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Pentagon auditors note discrepancies at Utah depot and elsewhere

Published: Sunday, Feb. 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Come on, Lee. Lay off the Cool Aid. Why would anyone have "shivvers" about the alleged discrepancies? I am absolutely certain that there is not an extra ton container lying around somewhere at the storage/disposal site that could escape destruction. Despite all the press releases you have been quoting over the years from lobbyists paid by those opposed to the incineration process, the system has functioned flawlessly.


I agree with Dave. This is about as exciting as reviewing the amortization tables in Form 104B while doing my federal income taxes. If there was something specific to report, the reporter missed it. Pretty contrived, if you ask me. Just because it has the headline "chemical agents" in the headline, probably think it makes a good article or headline to sell newspapers. You can only cry "wolf" so many times. If there was something really scary to report, then do it justice. Don't make something out of nothing. A lot of us are getting tired of the sky is falling school of journalism. And journalism that relies on the lazy methods of FOIA requests of federal agencies to do a reporter's work for them.


Oh, yeah, lets' continue to be apathetic to anything that might be detrimental to our personal comfort zones. What a bunch of nuts. If there is missing chemical nerve agent you would be the first to scream. Get a life. No one said you had to read the article. Thanks for reporting what is really going on at the Tooele Army Depot. I have doubts that it is all accounted for because there is always a fringe element who might try and keep some for whatever sick reason they might have.

former worker

you are talking about a 2000lb container stored in a secured bunker. No way it is going anywhere, and even if it did, how would they get it open? Having worked tehre and seen it all, i have no doubt all is accounted for


I was in high school when slide rules were replaced with electronic calculators. The chemistry teacher said "just because you have 7 digits displayed doesn't mean you have seven significant digits in your calculations." If you count one ton containers for liquid, your count will be: one ton, two tons, three tons....
I think that the article says that there are possibilities reasonably attributable to accounting methods. It is odd how people will hyperventilate over hollywood scenario conspiracies that someone says are possible, yet we accept tens of thousands of auto crash deaths each year as an acceptable cost of speeding and drunk driving. I guess it is not dramatic enough to get emotional about.


I get so tired of this sensational reporting. This article is such bull. Can't the Deseret News come up with some good articles instead of scare tactics? Nerve agent is not something you sneek out of a secure area in your pocket.

Ok :-)

Come on! Was nerve gas ever accidentally released by the army. Forget the history of the words snafu or fubar are rooted in army life. I served in the US Army, it ran like a finely tuned sports car.

Another fine example...

of the federal government doing what they do best....NOT looking out for the health and well-being of the American people.


What makes this piece sensational? Where are the scare tactics? The reporter tells us that there are discrepancies in the accounting and explains how those discrepancies might have occurred. Nothing very scary there.

Nerve agent

The minute this is released, Utahans will all be Democrats and environmentalists. It always takes knocking people upside the head to agree that taking care of the working class is in their best interest.


To Nerve Agent: That is one of the dumbest blogs I have EVER seen posted.

Johnny Moser

djt@853 - Thanks for spelling this out, though I think most of the knuckleheads that believe there is some nerve agent out there that "sneaked" out of the container is is hiding out there won't be smart enough to understand your argument. The army didn't miss any of the containers, ALL ton containers were processed, drained, and incinerated, including everything that was in them sat in a furnace for more than half an hour at over 1000 degrees. All that matters is ALL ton containers that held agent aren't there anymore. I am not going to worry about pounds and ounces when talking about tons.


I am a nerve agent.

Martin D

Also since 1997 destruction has been independently monitored by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Any discrepancies were worked out and explained. In in end, all one ton containers go through the process and there is no chemical agent left.


So who cares, it is just our lives that we are talking about and how important can that be when ultimately we only have a single destiny, so it comes earlier rather than later: big deal.


The Air Force misplaced some nuclear bombs recently so don't think there is no story here.

Coincidentally, there is a wave of murders among servicemen who worked out of Minot.


That tears it. Time to invade. Over throw the aggressive regime. They didn't allow the UN inspectors in and now they are hiding the nerve agents.

It's already taken so long they've surely sent them to Canada for safe keeping.


Nobody ever claimed the military wasn't staffed by our countries most prolific morons...


Remember what Cheney said about a terrorist attack? Just what kind of terror would a nerve gas attack cause? I wouldn't put anything past him. He still thinks that he is ruling this country, and he probably is. I don't trust him to get back in power.


Some of you people need to get out of your mothers basement and loose the tinfoil hats. Your down right pathetic.

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