighbor was still alive. He is the grandson who found his grandfather, Harry, dead.
He never mentioned much about his grandad other than the "Long's were a bunch of outlaws". Kind of funny now that there is this twist on the story.
My neighbor's wife is still alive, and she is pretty sure that we will find out that Harry is in fact - the Sundance Kid.
I don't know if they ever talked about it or not. It will be interesting.

Gaylen Robison

Here's a puzzle for you skeptics and doubters. Fact #1. William Henry Long married Luzernia Allred Morrell. Their first born was a daughter named Viola. Viola grows up and gets married.
Viola's first born is Elva. Elva is my mother. She is still alive. Fact #2: There is a picture that hung on the wall in great grandpa and grandma Long's living room in their home near Duchesne, Utah. The picture is of Harry Longabaugh's sisters. The sisters names were Samanna and Emma. My mother remembers the picture and remembers Grandpa Long telling her it was a picture of his sisters. Fact # 3: Harry Longabaugh's sister Samanna gave birth to a daughter and named the baby Elva. That baby died at birth. Then Samanna gave birth to another daughter and named her Viola. Viola also died at birth. Fact #4: Harry Longabaugh's brother's son was named William Henry Longabaugh. Fact #5: The "Sundance Kid" was an alias for Harry Longabaugh. Now comes my great grandfather posing as William Henry Long. Now just pretend for a moment that you are Sherlock Holmes. Is it possible that you might have a clue or two?


the wonders of the mind is....

Bear Rug

I love a good mystery! This story is awesome! All of you nattering nabobs of negativity--stick it in your ear!


My, oh, my, this was fun speculation until Bear Rug had to quote Spiro Agnew. However...I do believe that Butch and Sundance did not die in Bolivia. I believe that, because I want to.

Don't stop

Fun! Once we get the Sundance Kid thing solved can we work on Frank Morris. You will remember he escaped from Alcatraz in 1962 never to be found. He would be 83 if still alive.

who cares?

at best he was a thief!

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