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Published: Thursday, Feb. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Inthused Reader

It says Tyson likes to make people laugh in the times like those... or something to that affect... don't you think he's joking when he says everything else? I think mostly everything we'll see him say is to be funny. Some people will think it's funny, and some people will think it's offensive because they don't know he's being a smart Alick.

Survivor Fan

I think all of these situations are staged! Tyson and Erin will probably get married in an upcoming episode. Personally, I can't wait to see him naked!


I love this kid.. You can see in clips that he is being funny.. And this makes me laugh..


People take reality tv so serious, I am sure it is for the sake of the viewers, and should make this season fun to watch! My vote goes to Tyson!


I think Tyson and his antics will let the world know that high quality comedy can come out of happy valley (no matter what it is rated).


How can you not be supportive of a contestant who touts the purchase of a 'man-tiara' with his winnings. I think we're dealing with survivor royalty here. I've never watched an episode of survivor, but you can bet that I'll be watching it now. As for the free-spirited nature of this atypical mormon........I'd suspect that alot more mormons can relate to it than you might think! Oh my heck!

Typical Utah Mormon...

He is a returned missionary? What would Jesus do?


Wow. He's not representing very well, is he? I'm a returned missionary, currently active member who has been applying for Survivor since season three and one of my goals is to represent the church well. I hope I get a chance to counter this guy's representation.


I hope he gets voted off soon. We don't need any more representatives like that.

Tyson Apostate

Way to represent the church well. You sure showed the world what modesty is. BRAVO!!!


I think it is disgusting, what is he trying to prove.......that he has brass ones !!!

Frank Duty

Just finished watching the first episode of Survivor 17. I've watched every season and am a huge fan. After watching him shed his clothes, as a Church member, I was shocked by Tyson's revelation that he was LDS...and when I read his bio on the Survivor site, I was very surprised to learn that he is a returned missionary! How sad that he has chosen to represent this Church like this. Let's hope he doesn't last long. Get him out of there, Jeff!

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