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Published: Sunday, Feb. 15 2009 12:04 a.m. MST

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re: Excellent article

"I really wish I could find one Yewt fan that would admit this season was luck and good scheduling. Yewtah should have lost at least four games this year. Can't Yewt fans admit that they didn't really beat OSU, TCU and BYU?"

Good scheduling???... You are right, we should have scheduled Washington, Northern Iowa and UCLA instead of Michigan, Oregon St and Weber st. haha, good point bud. Utah had a much stronger SOS than BYU did and STILL finished 13-0. You guys are the ones that had the easy schedule. And correct me if Im wrong but wasnt it conference losses you had??? the same teams we play???
And as for luck, the TCU game took some luck, Ill admit that, but how do you say Utah really didnt beat BYU??? 48-24 is taking you to the woodshed. So technically you are right, we didnt beat you, we dismantled you!

jim b. cedar city via fillmore

I'm a BYU fan plain and simple. But, I pull for all the Utah school's when they are not playing the coug's. The Utah Utes had a dream season and capped it off with a gun and run, no huddle, rampage against one of the more storied college football programs of all times the Alabama Crimson Tide. They were ready from the get go and Alabama could not keep up! Congrats to Kyle and his staff in how they prepared for this game. While watching all I could say was woooooooow. The Tide were totally out classed. From reading the story by Doug, Kyle, with all that was going on at that time, with such a hard choice to make and being torn on two sides, tuned in the one person who could give him the answer needed. His Father in heaven. And by following that feeling he went where he was needed not where he was being pushed (BYU). Coach Kyle Whittingham, I salute you.


Kyle has been a fabulous coach and mentor. Congrats to the Utes. I do sense some jealousy from some overzealous Y fans in some of these posts. Every undefeated season has a touch of luck and mystique and Utah's season was no different. If BYU goes undefeated in the future, the same will hold true.

I can't wait for this year's game. Don't count Bronco out. He know's what he's doing too. Go Cougs!

Ute Fan in Lehi

I'm a huge fan of the Utes and coach Whit. But I'm grateful for the vast majority of BYU fans who have shown great class in their comments.

Gridiron Sam

Very good article; it is refreshing to read a quality piece of writing by a good journalist. Kudos to Doug Robinson and the Deseret News. The other paper in town seems to revel in a negative and manipulative approach in covering this coach and the Utah football program. Their loss and their problem I suppose, as I am sure Whittingham would not be nearly as open and candid with them as a result.
Because of the circumstances surrounding their hiring, outlined well in this article, it is inevitable that Whittingham and Mendenhall will be compared, and their success measured against the other. Personally, I get more of a kick out of how Whittingham totally outcoached $4 million coach Nick Saban, and how he is a person who is truly generous and caring about his players, his family, and those he can influence because of his position. By all accounts Saban is difficult, contemptous and arrogant in his approach to many people. I don't see any of his success going to Kyle's head, rather, it just provides him with more opportunities to make people who look up to him know that he is more like them than not.


Not a big D news fan, but this is one of the best football articles I've read in a long time.

Go Utes!

AZ True Red and Blue

Coach my hat off. Good man and a good example. I grew up red and went blue but still very red. I know there is some blue in you too. Was there when you ere there.

Great season to the Utes and wish the best to both next year. May the best team win.

Re: Excellent article

Parcells is fond of saying that you are who your record is. You either win or you don't. BYU didn't win (and they didn't lose with class).


To all of you ute fans who wanted Kyle's head on a platter just a year ago ...Where are you now? You know who you are....Kyle is where he wants to be..Bronco is where he wants to be...Bronco 2 Kyle 1. This will be a fun next 10 years

Only U

I also get a kick out of recruiting rankings. BYU has had a higher rated recruiting class each of the past 4 years so apparently Coach Whit and his staff are outcoaching the Y's staff. He is obviously doing more with less, right?? That changed this year of course and most certainly will again next year because of the early committment trend. Look out Cougs. This guy starts beating you with young talent and it's going to be a long couple of decades trying to compete with your hated rival.

