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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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What?? The governor would not appoint a woman to the Board of Pardons to replace the only woman on the board, and yet he supports this issue?


It appears to me that it will be a lot harder to repeal amendment 3 than it was to pass it. Hence, no civil unions for you!


I oppose Governor Huntsman's stand on this issue for some of the reasons mentioned earlier, ie. hospital visition rights are already given depending on the wishes of the patient and if one wishes to have someone as a monetary/property beneficiary I believe that this can be done as well. We all have these same rights. A "Civil Union" would be the same thing as marriage only under another name. Let's keep our "individual" rights but let's put an end to the blur which has occured between what marriage "or civil union" is and what it is not. Marriage is between a man and a women, not two men and not two women. The distinction must be made very clear for the sake of our children, our families and our nation.

Joseph Atwater

Good on ya John!!!
Listening to peoples hearts not politicians heavyhandedness.
We support you 100%
You are aware of peoples plights and pains and adressing them with compassion!!


*** "So, if I am lucky enough to have insurance at that time, this will be a great benefit to help a great woman in her elder years." ***

There is ZERO, NIL, NADA legal requirement that company insurance cover spouses or significant others. Businesses do so at their leisure. Once businesses that provide it for spouses are required to provide it for significant others you can effectively say goodbye to spousal coverage. It could increase their costs dramatically.



Very good point!

Thank You

Gov. Huntsman,
Thank you for taking a stand for what is right. It is time that people give others the same basic rights that mainstream people enjoy every day of their lives.


Whatever!.....Huntsman is a Joke! You give an inch, they'll try to take a mile! "Get your act together Johnny, Your fooling no one"! I knew there was something about this dude that I didn't like.

Founding Fathers were voters too

You Have 1 New Message,

"The Founding Fathers called. All men are created equal. If you have any questions, please refer to a document called The Constitution. Thank you."

Those words can not be found anywhere in the U.S. Constitution instead Thomas Jefferson wrote them in the Declaration of Independence when he said "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

By the way Thomas Jefferson wouldn't necessarily be considered a Founding Father since he wasn't at the Constitutional Convention and was at first opposed to it. Using the words of a man who believed that it was okay for each generation to write a new organic law and constitution because it wasn't bound by the will of past generations doesn't help your argument.

Being created equal means that each voter has the same rights and gays who are a minority don't have the right to rule the majority. That's tyranny. If you have any questions please feel free to spout off more nonsense.

sally ann

I didn't vote for Huntsman because I knew he was a democrat, calling himself a republican, in order to win the vote in Utah. I wondered why so many in this state couldn't see through him. He truly is a joke.


I am very disappointed with the Governor. First, he kept these views to himself during the recent election. Second, his views go against the intent and language of Amendment 3.

Joey in Brazil

Governor Huntsman,
Thanks for showing that republicans can occasionally be reasonable and compassionate. Maybe now the rest of the country won't look at Utah as some backwards, bigoted state. What is the purpose of government? Some of these comments suggest that government exists to encourage moral behavior. I fundamentally disagree. The founder fathers understood that government exists to PRESERVE the freedom and rights of the people. Civil Unions preserves freedom, the government forbidding civil unions is government taking a moral stand, while simultaneously taking away freedom.

2 people-FORGET the GAYS

The article stated:
"...things like insurance, mutual benefits...Those contracts can extend beyond gay couples..."It's essentially the contractual rights of two people living together. It's not something that has to be necessarily limited to an intimate relationship."

Does this mean that I can have my widowed mother (with whom I live--I am single) as my "partner", and that my employer must consider her as such, and that she will receive medical benefits? I SURE HOPE SO--what an AWESOME IDEA!!

I know a father, wife deceased, who would love to have his 25 year old son also receive medical benefits. His company cuts these benefits off at age 23. But if what the governor says is true, they will have to re-instate him as a "partner" who will be eligible to receive benefits.

And my cousins, brother and sister--both spouses have died--who now live together. I can think of many other examples. WONDERFUL!

What a REFRESHING thing--we can think about this concept and it can be TOTALLY FREE of worrying/thinking about/debating about Gay and Lesbian overtones and their "rights"--It can be just be "two people." GO Governor Huntsman!!

Majority rules?

Just because a majority of you think it's ok to deny equality for all doesn't make it right. What about when the majority was strongly opposed to civil rights for African Americans? Are we all proud of our ancestors' support of legal discrimination? I think not.

Will your grandchildren be proud of you?


53 is NOT elder years! I'm 51 and my youngest child is FOUR.

in a sorry State

Utah Evil Forum President Gayle Ruzicka is full of hate. Her moral compass is out of control. The founders of our country promised life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone.

As Prop 8 pointed out

Civil unions are not marriages. Sometimes, my fellow Utahn's have their minds shut tight. They would closet discriminate when given the golden opportunity. I am against gay marriage. But allowing some of the same 'right's' I enjoy as a woman married to a man, should happen. It's more than visitation. I heard in conference not too many years ago, President Hinckly telling us to love our gay brothers and sisters. When will we start following the counsel of our prophets?

RE: Joey

What freedom(s) are preserved by civil unions?


Time to recall Huntman.
RECALL! It worked on Gov. Davis of Cali a few years ago we can do it here too! People of Utah unite and recall this democrat in conservative clothing and by doing so we will not suffer his wayward governing anymore!


Recognizing civil unions is the right thing to do. The next generation will wonder why it took so long for gays to have equal rights. I applaud Governor Huntsman for having the courage to state his beliefs on this issue.

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