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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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2A Fan- Rowland Hall/Juab

This should be a good game tomorrow night in the Lion's Den. If Juab wins, then they'll match up most likely with San Juan and get spanked. If they loose, they better pray to win the coin toss and avoid that 5th place- they'll get hammered by either Manti or South Sevier. Best case scenario they finish 4th and actually have a chance to win a game against the 3rd seed. Interesting to see if the "new coach" is as smart as some of the local Juab bloggers seem to think he is.

No Region 15 #7

Region 15 #7 has no chance. No play-in game! Too bad, they should all be in.

altamont getting to state

no they cannot they would have to win out and i still dont think they can make it in.

Region 15

I'm interested in the Tabby/Duchesne game tonight. They both seem to be playing pretty good ball right now. It should be a great game. I say Tabby wins by 5.

Region 16 #3

3rd place out of region 16 is the most favorable position for the state tournament. I'm sure this is a no-brainer for the coaches. Look for Duchesne to beat Tabby, but for Tabby to come out the real winners. Anyone bet against this theory?

A 16

Altamont cant get in even if they win out. They are now going to have to play for school pride. With all the rough non support from their high school, they have a long way to go. I know coach park and his team want nothing more now than a win against tabby and duchesne. That would change things up a little in region 16. They have been playing better ball as of late. But a little to late for them to make a run at state. Tabiona has a better team than Duchesne, but the game is in duchesne. Bad place for tabby. Duchesne is playing much better team ball though. Hopefully losing jones wont effect them.

a joke??

I hope whoever put the only thing that would keep wayne, valley, Pang. from getting upset is a home game. That is a joke, Pang. and Valley have absolutely owned Milford and BV. Neither of those teams have had a game within 15 pts. The only game that will be a good one and always is, is the 4 and 5th place game. Milford and BV have been stuck in the loser bracket for years and wouldn't have a chance even on their home floor let alone a nuetral site.


I love that the 1st day of region is played at home now, it gives more meaning to the region games. I don't like that it is played during the week though.

Tiger Army

hey look at hurricane second in state for football now ranked 2nd in basketball!! lets take state tigers!!!

RE: a Joke?

Milford isn't finishing games, but must I add that they beat Piute, led Esc by 13 in Esc, led Valley by 13, but did lose by 15+ to Pang both times convincingly. Valley was fortunate to get out of Milford with a w. Valley did play better down the stretch of the game, but don't count Milford out just yet. It is unlikely they will pull the upset, but they are capable. BV is too if they would not be beat mentally before the tip off.

Region 15

Its a packed house every year. Standing room only. The only bad thing is when its played at Cedar High School. Hot and stuffy. Nelson from Milford needs to wake up and move it somewhere else. It does brings thousands of dollars into the region each year to run off of, but it would bring more money in if it was centered in the region. And it would be foolish to eliminate such a good thing. Go region 15.


What happened to Jones from Duchesne, and how long is he out?

Region 15

Why not hold the tournament at Panguitch. Somehow the region schools good share a greater portion of the revenue than they are getting now. I don't see Panguitch being favored to win it in the near future so I don't see this being a home court advantage. I'm not from Panguitch, but I do support this move. Anyone else?

Liahona hater?

How can you say anyone hates Liahona when they just tell the facts. I have seen their scorebook. They played a senior every game. Their coach even went so far as to tell the other teams that it was ok to play their seniors against them. Sure, it is a JV game, but not strictly speaking as we all know it. Their games while JV were not to allow seniors from any school to play.

casual fan again

I'm STILL not afraid of the Piute girls' team. I'm sure they're all really nice people and would never try to hurt me.

Pray for Spring!

I can't wait until Spring arrives so some of you can get outside, look for sheds, plant some crops, clean up the yard, or whatever!

Some of you have too much time on your hands...

1A South

The region 15 tournament is a tradition! Who cares if everyone else has stopped having tournaments? Region 15 schools want this. Their fans want it. It's exciting, high school basektball at it's best! Yes, some upsets occur. But here is the golden rule: it doesn't matter when or where the game is played, you have to beat the best to be the best. So, it really doesn't matter if it happens in region or state, a loss is a loss, right? Everyone complains that if a team was in a different bracket then they would have won state. How does that make sense? You think you deserve the title, beat that better team that was in your bracket! No excuses.

RE 1A South

Great comment!!! couldn't agree more..

good idea

I am all about region tourney being in a nuetral place, they should just put it in whoevers gym who's team is in last


Don't get Dugway too mad. They may be playing on the last day of state. Things are getting a little too personal.

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