Kidding Me

RE: Excellent Article

Not really an "excellent article", but excellent trolling. It is hilarious to me when fans from either side still fall for trolls. Yewt fans, shake yourselves and recognize the obvious. I know you'd like to think BYU fans are just that self-righteous, but c'mon... really???

Nice article. Great coach and great guy. Go Cougs!


Kyle is a great person and a great coach. It's nice to hear that he had a real difficult time in deciding between coaching at BYU and Utah. He did what was best for his family... even though I know it was difficult for his brothers that all played at BYU.

It's been just as difficult for me to pull for the Utes, but I've come around to it. I love the rivalry. I'm still a true blue cougar fan. However, it's nice to keep the focus in the State of Utah. I can easily pull for the Utes (or any other MWC team) when they play against a BCS school.

It's so cool to hear that Whit is so "grounded." He hasn't let the media attention go to his head, he hasn't let the big contract drastically change his lifestyle or his values, and he still invests in what is important to him... family, friends, and church. Urban was a good coach... but never a Ute. He used the program as a "stepping stone." Whit has a lot of time invested in Utah.

Here's one Ute fan...

that wasn't calling for Kyle's head on a platter. (many more weren't either) .

I abhor the revolving door mentality that permeates college and professional sports today. Jerry Sloan is, and Lavell was, dinosaurs in this regard - and I hope KW is the same: both in that he is given the opportunity to develop a program over many years, and resists the siren's call to more money and prestige.

Lavell did amaZing things at BYU; Sloan has for the Jazz, and I hope KW is right up there.

Everytime my teams hire a coach, I stick with them - unless they are breaking the law or injuring players: give them a chance to grow and develop!

Coug alum but red at heart

I don't think anyone can decide yet who is a better coach. Bronco has been solid since the get-go. Cougars ended the season poorly thought. Kyle did an unbelievable job this year that is an amazing standard. He got the team hot at the end of '07. He struggled before that. To be honest, both are good men and great coaches and probably the best fit for the programs they work at.

I do think there are too many bandwagon fans on both sides. All of a sudden Cougars fans want bronco's job after a disappointing but still good season? He's got two conference titles. The same can be said for ute fans last year. It's a joke...appreciate what you both have and leave at that. Time will tell.

Ute Fan

Whit is a great coach and example. Utah is honored to have him, and Bronco is a fantastic person and coach also. We in Utah couldn't be more lucky to have what we have.

Craig Garrick's daughter

I'm glad my dad is still being remember and had such a great friend as Kyle! I'm at BYU and i absolutely Love hearing stories about them! Feel free to e-mail me with any other memories of my dad! ~Jerica

Utah Mann

Great Article!! Great Coach!!! Great Family!!! I think in the future you will see more and more top LDS recruits go to Utah than bYu. I am LDS and I can tell you 20 years ago if I was offered a scholy from byu and Utah, I would go to bYu in a heartbeat. Now the tables have turned (evident by this years recruiting class, and the fact that Utah has FIFTY return missonaries on its team), there is no way I turn down Utah to go to bYu!! Thanks to kyle and his character you will see more conference championships, higher profile recruits, more national attention, better facilities (yes zoobs you will see anothe stadium expansion within the next 10 years), and last but definetly not least at least one BCS birth every 5 years. Thanks for chosing the red kyle. We love you, you are a true UTAH MAN!!


Re: Only U

Scout has BYU ranked higher this year with it's recruiting class and Rival has Utah ranked higher. I usually follow Rival because of it's ties to Yahoo. Rival has had the Utes with the better class 6 out of the last 7 years.

Re: coot20 | 6:24 p.m.

I think the Ute comments to which you refer, what few there were, stopped occurring about the same time BYU fans stopped making their snide remarks...when Whittingham's strategy began paying big dividends.

Personally, I would never...EVER...bet against a Whittingham coached team. That said, I would love to see Whitingham's Utes play Myer's Gators some time down the road. What a story that would make!

Fetch, dude!!

I think Kyle has definitely shown his mettle against Bronco. I just wish Kyle would coach our team this year. We really need him against Oklahoma and Florida State. Kyle wins big games and Bronco can't seem to find a way.

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