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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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RE Rich Rebel Fan

Bear Lake Rich Rebel Fan if I'm not mistaken the last time Dugway played Rich at State 2003 Dugway won on the second night of state?? George Bruce, padding his stats is an insult with ignorance. I think you would have to agree with the fact the larger the enrollment the better pool of talent you have to choose from. Dugway is not blessed enrollment numbers like Duchesne 93 students in the 11th/12th grades, Rich 73, Wayne 72, Valley 51 or Panguitch 65 (Dugway 36 11th/12th -- Tabiona 35) but they continue to be competitive with these bigger schools why?? Because George pads his schedule?? I don't think so!! maybe his record speaks for itself and he is simply the best coach ever in the state of Utah. His teams have dominated regardless of the competition throughout the years. They won region,placed or won State with teams such as South Summit, Park City, Waterford, Layton Christian and yes the teams mentioned above all in the mix. What is the number now 39 straight trips to State.

16 for bruce

I am not even from dugway. I am in region 16. If anyone really looks at who they are playing they will have played all region 16 schools exsept rich. To me it looks as if Bruce is playing better competition. no they have not beat a 16 or 15 school yet, but they are not as bad as you all make them out to be. Coach bruce has always had a good team out of very little talent, and low school numbers. He is one of the best 1A coaches around.
Dont rip on the players in any team. They have no say who they play. They are there to learn and play for their school. For their own pride. And for their coaches they love. Just let them all play for that.

RE 1:13 post

I'm sure if we all want to go back far enough we can find a year when one team beat another. The fact is Bruce has played bad teams and is in a traditionally bad region. I do think he has a pretty good team this year. I don't think he is the best coach ever! You are talking about years and years of winning against terrible schedules. If they were so good every year they would schedule a home and away with teams like Rich, Wayne, Valley, Duchesne. They don't do that because in the last fifteen years they have not been very good. At least they are traveling to Manila, and I think it will be a good game. I am picking Manila by 6. Don't worry they will get to state for the 40th time.

RE 1:13

Lets not just pick one year, I would love to see the overall record between Dugway and the teams you listed for the past 30 years. I'm sure the numbers would speak for themselves. I've been following 1A Basketball for over 40 years and there is not a coach out there that game plans as well if so name him. Also, look at the enrollments before you down play the accomplishments. Scheduling is controlled a lot by money and are you going to tell me these teams can afford to travel those great distances? That is why we have regions to minimize the costs and length of travel whenever we can. I'm not saying the teams you listed don't have very good programs just give the smaller schools like Dugway and Taby credit for their successes.

Re: Casual Fan

If you're just a fan you shouldn't be scared cause you're not the one meeting Piute on the floor now are ya!?!!!

Better coach

I think Craig Drury does a pretty good job. Stan Young, Scott Taylor, Lee Gines, Shay Price. Scott Hunt, Ryan Cuff, Steve Hoagland, Jerry Holmes, Bobby Porter, Greg Allen. Most coaches do a good job getting their kids ready to go. They also play games that sometimes they might lose. Do you really think Drury cares if they win every game, nope, but dang his kids are ready to go when march comes.


Yup thats what I thought Enterprise!

getting better in 13

we just watched parowan pound enterprise. parowan has third place locked up so look out south summit or juab in the playin games.

Piute Fan

Piute gave the Moquis a scare the other night at Escalante. It shows me that the Moquis are beatable.
I would bet though, they get a back to back title. Region 15 will have more places at State than any other region. Too bad for Wayne they don't have the SS boys playing for them. They would win the title. Good luck Piute girls at region this week and state next week. Look away Dugway, look away.

Region 13

You're still not that good. Don't get big headed

Region 15

Look at Region 15-Any team can beat any team on a given night- The thing that is going to save Pang, Valley, and Wayne from getting upset first day of region is that they will be at home. Milford, Piute or even (maybe)BV could upset any of those on a neutral floor. Piute and Milford have played Esc tough at Esc but they both are just not quite there yet. I would watch out for either of them two teams if they get it going. I really wish we had the traditional Region Tourney this year as close as it is going to be. Region 16 needs a tourney again-that would make it real fun the last few weeks and give Manila or Taby a chance to overtake Rich and Duchesne.

1A Fan

Coach Bruce is a good basketball coach. His longevity in the sport alone demands all of our respect. I don't pretend to know, but I would imagine that Dugway would be a difficult place to coach. Notice that I said that he is a good coach, not a great coach. Having said that, he is an incredible motivator that has the ability to intimidate officials and fans to his advantage. Using the enrollment numbers as an excuse is weak at best. This would mean that Tabiona would never beat Valley, Valley would never beat Panguitch, Panguitch would never beat St. Joseph, St. Joseph would never beat Rich, Rich would never beat Whitehorse, and Whitehorse would never beat Duchesne. Let alone mention Escalante & Manila which have 4 of the last 10 or so titles. This excuse is weak and tiresome.

Getting away from basketball........Mr. Bruce's legacy will be more than a basketball coach. He has done more for 1A sports at the state level than any other individual. He has fought many battles, and for that all schools should be thankful. He has been a lifelong educator.....Principal and teacher. Give the man his due, he deserves it!

ban all region tournament

Region tournaments are built for upsets....if you play a home and home schedule that should be enough. The questions is, why have all regions except for region 15 done away with the tournament? Time for region 15 to follow....get rid of the region tournament.


I don't see the blogs being critical to Coach Bruce. I see them stating a tradition to a program that has a great record before State, and then they die at State.

Facts are the Facts.

RE: Ban all region tourneys

Have you been to the Region 15 Tourney? That is a good if not better than the state tourney! It rewards team that get better throughout the season. Come watch and see why they keep it-revenue and entertainment are the reasons. it sounds like a Rebel fan is afraid Manila or Altamont might upset them in the Tourney. Why do you think 15 does so well at the state Tourney? It's like the ACC Tourney it adds experience to the big dance games. Esc proved last year an upset can help wake up some teams. Come see for yourself!


I agree, region fifteen tourney is awesome to watch and is as fun as the state tourney any day. Just look at last year's tournament- wayne beats piute by a buzzer beater and escalante falls to panguitch. Then in the next round piute and escalante play a great game followed by wayne and pang for a single digit championship game. Competitive and fun to watch!


anyone interested on the duchesne tabby game tonight???

15 Tourney

only complaint about it this year is the time. Mon,Tue,Wed. Week off before tourney for winning two teams. Few teams do well after week long breaks. Agree with above comment, Tourney's reward teams that bloom late. 15 tourney is always a dog fight regardless of team record at the end of region play. Look for. Regardless, region 15 could see all 7 teams at state this year, with a much improved lower end.


duchesne and tabby should be a good game. probably one of the biggest rivalries in the state, i'm going to go out on a limb and say tabby by 5

Tabby vs Duchesne

If tabby wins out there will be a three way tie for first. If they can get by Duchesne tonight that is a big step. Duchesne wins out and there is a two way tie for first both teams need this win. Rich would love for Duchesne to lose. Is there any way Altamont can get to state?

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