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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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No surprise

No one should be surprised by this latest news. Huntsman hasn't acted like a conservative since pretending to be one to win his first election. State conservatives need to remember next time not to be blinded by monied family interest and name recognition and elect a true conservative after Jon boy moves on to the national arena, probably after officially switching party affiliation.

Utah Bill

Kudos to Governor Huntsman.

Governors aren't elected to serve their party. They're elected by the people to serve the people.

If legislators want an object lesson on just who the people support - look at the polls. Compare the people's satisfaction with Huntsman v. legislators. You'll see that the people of Utah think Huntsman is doing a great job. The legislators do not fare so well.


Utah Bill. If I had to guess you are likely part of the same crowd that regularly points out the failings of the Bush Administration. I join you in this.

A hint. John Huntsman is another neo-conservative big government type. He is a cynic to good government.

Chino Blanco

Some day folks will look back and realize Gov. Huntsman had the best interests of the state in mind when he declared his position on these proposals.

The only people that stood to benefit from the recent grandstanding and nativist posturing are folks like Gayle Ruzicka, LaVar Christensen, Chris Buttars and Paul Mero ... folks who've made their careers hounding too many otherwise decent Utahns into thinking that the rest of the country is going to hell in a handbasket. It ain't. It hasn't. And plenty of us outside Utah would appreciate the opportunity to visit and spend money without feeling guilty.

Again, thanks Gov. Huntsman. It's reassuring to know there are a few grown-ups at the wheel. If only Gayle, LaVar, Chris and Paul could get a clue and drive their little clown car over somewhere that actually misses having a three-ring circus in town.

conservative enough

It's telling how the DN presents this article. Is the Governor really not conservative enough, or is the legislature overly conservative? There are two sides to every story and once again the DN gives us only one.


Please explain, Bob, the broad Republican/conservative standard by which we judge any politican as being conservative. Help us understand how anyone would regard Jr as being conservative. Maybe he is to you and a few other leftists, but at least a few of us know what he really is--a liberal.

Utahns voted for him for three reasons: Huntsman family name (number one reason), Republican party affiliation (number 2), and Mormon (reason 3).


my heck, utah is full of fruit cakes,
thank god for moderation in the pursuit of good government, a true virtue, rather then extremism in the pursuit of the radical few, a vice.


Gov. Huntsman, unlike the legislature, has been able to get beyond the whole "more conservative than thou" attitude that seems to have gripped the Republican party here. His stance on civil unions, the Western Climate Initiative, and other issues, is more reflective of the public at large than of his party. I give him great credit for that. I voted for Matheson in 2004, but have been very impressed with Gov. Huntsman in his first term and voted for him in 2008. No doubt to the the hard right in the Utah Republican Party, as evidenced by some of the posts here, my support will be further evidence of how far Gov. Huntsman has strayed off the reservation. But I was joined by 78% of the voters in my decision. If, as No Surprise claims, the "true conservatives" in the state choose one of their own in the future, I suspect they will be sorely disappointed in the outcome, since the rest of us won't vote for one. And I can only hope that when Gov. Huntsman finishes his term he moves on to national office, regardless of pary affiliation. We desparately need his approach at that level.


Gov Hunstman has never been a Republican.... I can't believe he didn't get challenged in this last election by a Republican. Utahn's think that just because his dad is a good staunch Republican, his kids are too... Fact is most of his kids are not. Jon Jr is a RINO, a several other of his kids are open Democrats and big Obama supporters.


The guv is not a progressivist. He's a populist. He doesn't study the issues. He studies where people are, tests the wind, and goes that way. Nolan Karras would have been a much better conservative.


This is outrageous. The governor refused to appoint a woman to replace the only woman on the Board of Pardons. At least 40% of the prison population is female, yet the governor refuses to appoint even one woman to the board.

Wake up Jane

When you hire or replace someone you find the best person for the job. Please don't think that because a woman or man had the job before that they should be replaced by the same. This goes for gender, race, religion ... quotas are just a form of reverse descrimination.


Jane is absolutely correct. We are not talking about quotas. Jane did not say that 40% of the board must be women, she said that there should be A woman on the board. I completely agree.

RE: Conservative?

I think you answered your own question by stating #3, the fact that Huntsman is mormon. Mormon Utah is normally under the impression that mormon = republican and will cast their votes on the candidates religion, giving little thought to a politician's stance on the issues.


Anyone who ever thought Gov Huntsman was a conservative has not been paying attention to what he does. He is neither

(1) a republican OR
(2) conservative

He's really a liberal democrat.

Chuck Anziulewicz

Republican John Dougall says, "[Gov. Huntsman's] civil unions sound like gay marriage to me."

Oh well, so much for compromise.

Opinion polls indicate that most Americans would be agreeable to civil unions for Gay couples. Even the LDS church has suggested that civil unions would be acceptable. And as far as I'm concerned, if civil unions grant Gay couples the same legal benefits and responsibilities as marriage, I'm not going to quibble over what it's called.

But John Dougall doesn't want to compromise. I guess it's true what Andrew Sullivan said: "The forces against marriage equality are also adamantly against civil unions for Gay people. And they have no intention of allowing Gay couples any civil recognition, because we are an emblem of sin to them."

As law-abiding, taxpaying Gay Americans, we contribute our fair share. Will we forever be denied a place at the table?


Sadly, this headline is pretty funny, as if its never before occurred to anyone that maybe Governor Huntsman isnt as conservative as people thought. In many areas he has been very liberal for a long time. He has abandoned his core principles, and instead follows whatever political winds might give him the most popularity with a given target audience. Thats a sorry excuse for leadership. He apparently thinks that the safest group to offend is the ones who elected him in the first place.

He's doing a great job.

All he needs to do is get rid of the Utah Use Tax on stuff you buy on the Internet (which, yes, I pay because I'm honest).


I'm not voting for Huntsman next election. Civil unions? No thanks.

Re: livinsandy

You are either funny or missing a brain. Sorry to break it to you, but if someone is registered as a Republican, they are Republican. And just because they don't agree with you on all your pet ideas, that doesn't make them not conservative. You don't get to define what conservatism is.

And by the way, the Utah idea of calling someone a liberal democrat as the ultimate insult is downright laughable. What is that, a 5th-grade mentality?

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