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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 17 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Mr. Ghost

Can you imagine the ink that would have been saved, if you had not provided us with all the Forts, sisters, cousins, any and all kin, that you have used to prejudge Nickle's efforts.

Would you possibly consider, putting forth the same effort, except this time, you can comment on what has actually happened (facts), as opoosed to what may happen. This would be your opinion of what Mr. Buck has proven. No, don't use the easy one of where Gustov is (was) buried.

Thank you.


Jerry Nickle

Befofe I make an entry on this blog I type it up on word to make sure everything is speeled right. It looks like a checkerboard; half of the words are underlined in red.

Ghosttown Bob

A Non, how nice, hiding behind someone else's pseudonym. At least I post with a screen name of my own so everyone knows who is posting, I have been assuming that Anonymous was one person. My apologies to the informed one.

Old a non

Mr. GTB points out:

"Then the discussion could have continued. Instead it cut off any chance of a good discussion."

Thank you for reminding us of that issue. You of course are speaking of when Mr. Buck "cut off" any chance of a good discussion, with the lady who was a relative of the Parker family. She said something like, "she didn't have to put up with Dan Buck", and she sadly left. I am surprised you bring that up about Mr. Buck. Thank you again. Well done.

Not Ft Lar anon

Ghosttown Bob

A C: I thought the issue here was about William Henry Long and any connection or not to Harry Longabaugh. I didn't realize that this was an anti Dan Buck blog.

Jerry Nickle

I could care less what you Dan Buck or the critics believe. I am a threat to them. They are going to have to do explaining. They cannot intimidate or bully me. Nothing I write will be published in WOLA or will I be invited to their conventions. This is a closed fraternity and Im not welcome or do I want to join them. I relish the confrontation and like being the outsider and underdog.

Ghosttown Bob

A C: Now about the "Forts, sisters, cousins, and any kin," I think it has been one of the many Anonymous' that has kept bringing this up, mainly to dis-prove (I avoid the word discredit here) my assertion that William Henry Long was actually the William Long born ca. 1857-1865 in Fayette Co., PA, - - and to beat me over the head with her copious research. (or is that "pound me into submission" ((aside: I'm just trying to be humorous here)).

Actually, I'm looking forward to moving on to Gooldy, Gillespie and the N Bar N.


One is asked a question. The response, "that is a great question, but first let say this". The "question", is never mentioned again.

You should consider politics, GT.

"Anti, Mr. Buck", where do you get that? But if you mean, pointing out actual (facts) things Mr. Buck has done as "anti"--------- must be anti then.

Your response to the lady Buck chased off was what?

It must also make your hear feel good to see all the support you are getting.



Actually Mr I, I am starting Joe Torre's new book on the Yankees. Also read Harv Murdock's book about Elza Lay. Interesting. as he uses only real information, nothing was "reportedly" said.

B4 you use up your 30 minutes a day, no politics, supporters or comment on the Parker relative chasing?

By the way, do you ever feel like you are swimming against the current?



Ghosttown Bob

Ok, doubtful but possible, you forgot the Ft. for Laramie. You also stated below.
It is possible that William ranged as far North with his brother-in-law as Ft. Assinniboin along the Milk River where the 18th Infantry was stationed. In 1885 after several years along the Northern Montana boarder, having faced the rough Montana winters and hostile Indians, including participating in the Wounded Knee campaign, the 18th Infantry was transferred from Northern Montana to Ft. Leavenworth Kansas. Their route took them through Laramie, Wyo. and Ft. D.A. Russell to the railroad.

Bob, According to historical accounts, the events leading up to its final act, the Wounded Knee Massacre, had been building since the late 1880s. Officially, The Wounded Knee Campaign was from 1890 - 1891. If the 18th Infantry participated in the Wounded Knee Campaign, as you stated, then explain their transfer to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas in 1885. Your William Long joined the 18th Infantry, on Aug 7, 1886, at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. Before the Wounded Knee Campaign?

