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Government accused of driving off recreationers, oil and gas industry

Published: Saturday, Feb. 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Public lands belong to all

It's because of irresponsible use of public lands that have generated laws to keep motorized off road vehicles off them. Being one with nature is shanks and ponies, not race bikes and 4 wheelers tearing up the terrain creating land erosion and destruction of the already fragile ecosystem. If you want to train a child to be a dirt biker then do it in control areas, not the open fields. Retstictions and laws come about becasue of irresponsibilty and abuse, not to keep people out. People can still use the public lands, they just can't and shouldn't be allowed to destroy it so others can't enjoy it.

I believe

The Constitution, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights!
I am 70
I found out when I stood up for my rights, I became a Felon, No FREEDON OF SPEECH
Utah does not know who the Public is.
Public Lands are State Lands
State Lands are owned by the Public.
Not Utah !!!!!!
The States share belongs to the People.
The PEOPLE do not have a POLICE FORCE working for us
They are working for the CITY , City Robin Hoods
They are sucking blood like a Orgsanized Gang with the States permission
Just ask the Attorney General
He is proud of the POLICE, Who does he work for ????????
Utah is not America, I might as well be Cuba or M exica
How about Germany in the 1930's?


Can anyone out ther tell me how our Federal Goverment. Can dictate, against our beloved CONSTITUTION. Telling the STATE OF UTAH and it's honorable citizenry. You can do this. You can't do that. Enough is enough. America wake up. When good people do nothing, evil people rule !!! The people of the STATE OF UTAH, do not, need a king. Public land is still the public land of Utah. Their is great wisdom, when the citizens of the STATE OF UTAH. Make the dicision. What to do with Utah's public lands. Where is LIBERTY??? Where is STATE FREEDOM??? A word to the wise is sufficient.


I agree


The schools will just have to cram more kids into class rooms and pay lower wages. At least for the next 4 years.


Actually, I'm kind of glad Karl can't just pull over anywhere he feels like it and go riding his motorcycle. I've been too many places where the hills and land is just torn up by all the ATVs (it is more difficult to identify motorcycle tracks, although I see those in odd places, too.)

What I would be concerned about is, if the State takes over, they'll just break all the land up and sell it to the highest bidder. Forget being able to go places you used to. Now, you'll have to either join a club or maybe even not be able to go there at all. Utah will become just like most of the States to the East of us - locked up.


Noel is cheerleading for the rape, ruin and run crowd. Poor folks can't drill in super sensitive area, poor folks can't run their atv's over everything. Noel shoul move to Texas where there is very no public land...maybe he would be happy!


If this little band of eco-dictators had their way, Americans would be penned up in urban chicken coops with little ticky-tacky trains and buses, and only the elites would be given licenses to go onto public lands. Welcome to Solent Green and the anti-human contingency.


Boo-hoo! Off-roaders have lots of room to roam. Just because they can't tear up new places, they cry and whine. Selfishness.

Cut fences

I live in the north west corner of this state. Most of the land here belongs to ranchers with very little BLM land and our biggest problem is all the "off road enthusiasts". They cut fences and break gates letting the cattle out on the highway and ride their ATVs all over private property and when confronted they always say "This is public land and I can ride here if I want". Since it takes the Box Elder county deputies a minimum of 45 minutes to get out here and trespassing is a low priority for them they know they can break the law without much to worry about.

These are the same yahoo's that say they are upset cause they can't ride where ever they want? they already do, wether its public land or private, they dont care. They are only concerned about riding their ATVs whenever and were ever they want. Your rights be damned.

Tab L Uno

Maybe we could let Native Americans decide how the public lands are to be used, they seem to have reached a closer relationship to it.


I've never seen such a group of people who hate the idea of "stewardship" so much as people who comment on this site. Why does Utah love corporate interests so much, and hate the idea of land being protected from being overrun by them? What is the big rub against clean water, air, roads, and feeling safe with the things you consume; the things that corporations have zero interest in protecting? You people are very strange, considering you actually have to live in this world.

Pay to play

A nice piece of one-sided puffery that couldve been written by the oil and gas industry. Maybe it was. At the very least the reporter couldve told us how much Malone was paid for his flakery and by whom.


There is a plethora of ATV trails that interconnect the state. Many cities have designated ATV routes so that the riders can go into cities. I went on these trails for the first time near Beaver, Ut to Bryce Canyon last summer without loading the ATV into a trailer. I suspect a lot of money was spent on these routes. What makes me mad is the guys statement that he should be able to let his kid off the side of the road to ride his motorcycle. Give me a break! I own some farm property where riders felt they could just tear the place up (especially during mud seasons). Trash was strewn everywhere and the ruts motorcycles and ATV's left are awful! I like the public lands landscapes. I want things to be preserved for future generations. I don't know if I can hang onto my farm (development, taxes), but I am happy we have public lands that preserve the beautiful! Stay on the many trails we have now folks! Mike Noel, Karl Malone-get with the times!

Jim Trenholm

I attended the rally after delivering the following letter to Governor Huntsman's Office. Other addressees included Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Forest Service Chief Gail Kimbell and Intermountain Regional Forester Harv Forsgren:

We, The Stewardship Group, understand the 2001 Roadless Rule as being unnecessary and unlawful, in violation of National Environmental Policy and Wilderness Acts. In 100+ page rulings (2003 and 2008), Federal Judge Clarence Brimmer, twice so wrote. Governor Freudenthal is in agreement wilth Brimmer.

"ROADLESS RULE IN LIMBO" seems to be true because George W. Bush and his appointees neither agreed or disagreed with Judge Brimmer. It appears the 2001 Roadless Rule was kept around to fight over.

Please declare all roadless area inventories moot on National Forest lands in Utah. As a former Forest Service road engineer, I am available to assist in "Caring for the Land and Serving People."

Jim Trenholm
The Stewardship Group
Roy, Utah 84067


I suggest a full court one-on-one tournament to 21 between Malone and Redford at the Energy Solutions Center. Winner takes all. I think that would be a nice solution to our energy.


I think these comments are so one sided because the rest of us are still recovering from the shock "change" of this last two weeks. I'm not sure I'll ever be the same person I was. Is there someone out there who needs a worker for his or her campaign? I will work tirelessly and I can start tomorrow.


Hmm, let me guess, the ever-articulate former Jazzman said something like this: "Karl Malone will drive his big truck where Karl Malone wants to drive his big truck."

ATV, irony or hypocrisy?

What ever happened to Utah being a law-and-order kind of place? Last I heard, trespassing on private property was against the law, as was riding ATVs on no-motorized-vehicle public lands. I wonder how many of these same off-road vandals are clamoring for the removal of illegal aliens from our fair state (whose crime, incidentally, is the legal equivalent of trespassing)?

As for the scuttled lands deals, it was common knowledge that the Bush administration was trying to shove those through in last-minute auctions that could be overturned once the new administration took over, so those bidding on the parcels should have known it was a risky buy to begin with.

Small pity indeed, for people whose only idea of enjoyment requires noise, exhaust, and wanton destruction of sensitive terrain. Also for all those poor oil companies who thought they were getting a sure thing, even though the newspapers all said otherwise.


I can't believe Malone now shills for crazies like Noel and the USA-ALL crowd. These people only care about their own interests and have no appreciation that public lands in Utah are exceptional and deserve thoughtful stewardship. These clowns want to turn the whole state into an industrial park.

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