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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I'm sorry but all of you 1A boys sound like a bunch of broken records. You keep ranking yourselves again and again and again! This whole article already has your rankings! Just play the game will you?!

Re Friday Reply

Thanks for your insight. No, I'm not a bitter coach, just an observer of Juab basketball. I will agree, the last two years were pretty rough, however, prior to that the boys program was extremely competitive. In fact, they played for the state championship on four different occasions if my memory serves me right. With that track record, I would imagine those kids learned and loved the game of basketball. Time will tell if the new coach will pan out, but the previous coach was smarter than you give him credit for.

valley vs wayne

i think it should be a good game but i think valley will come out on top. they have the better team


Should watch how good timpview is playing..


A win's a win, but the way Escalante is winning, may not be wins against better teams. I hope the coaches over there are a little more process-oriented than you seem to be.

1A South

Well I guess Escalante didn't loose! I do think they will drop one to Panguitch though, either this Saturday or in the Region tournament. I hope I'm wrong! But I do think it would be a wake-up call to the boys. Playing selfishly...I really disagree with that! They play a passing game and team ball more than anyone but maybe Valley. These games are getting closer because other coaches are starting to figure out ways to defend against Escalante better. I have seen 2 games that have really shut down Tim Hughes. But you know what, they always find someone else who can score, and that team play pulls them through, coupled with their excellent D and quickness on the floor. They will still pull it off this year.

Friday- Rowland Hall/Juab

Juab boys might have got their last win of the season against ALA last Friday-

WHS fan

Tonights game with cello was a good game. whs has potentail, they need to work on their deffense. they have two tune up games left, or should i say three, they need to work on thier deffense and they could be sombody to watch for at state.

Re: Anonymous 7:50

You sound like another fan of one of the schools that have to put up with cross town recruiting and therefore starting to loose interest in high school sports. If you follow the rankings in these comments, they were mostly letting sltrib know that they do not know what they are talking about. 1A sports rule because it is one town playing against another like high school sports were supposed to be and therefore still maintains a ton of awesome interest from each town, therefore a lot of comments. Just quit being jealous and have fun with it.

dugway ex player

Boy people on here are stupid. I am from dugway. And you will see what they can do on the court were it matters. I take pride in my school and coach. And Bruces the best coach. He gets his team ready to play. You go and see if you can make it thought his pactices. He gets new kids every year and still can win with them. He is the best coach. AND A PERSON TO SAY ANYTHING NEGITIVE ABOUT HIM. MUST NOT KNOW HIM. GO DUGWAY.

Re: Dugway ex player

You survived ball practice, but did you survive English class?


Too much me ball and turnoveres will make Escalante fall this weekend.

RE: Dugway ex player

That is funny stuff right there. I hate to laugh at someone else's expense but that was hilarious!! PS Escalante may lose a game, but regardless they ARE the best team in 1-A. My prediction: Escalante gets beat sometime between now and the championship-Hopefully for them it won't be at the state tourney, because again they ARE the best in 1-A. They could play every team in 1-A 10 times and beat everyone probably 9 times. Any team can lose at any time so Escalante beware.

Escalante Fan

We could, and have, played our worst ball and we still haven't been beat. It's not going to happen this weekend agianst an overrated bobcat squad, and it's not going to happen all year. back to back


Liahona is a new school that is playing everyones JV teams. They say they don't have any seniors but actually they have two! One of them plays down on their freshmen/sophomore team.


Bryce Valley will come back to win in the state tourney. They are far better than any of the ball teams in 1A.


I'm betting on the Wayne County Rams to win 2A!

2A Rankings

Are the Wayne County Rams ranked ahead of the South Sevier Badgers?


They have one kid who saw an opportunity to play on a traditionally strong team and get better. I would have transfered to. He will probably be better prepared to play at the next level. I don't blame the kid, why do you guys continue to post about this but very few posts about any of the private schools. By the way I bet you would love it if your school could get a transfer like s. sevier did.

response to Liahona hater

It seems obvious to me (since it was mentioned twice already) that Liahona had NO SENIORS this year that actually played. And even if there was, the rule is that their team is considered JV status in the first year. They, of course can play seniors, they just can't play against varsity teams unless in a tournament setting (which they did by taking second in one of the largest Christmas tournaments on the west coast, losing to the defending Oregon state 4A champions JV team by 3 in OT). So get your facts straight. I'm not as sure that they will be amazing next year, but they are definitely on the right track, and with all 5 starters returning, they won't get worse.

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