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She's ejected from SUV; nails broken off

Published: Friday, Feb. 13 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Why would anyone want to grow their fingernails 33" long? Are people that starved for notoriety?


Time for a manicure?

Senhor Tambor

Oh, the humanity!

Wouldn't you

be at the mercy of everyone to help you? I can't imagine how you would eat, let alone do up your own buttons, zipper, etc. She'ss have a whole new world opened up to her :)


Time for a new hobby?


for all the kind and thoughtful comments.

Now she can do up her seatbelt

Now she can do up her seatbelt :)

James B Lansing

What a tragic loss, we should all take a moment and be thankful for what is near and dear to our hearts and realise just how quickly they can be taken from us! I will be sure to give my wife and kids an extra hug today!


Another slow news day in SLC...

Blessing in disguise

And i thought the goth chick at the 7-11 with the 1 inch claws had to be careful with the cash register buttons....


Lee Redmond is one of the nicest, most caring people you could ever hope to meet. She is a devoted mom and grandmother. It's sad she was injured, I bet she is happy to be alive.


I'm sorry for the accident and I hope she'll be OK. But I also hope that, once she gets used to it, she's sees it as a blessing in disguise. She'll have freedom for the first time in a very long time.

By the way, here's spelling lesson for so many of you. It's WEIRD. Not WIERD.


I met the lady at a parade a few years ago, and guess what, she was a very articulate and kind woman. I hope she now can get on with her life without the 'nails' distraction.

Larry Johnson

I've known Lee for many, many, many years and I know her to be a remarkable person. I've never asked her why she grew her fingernails so long because it is none of my business. She never asked my permission because that decision was hers. I'm sure she had and has reasons for her nails - maybe it was just to see how long they would grow. Who knows? And whose business is it? She is a devoted wife and mother, she has a great family and has equally remarkable sisters and brothers. She and her husband built a prosperous business. She has hobbies. She regularly attends her church. She is a giving and caring person.

The Savior said "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

One great thing about the Internet is we can be jerks and be totally anonymous. Lest you think she's the one with the problem, note that she hasn't criticized you and your warts and moles, your big features or your teeth. She just happened to be someone who is known for something. Otherwise, she's a darn sight better than most of her critics.


I think it is terrible what people will say when they think no one will find out who they are! I think everyone needs to stop judging this lady and realize that each of us do things people dont understand, its just with hers you can see them!
How about taking a minute to pray this lady recovers from this accident! Lets also hope she doesnt see these terrible things you judgmental people have been saying!
PS If you cant even spell a word that my second grader can maybe you should NOT be judging other people and take beginners spelling!

Sorry for the family

I had to write and apologize for all the sad people that write in and can't look beyond a person on the outside. What kind of people do I live among that can not even worry about her when she is in critical condition and yet slander her for one aspect of her appearance. I feel sick inside. OK, I wouldn't have nails that long either but I would never sit here and criticize in such a fashion. The internet has great things about it but it is a terrible thing when people think they can say such rotten things. It is wrong to judge whether you say it out loud or type it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will pray that she never reads these hurtful things. May God bless her to be healed and have a full and happy life. (with or without long nails)


Honestly, people. Let's be a little more polite. Let people live their lives the way they want and stop making patronizing comments.

Whether or not she chooses to "handicap" herself, as you say, is her decision.


Yeah, but you know what...

ThOse nails ARE WHAT SHE'S KNOWN FOR! If it wasn't for that, the accident wouldn't even have made the paper.

So, I guess it's a trade-off...You get famous for something, you take the risk of people talking about you. If you don't want them saying things about, good or otherwise, stay under the radar.

Just my opinion.


I hope you recover quickly.


Reading the comment board has kind of made me want to grow out my nails to freakish lengths. Their presence obviously helps weed out superficial people in a few seconds, instead of having to get to know them for a few weeks before you realize their shallow attitude.

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