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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re: region 16 again

They called it on Micheal Munson and Jace Taylor went to the refs and said that it was on him. Then the next play it was 45-46 and Micheal Munson went down and cached a three.


Even if the foul would've been on Micheal Munson he wouldn't have fouled out so does it really matter?

Region 15 Fan

Either way, the foul was called against Escalante, and they still won state. End of story.


any predictions on who will win the wayne panguitch game?


When you are the best player in the league you are going to get calls that go your way. Look At Micheal Jordan in game 6 to close Utah out he threw Russell to the ground and won the game. Is it fair no but when you are the best you get calls others don't. Timmy hughes gets some good no calls Track Norris gets some good no calls that is just the way it goes. If you want to get calls going your way put in the time and be the best. Untill then quit complaining.

1A South

Wayne beat Panguitch tonight, for their 2nd time this season! Way to go Badgers!

Escalante player

way to go wayne! nice win over pang! keep up the good work and good luck at region!


What a game panguitch vs. escalante was! The honest truth about fouls in the first half is that Escalante was perfectly content to stand around and shoot 3's instead of penetrating. You dont draw fouls against your opposition when you do that. As far as Frandsen fouling out, to be honest it should have happened alot sooner, had the Moquis attacked him and the basket. LIVE BY THE THREE AND DIE BY IT!! It was a good game and great win the Moquis. Time to get a bit more physical and step it up though, lots of teams have the Moquis in their sites!

Re: Re: Anonymous 7:02

Well, here's the quote, from the January 27th rankings:

Region 15 | 2:13 p.m. Feb. 1, 2009
I think we might have one of the best 1a teams ever in Escalante! I watched them last night dominate a very good Wayne team! I tell you what these boys are tough!


yeah but it wasn't on THIS thread like you were saying earlier.

Moquis Fan223

ANNNNND. That was from region 15 fan, not necessarily someone from Escalante. I know for a fact that none of the players, coaches, fans, or anyone else here Is making a statement like that. We just love our boys working hard to be the best that they can. If they work the ball like they did in BV then they should play a good game tonight. GO MOQUIS!


I didn't say on THIS thread, I said SOMEWHERE ON THIS SITE. Go read my original post at 3:27 on Feb. 15th. Do they teach any type of reading comprehension at EHS?


And Moquis Fan, c'mon. It was clearly someone from Escalante that said that, whether it was under that moniker or not. People don't generally gush over their opponents, especially with an absurd, off-the-wall comment like that in this situation.


I really can't believe that some of these posts are making it through screening and onto the site. Anonymous, was that really necesarry to say here?


I am really shocked to see some of the comments here! If anyone here were to be confronted on the subject I'm sure they would tell you how important sportsmanship is and how godd of sports they themselves are. Harp on someone's school and community...wow that's big of you. Place all sorts of blame on crooked refs, parents, and coaches...ok, yeah that's sportsmanship. When can we admit that a group just played to the best of their abilities and came out on top? Who deserves the credit, poor refs trying to "cheat" a bunch of high school kids, or a group of kids that won by determination, teamwork, and effort? Have you ever tried to ref a game anyway? Try it and tell me you can see everything on the floor! Thanks to those that take the time to be involved with high school sports! Thanks for your contributions! And congratulations to all the teams that play their hearts out week after week! Some of us still appreciate the show...win or loose!

12 and 0

Looks like Escalante went 12 and 0 in region play. They'll be playing either Manilla(if they take first in region), Rich/Duchesene(if they take second), Salt Lake Lutheran(if they take third), Rich/Duchesene(if they take fourth) in the first round.

1A South

If Escalante plays like they did last time they will cruise throught the tournament. Great team play, nice win boys! It's kind of bad to see it the state brackets this year, you know the best teams in the state are from regions 15 and 16, and if you look through the brackets there are a lot of games in the first round, let alone before the semi-finals that pit region 15 and 16 teams. A poor structure, I think. It would be awesome to see those teams have the chance to play eachother later in the tournament. It's going to get teams from some of the weaker regions the chance to push a little further into the tournament. It would be nice to see a bracket that would allow region 16 #1 and 15 #1 to meet in the championship.


Did any body see Dugway beat Altamont by 30!?

Anonymous @ 8:58 p.m.

And your point is?


I saw it.....

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