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Published: Sunday, Feb. 15 2009 12:04 a.m. MST

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Good man...

Good man ... good example. I appreciate him striving for balance -- faith, family and football.

Excellent article

It doesn't help either program to constantly re-hash the perceptions you can't let go of and feed the nastiness.

Ute Fan in MS

Coach W. is as good an example of a role model as you could ask for. If ESPN would cover stories like this one, instead of T. O., M. Vick and others to numerous to mention, think of the young people they could influence. Good luck to the Coach and the Ute program. They both make me proud to be from Utah.

Re: Cougar Reflection | 9:06 a.m

"Kyle will admit he got most of his coaching style from his mentor Lavell"

You might want to re-read this article. Lavell was noted as was Urban Myer and a host of others. A weighting as to the amount of influence from this person or that person was not provided. Whittingham is a class act, an attribute that cannot be taught. It is who he is.

Re; Excellent Article | 9:56 a.m

"Must be tough on those anti-Mormon, anti-BYU ute fans to have an active LDS/BYU player for a Head Coach,"

No more difficult than it is for many BYU faithful who have had to come to grips with the fact that Coach Wittingham would rather beat BYU than work for them.


Did we mention he is active LDS? Hence the blessings of professional success. I believe Austin Collie put it best when he said "When you're living right, on and off the field, magic happens." Thanks for this week's spotlight!

Excellent article

I bet you are right. The Yewts have had two good seasons in the last 20 years because they have BYU coaches who learned how to win at BYU.

I think the lovefest for Kyle is rediculous. He isn't as good of a coach as Bronco. Here's proof. Who has more OCCs? Bronco. Who has more 10 win seasons? Bronco. Who inherited a program that was down and turned it toward greatness? Bronco. On the other hand Kyle hasn't won as many games, has fewer OCCs and won't be as lucky next year as he was this year.

I really wish I could find one Yewt fan that would admit this season was luck and good scheduling. Yewtah should have lost at least four games this year. Can't Yewt fans admit that they didn't really beat OSU, TCU and BYU?

Bronco's strong returning squad will once again win the OCC while I see Yewtah loosing at least five games. Then we'll see who is the better coach.

Great read, Doug.

Looking forward to tomorrow's story.

Go Utes!

Blue Athletic Supporter

It's amazing how well the coaching reloads turned out at the U and the Y. Wittingham made an agonized but great decision that has worked out well for him, his family and, of course, the Utah football team. BYU licked its wounds and hired Mendenhall, who turned out to be a great fit at BYU. Both have been eminently successful. There is no need for either institution or either coach to have regrets.

Which brings us to a certain pathetic class of fickle fans who ride one or the other bandwagon depending on which program has inched a bit ahead. When BYU finishes 11-2 and the Utes 8-5 the sentiment is, "wow, glad we didn't get stuck with Wittingam; Bronco is King." When Utah finishes 13-0 and BYU 10-3, we get, "wish we could trade coaches."

My wish is that BYU could lose all such short-sighted fans. To complement having a consistent program based on organizational and football principles, fans of comensurate quality are needed.

Great Example

Coach Whittingham is doing so much good in so many ways. Thanks coach, for staying with the program and for being the kind of person that others can follow.

A glimpse into Coach Whittingham's life and equally strong and supportive family. Terrific article. Thanks DN.

As coach Whitt does

As a BYU fan, looks like coach Whitt has found a way to keep family, religion and the other priorities the same as football and not have football 5th on the list. This is why Utah goes to the Sugar Bowl and we are happy with 10-3 seasons against decent teams. I am afraid that as the conference gets stronger that our success will fall. We didn't win the National Championship this way and now were are losing recruits to other schools, even Utah, when are we going to change our ways and get back to having the national respect that we once had? If Kyle can lean from Lavell, why can't Bronco?

re: excellent article

The reason there is nastiness is because of posts like your. Self righteousnes interjected in a subtle way, trying to appear nice, when you are really just trying to claim superiority in one area or another. Non-Mormon people in Utah speak of these kinds of attitudes more than any other in explaining their own prejudices. In other words, you create the inappropriate.

City of Enoch

But is he worthy of us, like Brocno?

Nice Article

Excellent coverage of a real person with the capacity to inspire others. Thanks.

It's hard to believe that some people simply cannot resist the urge to do the rivalry shenanigans, even in February. Give it up. Take a break. Move on.

Best of luck to all Utah football schools in the future!

AZ Coug

Great article about a classy guy! Every year I want the Utes and the Cougs to meet with identical 11=0 records. I was ecstatic that he Utes beat Alabama. I love the rivalry but abhor the nastiness. I also like the fact that the success of both programs makes it tough for Utah/LDS players to decide where to play. Both schools have great coaches. Thanks Bronco and Coach Whit for being who you are.

S. Gil

"Excellent Article".... Never mistake activity for achievement. The difference between a quest for perfection and actual perfection is what separates these two programs. If you could only beat the likes of Tulsa and Boston College you might be able to understand!

OR Coug

Well Stated AZ Coug. I remember Kyle as a player and though it is hard to see him wearing red on the sideline you have to admire what he has accomplished on and off the field. Excellent article and I look forward to the follow-up installments. By the way there are many of us BYU faithfull who know exactly who "light up the score board" Scovil was....

re: Excellent Article

Plain and simply stated: The difference between Bronco and Kyle is equal to the difference between the Vegas Bowl compared to the Sugar Bowl. Eat your heart out.

Re: Excellent Article

@ 9:56 am Feb 15.

Let it be known who threw down the gauntlet first in the "nastiness" between the fans of the two teams. You claim that "the nastiness is inappropriate." Well you continue the nastiness here first by comenting on how much "it must hurt the anti-mormon Ute fans that their coaches are LDS."

Guess what? It doesn't hurt AT ALL. We love our coaches and just decide not to judge them by their religion. We don't dilike the BYU fans that are like you because of your religion either. Its because of your "holier than thou" attitude perfectly displayed by your post. Seriously, drop the attitude, this isn't about religion.

I wish both teams much success and Thank You to all the great people around the Utah program: administration, coaches, players, trainers, maintenence crews, boosters, and fans.

Re: Excellent article

" bet you are right. The Yewts have had two good seasons in the last 20 years because they have BYU coaches who learned how to win at BYU."

Utah has had four MWC Championships and has been invited to eight bowl games (winning ALL of them) during the first 10 years of the Mountain West Conference. They were invited to four bowl games and won a conference championship during the last seven years of the WAC. Of the five conference championships, only one was under Wittingham, while two were under McBride and the other two under Meyer.

FYI, Norm Chow was a 1st team all WAC player from the University of Utah. Norm was the Offensive Coordinator under Coach Edwards for 23 years and was the brains behind BYU's high flying offense during the BYU glory days.

Oh, another bit of information for you. Coach Wittingham won two coach of the year awards this past season for being the best coach in America.

Bronco and Kyle are both very fine coaches. This article was written to praise Coach Wittingham as an all around great man. This isn't the time or place to show your disrespect.

Go Kyle!

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