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Published: Friday, Feb. 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Yay Gov Huntsman!

"they will hurt him within the Utah Republican Party and in the Legislature"

That is sad, true but sad in Utah.

Gov. Huntsman is facing reality, times have changed!

Johnny Bravo

First of all, any domestic partnership that grants *financial* benefits to gay couples, friends, or whoever is a bad idea. If businesses are obliged to offer insurance to such relationships along wih offering them to spouses then they may just opt not to cover any relationship at all. That would be perfectly legal.

*** Political pundits say Huntsman, after winning his last run for the governorship by a record-setting majority last November, is repositioning himself for the national stage. ***

Setting himself up for what? Surely not president. On that score what does Huntsman have that Mitt Romney doesn't? Both are Mormon, which doesn't help nationally. Both are further to the left than the overall GOP, but Romney had an excuse: he had to run in Massachusetts. Romney is a manly man; Huntsman is an effeminate fop. Both are the sons of privilege, but Romney has his own genuine accomplishments to point to, while Huntsman's "accomplishments" consist of political appointments purchased with daddy's contributions to the GOP. And speaking of those contributions, Huntsman's daddy has spent the last decade given hundreds of thousands to both parties, which, whatever Jonny, Sr. says, is really just about bribery.

liberal larry

Progressive, moderate, conservatives, are the future of republican party. As the world becomes more complex the "antis" (intellectual, abortion rights, environmental, gun control, climate change, evolution, illegal immigrants, etc, etc.) are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Moderates like Huntsman grudgingly get most of the right wing nut vote, and appeal to moderate republicans, independents, and even a few liberals. I think Huntsman is looking past the Utah State legislature and is definitely positioning himself for a national office. He has all the prerequisites, money, charm, smarts, looks, family , etc. If he can just convince people he's Episcopalian, he's got it made!

Utah Bill

Bernick obviously has not been paying attention to Huntsman's political stances. Huntsman has supported this issue for some time but it's only been focused on now (which, in itself, says something).

Huntsman did not bring the issue up. While being interviewed by a reporter on a different matter Huntsman was asked if he supported civil unions. As he has before, he stated "yes" and the interview moved on. He could have side-stepped the question, but did not think it was a big deal because this issue was old news. For some reason, the press just never took notice before.


I think that the Common Ground initiative is making a strategic mistake by expanding the scope of its reforms beyond same-gender couples. Proposing marriage-like benefits for siblings and inter-generational relations is vaguely incestuous and just gives ammo to the cretins who say things like "if gays can marry, why can't I marry my dog?".

The best thing for gays and straights and the institution of marriage is to leave marriage alone, but just treat gender like we do race and religion--as no basis to tell a loving couple that they can't marry. Problem solved.


Smart politician.
He knows America is sick to death of far-right lunatic Limbaughites clamoring for Civil War.

Long live the Guv!!!

I hope that Gail Ruzicka, Chris Buttars and the yayhoos at Sutherland are all so mad they can't sleep.
Way to start facing reality and looking forward, Governor Huntsman. Well done, Sir.
Michael in Sandy

It's all about the White House

He's laying the predicate for his run for the presidency.


Huntsman has courage.
Knows his church has Church/State limitations.
It's what made America great.

@ "Anonymous | 7:43 a.m."

Anonymous | 7:43 a.m.

Yes, I'm sure that was EXACTLY what Gov Huntsman was thinking.

Quit projecting YOUR opinions onto others and claiming that's what THEY are thinking.


A liberal governor in the reddest of red states.
There IS a God!


A different perspective on Governor Huntsmans position:

The unholy transgression of homosexuality is either rapidly growing or tolerance is giving it wider publicity. If one has such desires and tendencies, he overcomes them the same as if he had the urge toward petting or fornication or adultery. The Lord condemns and forbids this practice with a vigor equal to his condemnation of adultery and other such sex acts. . . . Again, contrary to the belief and statement of many people, this sin, like fornication, is overcomable and forgivable, but again, only upon a deep and abiding repentance, which means total abandonment and complete transformation of thought and act. The fact that some governments and some churches and numerous corrupted individuals have tried to reduce such behavior from criminal offense to personal privilege does not change the nature or the seriousness of the practice. Good men, wise men, God-fearing men everywhere still denounce the practice as being unworthy of sons of God; and Christs church denounces it and condemns it so long as men have bodies which can be defiled. LDS President Spencer W. Kimball

Gail Ruzicka, Chris Buttars, and the Sutherland Institute should be applauded for their efforts.


Can you say Sec of Commerce?

I guess Huntsman gave up on running for US Senator as a Republican from Utah (Although he could switch parties and run as D). He'll never get nominated by the convention delegates now.

I think the timing has nothing to do with supporting gays and more about positioning himself to be Obama's Sec of Commerce.

He's now the likely bi-partisan, yuppie, green, gay supporting choice who has money.


We keep telling you there is a God. He also considers homosexuality a sin. I though you would want to know that since you are referring to Him.

re: anon 9:07

"Quit projecting YOUR opinions onto others and claiming that's what THEY are thinking."

This is what the far-right in Utah has been doing for years. And they don't think people have caught on to it.


re: 9;43

"God consideres homosexuality a sin"

Don't be absurd.

God loves everyone and everything.

It is only man who embraces hatred and a hatefilled, unhappy lifestyle.


Way to go Huntsman!

Anything that can be done to draw attention to the nasty far-right neocons of Utah is a plus!

@re: 9;43

Better read your Bible a bit more closely. God loves all of us inspite of our sins. It is our sins He can not tolerate.

Those who justify whatever they do as good because it is what they do are those who make your kind of argument.

re re: 9,43

"God loves everyone and everything."

I agree with the "everyone" part, but God does not love "everything." (See Proverbs 6) That would mean that God loved good and evil, which isn't the case. God only loves that which is good, uplifting, holy, and true. It is precisely because he does love "everyone" that he doesn't love "everything."

The fundamental problem in our world today is that people try to make God into a changeable being to suit their own desires and purposes. "They seek not the Lord to establish his righteousness, but every man walketh in his own way, and after the image of his own god, whose image is in the likeness of the world . . . ." (D&C 1:16.)

Let us not walk in our "own way" and be subject to the lament that "ye have sought all the days of your lives for that which ye could not obtain; and ye have sought for happiness in doing iniquity, which thing is contrary to the nature of that righteousness which is in our great and Eternal Head." (Hel. 13:38.)

The unvarnished truth is that homosexual relations are sinful and will not lead to happiness.


Judge not lest YE judged.
(emphasis on YE)
That's a pretty clear warning from God it seems to me.

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