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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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west pride

Shout out to underdog West High. We got deep talent, and oly best watch out on tuesday. Prove, you too. Chris, DWray, Tyrell, Rico, and TJ the best starting 5 in region 6. here we come, utah.

Who won

Did enterprise win kanab on Friday or did kanab win


I predict that West is going to be a little sad on Tuesday after their game against Oly.


Escalante just beat Panguitch 69-68 on a buzzer beater by Logan Mclamore.

1A South

In the game that everyon was saying Panguitch would win! What a game! And yes, tonight we did see a Panguitch player (Frandsen) foul out...and when he left that really seemed to be a huge turning point for Escalante. How about that first half...Escalante 16 fouls to Panguitch's 6? Wow! They are lucky they had anyone left to play to pull off the win. These kids just keep working together and find a way to win. The region 15 tournament should be a blast to watch this year! I see Wayne just downed Valley tonight too.

this just in.....

Frandsen has fouled out of at least four times this year that I can remember. I would think that of all the teams to complain about fouls, it would be Escalante. Talk about getting away with murder, Hughes seems to get all the breaks from the officals. Just saying, there must be other excuses than blaming officals for close games. Keeping track of the fouls sounds like this may be a post from the father that referees himself? That would really be an insult to all officals everywhere. Give credit to the kids, your kids won....they deserved to win, but don't blame a close game on officals when the game is played on your own court. Oh, and by the way....I don't remember anyone posting that Panguitch was going to win. What we heard on this end of the county was that you were going to wipe the floor with our boys. Turned out we played you a little better than you thought?


Things are heating up in Region 15... Tourney time will be great!

region 16

anybody remember the 5th foul on hughes that was changed in the semi game a year ago? My guess is that having your father as a referee has it's advantages! If Escalante is crying about fouls, wait till they meet a real team, one from region 16. We will show you some tough fouls, and this year maybe the game will be put in the hands of the kids, not a changed call from the stripes. Think about it! I still have the tissues if you need um!

State of 1A Basketball

Has Dugway garnered at least a modicum of respect yet? Pretty impressive wins with 3 victories in 4 days!
RE: region 16 above....I was there and agree with you whole heartedly. That foul call remains unchanged, Escalante loses that game.

Stirring the pot early on a Sunday morning.....

1A South

Um...nobody was crying about fouls, it was just a point that even with a lot of foul trouble Escalante still won! And no, I am NOT Mr. Hughes! In fact, I don't even live in Escalante! But, Hughes gets away with murder? He had 3 fouls in the Second quarter, I don't think he even scored in the first half! And that call reversal from the game last year? Look at the tape guys, Hughes was not in on the call, that was Taylor all the way, and the right call ended up being made. That game tape was replayed over and over by several people with all the contoversy that caused. And yes, go back through these 3 pages of posts, there were people saying Escalante would loose, even people in Escalante thought that it would happen with the way they have played their last few games. How could you say having a father as a ref has anything to do with it? Here's one for you, how about Panguitch having the head ref for this area living there and being a Panguitch fan? Come on guys, what you're saying doesn't mean anything.


I have to disagree also with the 2 posts about the semi finals from last year. Say Tim Hughes did foul out in that game. Do you realize that he did NOT score again that game? Mike Munson and Jace Taylor sank the shots that won that game! Rich still got their foul shots from the call, Mike sank the 3's, and Jace iced it with his foul shots. Tim Hughes had nothing to do with that victory after that call was made, I would dare to say even on the Defensive end. Rich blew a 7 point lead, nuff said.

Re: region 16

About the game at state against Rich, the foul happened under the hoop and Micheal Munson (who they called the foul on)was at the three point.


Meanwhile, every subsequent game Escalante plays in gets closer. The competition is closing daily. Didn't I read somewhere on this site where Escalante fans were proclaiming themselves one of 1A's best teams in history? LOL

Re: Anonymous

Ah, no, no you didn't! I have never seen where anyone has said they were the best in history on any of these posts. I think anyone in Escalante would be crazy to say this team is better than the team 4 years ago when they first won state. They blew everyone in 1A away that year, gave the best 2A teams a real run (and beat a couple) and gave 5A Jordan a real run as well. Chad Cottam, Jason Hughes, and Adam McInelly were a comination that was very hard to top. They just don't have that kind of depth this year.

to region 16

The foul was called on jace taylor not mike munson so apparently you have no idea what you are talking about... And yes Tim Hughes was standing on the three point line that is why the call was changed.

re:to region 16

yah I know, they called it on Micheal Munson and Jace Taylor come up to the ref and said the foul was on him.

re liahona

Liahona is a new school but has always had basketball at their school only playing in a different league. They go and play jv teams when they say they don't have any seniors. That's a lie, they have two. Beating all those jv teams is real tough but go to maxpreps.com. Altamont Boy's jv team kicked their butt.

Sports Fan

See how tough all you B-ball fans are step onto a wrestling mat for 6 minutes and we will see how strong you are all.


ok enough with wrestling!! this is a basketball blog. go to a a wrestling blog and talk about wrestling.

to region 16 again

no the foul was called on tim hughes and was switched to jace taylor... it was never called on mike munson.

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