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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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No One of Consequence

They say what they need to say to get elected and then do what they want to afterwards. The voters of Utah never learn.

Should have voted for Super-Dell for governor. He would have performed as advertised....


I am married and I can't get insurance coverage. I am being denied because my husband is self employed and I had a surgery that they don't want to cover any one who has had before. Even if they are healthier now.

This is a non-issue, for me. It is the reason being sung by the roof tops by the GLBT community. It isn't a real reason for validating these "unions".

Basically their agenda is clear, to break the foundation of the family. This legislation needs to be looked over in a global way in how the reality will effect the whole. Perhaps we need to privatize schools so they don't have to teach legislative agendas to our children first. Perhaps we need to look into how this will effect all men and woman of all arrangements. Do we want to give blessings and benefits to a woman with two or more husbands? Or a Man with two or three wives and a bus load of children?

Huntsman needs to work

On Justice in the Courts.
The Courts are running away without being watched
We need a Judicial watchdog
Prosecutors are prosecuting innocent people
Failing to do their JOB
We hear about all these criminals
Let's start with the JUDICIAL SYSTEM
Justice Courts are a Prosecution and Collection Court
No Justice

RE: Anonymous | 3:10 p.m. Feb. 1

Huntsman has not violated the Federal Constitution in any way, that I know of.

He may have difficulty passing a law that does not violate the State Constitution.

Majority Act!

To: Founding fathers...Great point!
We would all do well to remember that our country was founded on the premise that government should represent the people it served--not minority special interest groups... Since less than 2% of Americans are homosexual, why aren't the 98% of us making our voices heard more clearly? The minority speaks loudly, the media magnifies their stance-- and what does the giant majority do? Mostly nothing. Writing a simple email, or placing a 2-minute call to our representatives is a very easy thing to do to, but why don't more of us do it? We need to let the world know that although these uproarings make for good TV and news ratings, they do not represent the VAST MAJORITY of public beliefs. Until then, however, we are destined to see this slippery slope progress and reach an eventual reality.


"Since less than 2% of Americans are homosexual, why aren't the 98% of us making our voices heard more clearly?"

Probably because it is not 98% that are against gays having rights. There are MANY heterosexuals like myself that have absolutely no problem granting them marriage, etc. And our numbers are growing.

To Wow

"Basically their agenda is clear, to break the foundation of the family."

As a gay person, I call bullony on that statement. I love my family that I was born in. I would never try and break it up, nor my brothers and sisters and their marriages and family.

We merely want to partake of the priviliges and benefits that the GOVERNMENT offers Americans that have made a public, legal commitment to another person and called it marriage. We want to broaden the term. This should not cause a breakdown of any marriages that are strong. If it causes yours to breakdown, I apoligize, but it must not have been a good marriage to begin with.


Only among Utah fascists would taking a stand for liberty and equality be a bad political move.

Only in Utah...

Andrew Cole

Wow, Huntsman's statement was refreshing. This is why I voted for him even though I'm not a republican. The man get's it... equality for all regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Huntsman is a man I can be proud of... I was ashamed to be a Utahan after Prop 8 passed; but now I'm proud to be a Utahan once more with Huntsman's statement.. progressive thinker... truly a great man!!

Professional Newspaper?

Are my eyes deceiving me or did the Deseret News spell our Governor's name in the headline wrong? "Hunstman"???????????????????????????


Gays and Lesbians have been around the block MANY times, and we've been lied to by the BEST of both parties.
We can smell how disengenuous this Civil Union speel really is.
The governor said himself, "THIS is to heal a divided community over prop 8" and what I expect ALL Common Ground Bills failing.
It won't heal ANYTHING, your gay and lesbians won't tollerate being treated as LESS THAN 2nd Class citizens in Utah,they'll LEAVE, and we won't tollerate LDS attempting to impose their RELIGION on OUR Constitutional Rights ANYWHERE.

RE: mark

No one is forcing anyone to stay in Utah. Utah was settled when it was a desert wasteland by a people that had been driven from their homes on several occasions.


I applaude a "moderate" view of many issues but I doubt the gay community will ever agree to anything less than social acceptance of "marriage" for their members.

It is amazing what consequences even civil unions will have.

Consider Healthcare. People think it will be great to be able to have anyone (sick relative or other person willing to pay for the privilege) live with them so that they can add them to their insurance policy. That would destroy the current form of employer sponsored health insurance thus forcing a national healthcare program that Obama is promoting anyway.

Something will need to be done with civil unions but the full consequences will need to be discussed at the same time.

Please clarify

What is the difference between a "civil union" and a marriage conducted at a county courthouse by a justice of the peace? If a civil union requires some sort of government action to make it official, wouldn't it then require some sort of government action to make the contract ineffectual? How is this different from divorce? Sounds a whole lot like "marriage" to me.


MY family was in Utah at the time it was a Territory, I knew my great grandparents. My great grandfather adopted by a Mormon family walked with his father from NYC to Utah while his mother and sister rode in a cart. My great grandmother's family was in Utah even earlier. So I don't need either an LDS or Utah History lesson...thank you.
btw I was raised by a Mormon mother who converted to my father's Protestant faith.

Just to say

A rose by any other name is still a rose


There are already 2 states with same sex marriages available to ANY couple from ANY state. Three more states are working towards same sex marriages, and CA will overturn prop 8 in June. There won't be any settling for either domestic partnerships or civil unions which CA supreme court stated, SETS UP LGBTS as second class citizens.

RE: Anonymous | 10:24 p.m. Feb.

I was not trying to give anyone a vast history lesson.

The difference in court

would only be a name. Civil unions are performed between men and women through the court system. This is usually considered a marriage by both the court and those involved. Some religions consider being "married" to only take place in their churches or temples. Therefore, even though courts recognize civil unions between those married there, religions don't recognize it fully. In the Mormon church the goal is always to "go to the temple and be sealed" since this is supposedly the only way to be with a spouse for "eternity". Churches would not be required to change this if two gay people were allowed to have "civil unions" too! I think religions are scared that they would eventually be forced to perform these marriages too, but I don't think this would change unless the religion changes, But I do believe that the court system should be fair to all. This is separation of church and state.


Guv- Hunstsman is just too cool. He is our super hero. I just love the man.

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