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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Go Piute!!

2a fan

to the ss coment... first of all they are not badgers.. so grow up and show respect of their true name the rams


you missed the point, dugways jv is going to be there varsity next year and Liahona has no seniors so even though that may be considered their varsity squad it is the team that will be playing against dugway next year and will work them over.

not out of spite

who cares how many teams dugway plays out of region 18, they look for the easiest games to schedule, the 2nd worst team in region 15, the second worst team in region 16, some JV schools, and other bad schools from regions as bad as 18. They will however win their first game at state this year thanks to the bracketing. To bad they will be going home the 3rd day.

region 15

tonights games are not worth guessing who the winners are giong to be but I would love to play the spread with some people. The spread on the Escalante/Piute game at 21 and the Panguitch/Milford game at 17.


Doubt you considered in your "work over" the fact that Dugway's 6'4" junior did not play in that game and you had seniors playing in a game that they were not allowed to play in. Starting off a year after probation by being placed on probation for violating the rules is a unauspicious start.

good idea

I would have to pick Escalante to cover the spread and Panguitch to not cover the spread!


I like it, and I will take Piute and Milford to keep it closer than that. GO underdogs! Also I would like to add Whitehorse/Monticello game in their. It is in Whitehorse so I am saying Whitehorse by 5

what about

all of you so called experts calling for Dugway's usual 2 and out again this year? Seems you did not look at the bracketing before you showed your intelligence. Is Dugway a top ten team, no...does any team deserve the ridicule you heap on them? no.... State this year will be wide-open...Escalante, while the apparent class of the field has several teams that might rise to the challenge and they are not burying teams like they have in year's past. Keep amusing the masses with your IQ.

casual fan

RE. 1A Girls Fan....

I personally am not afraid of the Piute girl's team.

escalante will lose

they have been playing worse and worse all year as they become more and more selfish. Even if it is not this game Escalante is not going to win state unless they wake up. The best thing that could happen for those kids is a lose like last year at region that woke them up. I hope they get their act together but I am betting against them. Pang will not cover their spread, I'm saying they win by 11

RE: what about

bro you need to settle down, someone like 4 comments above you just made the comment dugway would be out on day three after winning their first game, so you either just looked up the schedule after someone else made the correct observation or you don't know how to read, which is it? Thanks for the IQ lesson :)


I cannot be even more settled down, unless laughing hysterically at these comments is not settling down. Before this season even started, many so-called "experts" said Dugway would be out in 2...again. So of course I know how to read, do you? It just so happens that the comment was on Dugway making it to day 3. It is a far cry of being 2 and out, despite the favorable bracketing for once in 7 years. Maybe IQ was not the appropriate wordage, perhaps common sense?


all 3 teams will cover spreads

Juab girls

I was looking at the rankings and noticed that they are in 3rd in their region- can anyone tell me about them. I heard that they don't have any seniors and only have one junior- the rest of their varsity consists of freshmen and sophomores? Any feedback out there?


To escalante will lose... You must be watching a total different game. Yes milford has played them close but a wins a win. And look at the scoring spread! There are at least three kids a night hitting double figures! Selfish? Selfish was at the start of the year when hughes was scoring it all good heck wake up!


I've read a lot of posts this season critisizing juabs team AND their coach. No, i'am not from juab. But their coach done a remarkable job last year at Whitehorse. so what i'am saying is,your negative comments and feelings are hurting your team and comminity far more than the coach or players.

Ever heard of the tail wagging the dog? doesn't work.

By the way; this post comes from southern utah.

RE Friday

You sound like a bitter excoach. At least the kids seem to enjoying playing more than they have for years. Lots of athletes but they never were taught the game. Give our coach some credit for winning more games this year than we won the last 2 years combined. And, the kids are learning to love the game. Thanks coach. Oh and we have fans in the stands again, so not all of us are diaappointed.

valley vs wayne

So anybody think wayne can get some revenge on valley this weekend? valley dominated at wayne but i'm excited to see what happens in valley. should be a good game

Re: casual fan

You should be.

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