Great Anon Y Mouse

Ghoattown Bob,
There have been numerous comments made, suggesting you give Jerry a chance. If he is wrong, the facts will determine it, not you or Buck. As has been shown, Buck has proven something. What he is, what he knows and what he doesn't know. Why not allow Jerry the same courtesy?
Good advice. Let it pass, lets move on.
Great Anon Y Mouse

Ghosttown Bob

Anonymous: I bow before your all powerful wisdom and knowledge. Yes I confused the 18th Infantry's chasing of Sitting Bull around the Canadian Border with the later Wounded Knee Campaign.

Are you happy now? Or do you want to keep trying to pound me over the head?

Jerry Nickle

Not time yet

Ghosttown Bob

Great Anon Y Mouse: I am giving Jerry a chance to prove his theory. He will press on no matter what I do. But if he is right, he will be better for it. Isn't he better off knowing that there is another explanation out there concerning William Henry Long now rather than waiting until he publishes his results and then gets blind sided with another explanation that contradicts his? If he knows now where the holes are in his theory, it gives him a better chance to fill them.

Now if he is wrong, with his absence of any DNA proof to support his theory, his theory will always remain a theory which may eventually be disproved. I have no axe to grind with Jerry or his project, but if I think he is wrong, I will say he is wrong. Hopefully, once this is all over, the research I have done, and prompted Anonymous to do may yet help the family find their true roots.

Mycroft Holmes

Was it Winston, Douglas or Butch who said, "old historians never die, they just..........fade away".

There are things that have been accomplished here, I would observe. Some of these words have even been informative. We have learned a lot about a few people. Now we wait, to learn the final outcome for Mr. Nickle. I know we all wish him well. May he travel without the burden of unwelcome, pre-determined opinions.

And finally, is a big part of the attraction of all this, the fear & joy, that we may never know where the boys went?

I bid you all a most pleasant, good evening.

M. Holmes


Whatever comes of this we are already winners. I have thoroughly enjoyed all I have read or seen regarding this issue. Most of the "Old West" chacters have grown in stature and been embelished upon after they were gone. It makes a great story true or false and people will still be talking about this and the rest of the gang and their tie ins as long as their are people with an interest in the old west.

Sherlock Holmes

If I may briefly add to what my brother, Mycroft shared.

If this bunch of name calling, back stabbing, low lifes can end up as shown in the last two entries, is there not hope for our world. I think so.

Always at your service,

S. Holmes


In keeping with the new and may I say, greatly improved dialogue, that has appeared, I would like to ask a question regarding the Sundance Kid.

Maybe Mrs. Ernst even looks in on this venue, once in a while. The abilities, with a gun, that have been credited to Mr. Longabaugh, where exactly does this come from? Is there documented information proving this, or did it begin in 1969, with the performance of Mr. Redford.

Mrs. Ernst states, "Butch never killed anyone, until the end". (some believe the jury is still out on that final verdict) Is there a record of anyone that Sundance shot? If he never shot or killed anyone either, where did his reputation with a gun come from?

It seems like a fair question.



By December 3,1900, Assistant Superintendent, Murry of the Pinkertons' Denver office had discovered that one "Alonzo" aka Harry Longbaugh was known around Rawlins as "Swede". Furthermore, Swede had come to our Town about six weeks before, with a lot of Gold Coin and "Currency that seemed to be blackened or burned considerably. He knew Ryan and tried to have the Saloon Keeper exchange it for him.
Compiled by Rans Baker June 2002 Carbon County Museum, Rawlins, Wyoming Complete file for J. P. Ryan Available at the Museum


Gooldy: October 1900
Harry Alonzo told one man (David Gillespie) before leaving Slater, about helping rob a bank at Winnemucca, Nevada. The two men Harry and Butch went to Walcott, Colorado, where they boarded the train. They gave two cowboys their equipment and horses - Harry's Winchester was an 1895 Model, 30 caliber. It shot a 30-40 cartridge.

Pinkerton Files: Cassidy at Rawlins October 24, 1900.

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