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Published: Sunday, Feb. 15 2009 12:04 a.m. MST

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Hey, it has been said before.....but as a BYU fan I applaud Coach Whit and all he has done. Yea, we get caught up in the rivalry which makes it fun. The schools compete for conference titles, recruits, bragging rights etc. But away from all that and deep down I think we all share the common theme: I think it is well know that Whitt is a master at what he does and is a great person. Congrats Coach and way to bring more respect and bragging rights to the MWC. You deserve all that you receive because of your hard work, intelligence and desire to be the best.

re: Excellent Article @ 12;12

Please take your attitude and root for some other University. True BYU fans try to have class regardless of the circumstances. Your lack thereof is a disgrace to what the University stands for....and frankly what your obviously beloved Coach Mendenhall promotes....Take a page from Bronco's book and acknowledge the good and leave the bad to someone else...

Hate to break it to ya but....

I clicked on the Sports/BYU links and what do I get? An article about utah's football coach.

Hey DNews do you guys know he's no longer part of BYU's football program and hasn't been for a long time now? How about putting this article (and part 2) only under the utes' section? Or are you also going to start putting articles about Bronco in the utes' section?

Kyle is still #2

MWC Championships: Bronco 2 Kyle 1
Coaching record: Bronco 38-13 Kyle 37-14
Top 25 finishes: Bronco 3 Kyle 1
BYU is the most prestigious non-BCS program and the only top 25 program in the MWC. utah is #3 in MWC.

Thanks Kyle for not accepting the BYU Head Football Coach position. We got a better coach for BYU and definitely a better person.


Great article! I love Kyle's style & example and hope he wants to just settle in at the U & doesn't let $$ draw him away from the other stuff he loves so much about being where he's at. I also love Bronco being at the Y.
I have been a Ute fan all my life. My dad was always a die-hard Cougar. I'm one of those that loves the rivalry, and wants both teams to represent themselves well. If one is too dominant, the conference suffers (i.e. bo-diddly-tech, circa-1984). Even through that hard stretch of the 80's (when we in the band used to cheer, "We'd like to lose by less than 60!"), I loved how the rivalry was bitter, but friendly & fun!
I think it was great this year that among the strong arguments for the Utes in the BCS were having beaten RANKED teams within the MWC - both BYU & TCU. I will always root for Cougs (or Frogs, or Lobos, or any MWC school)... as long as it's not against my Utes! MWC deserves an auto-bid to the BCS! (or better, to help abolish the monopolistic organization).


"Kyle is still #2"...
BCS Bowl Championships: Kyle 2 Bronco 0!
Your argument is the same they make for Stockton, Malone, and the Jazz of old. "The best team that never got there."
The Utes have "gotten there", twice!
That's all that matters.

RE Kyle is still #2

"Quests for Perfection"
Bronco 1
Kyle 0

Acheived Perfection
Bronco 0
Kyle 1

Coach of the Year Awards
Bronco 0
Kyle 2

BCS Bowl Championship Rings
Bronco 0
Kyle 2

Games where an LDS Leader was honored by wearing a decal on the helpmet and a scholarship funds was set up honoring their name (Joseph B Wirthlin)
Bronco 0
Kyle 1

Press conferences where we can understand what the coach is saying
Bronco 0
Kyle 51

Scriptures used in the press conference
Bronco 1
Kyle 0

Amount of other teams fans who wish they had your coach
Utah 0
BYU well, more than zero.

Hailstorm-RE :Excellent article

Who has the most bowl wins--Coach Kyle
Who took his team undefeated 13-0
Who turned down BYU because, " it didn't feel right" - Coach Kyle
Which team has beaten more BCS teams in the nation during the last ten years ..? Utah
Who is number 2 in the nation... Utah
Who recieved 2 of the 3 National coach of the years Awards..Coach Kyle
Utah who beat Alabama and the A.P. Coach of the year? Coach Kyle
Which school poured about 350,000- 400,000 dollars into the BYU coffers by winning the Sugar Bowl ? -- Utah!

