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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Duchesne up one at half. Was down 13-8 after one and Tabby only scored one basket in the second quarter. 16-15 at half.


Duchesne won 50-39.

Re: Bart

How can you have MOnticello at 5th? above valley and wayne? i don't think so


1A Basketball isn't even important

Reg: Anonymous

You are obviously a frustrated person in life. Smile a little more! Everyone in 1A basketball knows that it is the most purest form of high school athletics (1A basketball) becasue there is not all the cross town recruiting that just makes 4A and 5A some kind of all star sports. It is just the way it is. Get over it. You are right, we do not have one all star team playing against another for the state championship but we do have one small town against another small town and those kids have been coming to this state tournament since they were born, hoping to be able to play for the "Big game" for 18 years straight. No unfair recruiting practices, just one hard working small town against another hard working small town. It is actually pretty cool. I wish everyone could experience this kind of compitition once in their life. Every game means a lot to most every person in the whole town and when those kids step on the court, it means something to their school pride and to their community! Does anyone have the region 15 girls results?

Re: Bart

I agreee, Bart must be from Monticello. Look at their recent games--barely beat Green River, barely escaped 2 close games with White horse. Either Monticello is not as good as everybody thinks or Green River and White horse are better than everybody thinks. Look at their schedules--Monticello barely beats Green River, White horse beats Green River by almost 30, then Monticello pulls away from White horse in a close game. I heard it was a 4 point game with a minute to go but white horse had to foul. Bottom line is Monticello ain't a #5 team Bart!

Region 15

I would like to know if there has been a panguitch player that has ever fouled out this year every game i have watched seems like key players cannot get that fifth foul. interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE Region 15

As a matter of fact Kalani Norris fouled out last night for Panguitch. Are you trying to blame the refs for Panguitch's success?


Kalani fouled out last night in the first 2 minutes of the fourth quarter

Re: Casual fan.. again

Still you're a fan you shouldn't be afraid


Once again you show your ignorance. If small town sports aren't important, whay are there so many comments about them? You need to quit feeling so self important and give the kids some credit.

Re: Region 15

Would you care to be specific on what game your talking about? This is the second post that has mentioned this. I wonder if there is anything to it, or is this a coach or parent who is looking for an excuse as to why their team lost? Has any of your studs fouled out? You region 15 cry babies crack-me-up! Try playing in region 16, the play is more physical and the players and fans like it that way. Let me get you a tissue!

RE: Region 15

....and how many Panguitch games have you watched?


What is wrong with Jones form Duchesne, and what about cornielson from rich? Why aren't they playing

Region 15

For some reason I found Dugway beating GR last night funny. I agree that Dugway always rolls through their region, but this year's team is actually pretty good. They would be decent team in 15 and 16, but not a top 5 in state (they lost to Milford-who isn't even in contention in 15). I am not a Dugway fan, but running Bruce through the ringer the last few comments had me rooting for them a little. Bruce is a GOOD (if not great) coach and has put his time in-He is committed to kids and that has to be worth something. QUIT BASHING COACHES, PLAYERS AND TEAMS-EVERYONE IS WORKING HARD AND TRYING THEIR BEST


I agree with region 15, the boys from pang never foul out and seem to be favored


I wonder where the arbitrator for the southern region is from! It wouldn't be Panguitch would it?

1A fan

Some of the kids was kicked of the team for breaking training rules at Duchesne but it didn't seem to hurt the team. I would like to know how you guys feel or think about Dugway now that they beat Green River looks like Dugway has something to prove.

re hmm

I think you are right I wonder why these qestions have not been asked before?


Now to set things straight on liahona. They are on probationary status which means they can't play against varsity teams (seniors)that does not mean they can't play their own seniors. While we're talking about seniors Liahona's coach uses a 7 man rotation 4 sophmores 2 juniors and one "senior" (has a year of eligibilty left but has decided to go to college.) Their team is extremley athletic (two of the sophmores play 5a football) which makes the trap they run deadly. The two juniors are very interesting players one is a former allstar lineman for cottonwood who is a very coordinated big body with a soft touch the other is a 6'5 gaurd with a killer midrange jumper. The four sophmores are all about 6' and extremley quick three of them are guards and one is an undersized post about 6'1 170 but has the ability to gaurd kids alot bigger and then he causes a mismatch with how well he runs the court, one is their point guard who made the all tourney team when they were in Oregon. He is special. The other two are wings that are amazing at driving.

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