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Published: Friday, Feb. 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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So how many Utahns have WON the lottery?


Purchasing lottery tickets...and cigarettes and bevvies...for utah friends and others willing to pay a delivery surcharge is a big part of my personal economic stimulus. People vote with their feet and their wallets.


good job to isee

Idaho resident

Thanks for your support, everyone.

Then, of course, there are also those trips to Wyoming to buy fireworks....


A sign at the south end of Franklin reads "Welcome to Franklin - Home of the Utah Lottery"!

Seriously though, if I want to flush my money down the toilet I'll go to a movie and get popcorn. That's a ripoff too but at least there is some chance for residual value to it.

The sad part about the Idaho Lottery is the hundreds of people, both Utahns and Idahoans who can't afford the necessities of life still stand in line for their chance to get rich. What a pathetic existance.

In my mind it has nothing to do with LDS and everything to do with reality and the reality is - If you spend your precious dollars on lottery tickets YOU WILL LOSE THEM! You won't be that 1 in ten zillion that gets lucky. For every person you can show me that has won a million bucks in the lottery I can show you a thousand others who mortgaged the farm on such a silly investment and lost everything. Dumb, dumb people.

We do appreciate your stimulus to the Idaho economy though Utah!

Reformed Utahn

Just another example of the "Do as I say, not as I do" mentality that's everywhere in Utah.

More lost tax revenue

Why do Utah taxpayers have to pay in order to impose the legislature's view of morality on others?


When the lottery is over $100 million I buy $5 worth of tickets. I easily get $5 worth of enjoyment from that. I lived in Utah and drove to Idaho to get lottery tickets and remember one time the line was like 2 hours long. Its your money Utah.

What a sight ----

We were moving to Utah from Idaho 10 years ago and made the mistake of stopping in Malad for gas. There was an incredible line coming out of this gas station, probably about 75 to 100 people, and I couldn't figure out why until someone told me the Powerball lottery was at $300 million. Every car in the parking lot was from Utah. Thanks, Utah, for supporting Idaho schools! :-)

Support Idaho!

Wow, why not just have a lottery in Utah? Instead of Idaho getting our money, Utah would get our money and maybe we could finally invest in public education. Just because some of you choose not to participate in the lottery doesn't mean that others do not enjoy it. And to the "Sign's" comment about poor people grasping at straws: I personally know 2 poor families who won the lottery and changed their lives...and only spent a couple of dollars a week to do so. So, don't call other people dumb because they have different personal beliefs than you. Jerk.


Jeff Foxworthy says you know your a redneck if you buy lottery tickets as your future retirement plan


Agreed, why can't we have an idiot tax here? I'm sick & tired of paying taxes by myself.


to: reform utahn,

good you've made the change.

The beam is greater then the mote(you vs your fellowmen.)

Members Know it is a sin to play, (agency to choose right or wrong)

Utah home of the Rose Color Glas

Heres the problem, if Utah sells lottery tickets they would have to acknowledge people lds or not are supporting Gambling, Dont you know Utah and Mormons wont admit to somthing they cant see,(Many times they dont admit to what they can see) Its like the capital of Rose Colored glasses, So if people in Utah are driving over the border instead of saying wow thats 5 million that could go to Utah schools, they will say "OH Im sure their wernt any Utahns in the Malad Chevron Parking lot People are just saying that" LOL


time for a lottery utah you are losing money every day . the school trust lands are not selling a better idea is to preserve the land the lottery is a more dependable steady flow of funds for the school system and before you rave about gambling take a look at your stocks or your 401k thats gambling.



Except I actually get a return on my stocks and 401k.

Seriously though, I've lived in other states that have lotteries and a percentage of all sales go to the state for education along with any unclaimed prize money. That's a lot of money and the schools were great. We should have a Utah lottery, at least we'd keep the money in-state.

Steve - Re: Sign

That's your choice what you do.

But you're off base with your post. You're doing alot of incorrect assuming.

$1.00 for a single ticket, or maybe you buy say 3 tickets, that's only $3.00... doing this once a week or maybe only twice a month isn't goint to break anyone I don't think.

You just assume the poor who are barely scraping by dump tons of money into lottery tickets. Maybe they're only buying 1 a week, that's only $4.00.

This little amount most likely will go down the drain as you said, but this tiny investment could turn into a very wise one should you win. It could have you set for life.

How do you know the individual who plays won't ever be "that one" who wins it all? Eventually somebody wins the millions, the money doesn't just vanish without somebody getting it.

It's harmless fun for most, so relax. The people aren't dumb.

And Lottery money is beneficial to each state that runs one. It could solve alot of tax/money problems in Utah if we finally got a lottery.

Tax on Stupidity

Statistically speaking, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning, mauled by a bear, and hit by a train at the same time than you have of hitting the jackpot on powerball.

Ronald g.

its okay to buy beer, cigaretts, play machine's in every frigging grocery store for a 10 cent stuff aninmal made in china, let your kids throw thousands of dollars away on the middway at lagoon, and nickel arcades, but it is wrong to buy a lottery ticket in idaho.... Go figure

Brandon T

people who play the lottery arnt dumb and I think the person who wrote that is a moron! I like to play the lotto and if i dont win who cares it goes to a good cause. think of it as an exciting way to give to charity.

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