Hailstorm RE: Ex article

Who cares about BYU losing to an also ran, field horse in the Vegas bowl.. The MWC! Then there is that black eye Bronco dealt the conference by holding and having only 6 of the allotted 15 practices given to them by the Lost Wages bowl Committee
Who held a fireside instead of a pep rally in Las Vegas-- Bronco

Who can only muster two half baked bowl wins in a row instead of the nations leader at 8, yes 8 ( eight )Utah.
Excellent article yes .. observation by another blind blue blood .. in spades. What a knot head and poor writer... just go away if you have nothing to say but cliches and homerisms about BYU.
This article series is well written and in depth but in no way about the boys of Utah County , or Lavell .. the article is about the coach of the year and his father, or did your stupor of thought supersede what,s in your mind and in your heart.

Hailstorm RE: Article continued

Work on Bronco and lay off the best coach in the nation ..considered so by others in the coaching profession and not by some bits of worthless prattle by you happen to dream up in that blind stupor of yours.
Just take your medicine and be a good booy .. go back to dreamland and wake up next season when you might have something worthwhile to spout off about..

Re: Kyle is still #2 | 12:33 p.m

A sad and immature post given the subject article and all the well wishers, Utah and BYU fans alike.

Do your parents know you are using their computer?

This article and series is a home run, DN.

Re: Kyle is still #2

You list all (only 4) accomplishments of your beloved BYU under the Mendenhall era. And as much as you won't admit it you would eagerly give all 4 of those accomplishments up to have played like Utah in the Sugar Bowl. You just can't deal with the success of this years Utes. Some years the individual game results will be different and that is what makes the rivalry great, but when looking at your list of accomplishments, I would be too critical of coach Whitt nor boast too much about Coach Bronco.

Re: Kyle @2

Last line should read "wouldn't be too critical of Coach Whitt." My error!

Ted Bundy

I'd like to thank all the immature Ute fans for using this fine human interest story to embarrass themselves with their inferiority complex. I love it!

Chuck Farley

Nice article, good coach, boorish Utah fans.

Bottom Line

I am convinced that the MWC has three of the best coaches in the nation with Kyle Whittingham, Bronco Mendenhall and Gary Patterson. This article proves what a great coach and person Kyle Whittingham is.

Hopefully all three coaches will stay put for a few years and an eventual automatic BCS birth for the MWC may become a reality. Honestly, look at our conference champion vs. the Big East conference champion over the past few years.

RE Ted Bundy and Chuck Farley

I love how you "two" people call Utah fans borrish and having an inferiority complex. Makes me laugh. You're on an aritcle about a Utah coach. Who has an inferiority complex? You posted with the name of one of the worste serial killers in our nation's history. You had BYU fans posting articles titled "Kyle's still #2" and let's not forget the "Excellent Article" post. Who's borrish? Get a life!

Coach Whit is a great guy and I learned a lot about him in this article. Coach Mendenhall is also a great coach but needs to learn to light a fire under his players for the games.

RE: Kyle #2

Kyle is a class act. So is Bronco. Both have excellent football programs. I rank them both as #1 coaches and #1 individuals. The only place where you can legitimately place Kyle as #2 is in the final polls for the 2008 football season - and that thing is a farce!

I'm a huge fan of BYU athletics. But, I'm also a huge fan of classy individuals - Kyle is right there at the top (as is Bronco.) I love it when both coaches bring their best to play eachother in the annual football rivalry. Both coaches have their priorities in the right place... and neither will tell you that football is at the top of that list.

As far as football priorities go... I think they both have the same goals in mind - 1st to win the MWC championship... anything beyond that is over achieving by their teams.


I LOVE all these tdS fans patting themselves on the backs for the accomplishments of OTHERS! Like the self-congratulatory affirmation for being a university that produced Coach Whittingham, while Utah's former players have done nothing within the coaching ranks in Provo [albeit we'll have to pretend Norm Chow was never born], but fail to acknowledge that the tdS THEMSELVES couldn't do what's been done on the Hill. Twice!


Great Coach

I am a life long BYU fan, but I have a great deal of respect for what Utah has achieved this decade. They have definitely out-shined BYU. And Wittingham is a class act. Like many Cougar faithful, I have no problem at all rooting for Utah when they are not playing BYU (something that I think a much smaller percentage of Utah fans do). In deed, the only thing that makes it hard for me to root for Utah is the behavior of many fans. I attended the BYU / Utah game this year with my 8 year old son and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. We were treated horribly by Ute fans, enduring constant profanity and religious slurs from the parking lot to the stadium and back again. After reading this article and learning what a faithful LDS member Coach Whitt is, as well as many Ute athletes, I find this behavior from some of the fans extremely ironic. I will continue to support Utah (except for one game a year), but I will never attend another game at RES.

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