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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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2A Fan

Wow, how about San Juan's two big road wins over the weekend. looks like they are playing great D-fense right now. Beating Richfield by 19, and Manti by 2. Looks like the next 2A champ will be most likely from Region 12, S. Sevier, San Juan, or repeat by Manti, and maybe throw in Layton Christian from Region 14 those are my semi final picks....should be a great region and state tourney.

Bear Lake Rich Rebel Fan

Just wanted to say a big thanks to The Deseret News for always having awesome and up to date coverage of high school sports. They spoil us! You can find out when every team in the state plays and what happened in every game for this year and many years back. You guys are incredible. I have two nephews that play ball in Idaho and have been trying to follow them. It is close to impossible. Thanks DNews. You are truly the leaders in high school sports. Also, SLTRIB, take a note from these guys. I have not seen it but someone said you had Dugway first in the state in 1A! WOW! Uh, have you not figured out that Dugays head coach sets up the easiest schedule possible each year so the win loss record can get padded? Do your homework sltrib. It looks like Dugway may get a first round win because of the match-ups this year. It will be the first for them in a long time. They should be ranked number 12. They sound as if they are betterthan usual and congratulations to them for that.

re 2A Fan

you sound like a broken record. quit posting the same lines. Dome up with something new and orginal something interesting.


the Rebels dominate! let's take state



reply to Wow

While San Juan's wins are impressive, do you think they have it in them to win a playoff game and get to the big dance? It seems like they have choked under pressure as of late and haven't been to the round of 8 for sometime.

Friday- Rowland Hall/Juab

Any comments out there on this game? It should be a good game. I'm guessing Rowland Hall by 5+- better coaching- similar talent levels.


I agree that Rowland Hall will beat Juab on Friday. The game is at Rowland Hall, Juab is having internal problems galore (we only beat ALA by 9?), and Rowland Hall has better coaching. As far as talent goes, Juab has a huge, huge advantage, but I am still saying Rowland Hall by 10+. Juab might not win again.

1A Guru

The tribune is a joke, this is there latest rankings, whoever siad Dugway is #1 was looking at last years rankings at the bottom of the page which they stupidly still have posted. The date on there is 02/19/2008, however these rankings they just did 1 1/2 weeks ago. Get a good laugh everyone!!! Dugway and Green River CONGRATS

Class 1A

1. Escalante (12-1) Region 15 is theirs

2. Duchesne (12-2) Dominating of late

3. Dugway (10-2) Scores easily

4. Green River (8-3) Making run in Region 19

5. Panguitch (10-3) Slipping slightly

1A Guru

Even better I just found the ranking the trib released yesterday. In this one they put Dugway at #2 HA HA
Class 1A

1. Escalante (14-1) - Rolling in Region 15

2. Dugway (13-2) - Too much on offense

3. Panguitch (13-3) - Can challenge for title

4. Rich (13-5) - Advancing towards the postseason

5. Duchesne (13-3) - Will be in the mix

The rest are not that bad but seriously you can't be taken serious when you put a team that is not even top 10 in the state at # 2


Dugway has played 2 teams outside of region 18 (not counting soph teams)-Milford and Duchesne and lost to both-Dugway would be last in both 15 and 16-nuff said! The SLTrib is a joke!

1A Rankings

1. Escalante - Will end the season without a defeat in 1A

2. Rich - Second best; Next year the Rebels will be the team to beat

3. Valley - The best team nobody talks about

4. Duchesne - Region 16 has closed the gap on region 15

5. Wayne - A bigger threat than Panguitch

6. Panguitch - Overachievers, but still better than the rest of the field

7. Piute - Just a notch below the rest. They too are looking forward to next year.

8. Dugway - Maybe still too high for this team

9. Monticello - the best out of region 19

10. Tabiona - Gets this spot by default

2A fan

Although San juans wins were big last weekend they might be ranked one spot too high!

New team in town

You are absolutely right about Dugway...they have a weak schedule every year. But, their Region 18 dominance is just about over. Liahona this year came in as the new school in the region (with a one year probation). This meant they played every team in the region and those teams had to sit their seniors. Liahona DESTROYED everyone including being ahead vs. Wendover 48-2, beating Dugway at Dugway by 25, and beating 2A power Layton Christian's JV team by 6 at there place. My nephew is on the team and I've watched them play and I am very impressed! They are better than Dugway. And the best part is that the whole team is back next year (of the 7 that play regularly, 4 are Sophomores and 3 are juniors), and their coach will be scheduling 2A and 3A teams outside of their region (Liahona had a tougher schedule this year than anyone in their region, and they weren't even considered full varsity). Mark my words...Liahona will take Region 18 next year and make some noise in state, the reign of Dugway is over!

1A Girls Fan

The Trib. does have on thing right. Piute Girls are a team to be feared. Too bad region 15 number 1 and region 16 number 1 will be in the same bracket at state. I would like to see them in the finals.

Reply to Friday

In your post you stated that Juab is, "having internal problems galore." Do you feel that is due to the head coach and his approach to things or other problems? From what I've observed from a distance, I don't think Juab is very disciplined and the talent is not used well.


I am very interested to see what happens this week, Dugway plays both Green River and Manilla. Good times for sure! A couple more cupcakes on the schedule and they will probably lose to Manilla, also Tabiona should be higher I put them at 8 in those rankings. Panguitch also higher, they have been overacheivers so far but they have some solid kids, there advantage comes in the fact that refs know they only have 5 and will not foul their best players out. Watching Norris he should be fouled out by the 2nd quarter in every game.


Those South Sevier Badgers continue to roll....GO TEAM!


Let's take a look at their schedule...Dugway has played 7 games out of region 18 with 3 more to go. This week should tell abit more about what kind of team they are with games against Green River and Manila.
So get your facts straight and stop trying to slam a school out of spite.


Liahona played their varsity squad against Dugway's JV team. This was clearly against the rules for a probationary team. Additionally, every school eventually played their varsity squad against them except for Dugway. Get your facts straight. Dugway's varsity would have destroyed them at least by 20-30 points. Let Liahona bring it on, region 18 welcomes some new blood and some competition for next year. With Dugway losing 4 of 5 starters this year, it cannot help but be different.

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