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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 4 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Call a spade a spade

We need to stop supporting the homosexual community's hijacking of the English Language. You are not gay, you are homosexual. You have a deviant life style. So please stop referring to yourselves as gay. Also will the sponsers of this bill please tell me which hospital has denied you any visitation? Can you tell me which employer has fired you because you are homosexual? Please...it might make me more sympathetic to your cause. And then lets get the ACLU involved to clear up these "unjust actions". I don't go around a profess my sexual orientation to everyone. So please quit cramming your lifestyle down everyones throat it is going to backfire on you.

Used to be tolerant

I used to be tolerant of the gay community. I have friends that are gay. The problem now is that some (not all of course) in the gay community are becoming guilty of political terrorism. Members of the LDS Church were accused of being un-american for expressing their opinion and exercising their right to vote. If you ask me, those that are singling out Prop 8 supporters doing everything they can to destroy their businesses and lively hood as well as threatening them with violence and fear are the ones guilty of being un-american. I had no problem with gay people have rights but the crybaby-pity attitude makes me sick. They are hurting their cause and the more time goes on the more I wish they would go away.

@Used to be tolerant

Political terrorism? Really? Tolerance? First of all I am not something to be tolerated I am a human worthy of basic dignity and respect. Did you bother reading any of the recent threads including this one and seen the way some of those that appose gay rights speak about gay people? Did your marriage get ripped apart with prop 8? Do you live in constant fear of people beating or killing you simply because of whom you are (yes this has and does happen)? Do you live in fear of losing your job if your tolerant boss finds out or your apartment when that wonderful Christian landlord finds out youre a sinner? Terrorism? really?

Re: 8:43 p.m.

I'd be happy to answer those questions. In fact, I'll lump them into two groups. The answer to questions in the first category is Yes. The answer to the questions in the second category is No.

1) Political terrorism? Really? Tolerance? Did you bother reading any of the recent threads including this one and seen the way some of those that appose gay rights speak about gay people? Terrorism? really?

2) Did your marriage get ripped apart with prop 8? Do you live in constant fear of people beating or killing you simply because of whom you are (yes this has and does happen)? Do you live in fear of losing your job if your tolerant boss finds out or your apartment when that wonderful Christian landlord finds out youre a sinner?

Free adds?

I hope they don't spend any money on all their adds, after all it' un-american to spend money on something you believe in.


I won't support a group who threatens voters with physical violence if their agenda is opposed. Gay and Lesbian community you have thumbed you noses at the law far to many times. The "tolerance" you want is not what you are willing to offer. You are hypocrites.

@used to be tolerant

I agree - I believe that there is political terrorism going on with the publishing of the donors and the way the homosexual community acted out after the vote.

No, my marriage was not torn apart - we won remember.

Do I live in fear of beatings - Yes, now that those names and address have been published I think that there are most likely many who live in fear now.

No, I did not lose my job - but I have heard of many who have!

The homosexual community asks for tolerance - I think if they want tolerance then they should be tolerant of us and of our beliefs.... then maybe we will be more willing to listen to what you have to say.


@@used to be tollerant

Puh leeeeeze "political terrorism???"
Blaming LGBTs for the public record of donors to CA initiatives, which has been CA law for decades...you all knew that was the law, and the donors on No on prop 8 are EQUALLY public. Unlike your side we didn't send out extortion letters demanding $10,000.00 (a felony with 4 yr prison sentence)to YOUR donors, and we never felt the need to keep OUR donations secret. We are PROUD of what we gave.

Stalwart Sentinel

Same slop, different day.

It is not intolerant for gays to demand equal treatment under the law. They are exercising tolerance for us, they aren't seeking to take away anything from us straight, married folk.

The problem is too many of us LDS have improperly framed the argument. This is not a spiritual issue, it is a civil one. I live in CA and during the time frame when the GLBT community was allowed to marry, my wife and I loved each other unconditionally, went to Church every Sunday, went to the Temple once a month, and had FHE most Mondays. When Prop 8 passed, we still loved each other unconditionally, etc... yet others had to fend off would-be marriage nullifications and, sadly, many succumbed to the horrible showing of moral opprobrium by our own saints, among others.

Gay marriage is on the horizon and, as a nation, we will soon see the benefits of affording everyone the same fundamental rights, regardless of our own perspective on their actions. It is sad to see so many saints fall prey to hatred and anger with respect to their brothers and sisters.


Saints have free agency. If the Church recommends voting for a matter that relates to morals, I am not required to vote for it. I have the right to choose eternal life or eternal damnation. I choose eternal life. As a Californian I contributed a substantial amount to Yes on 8 and I am happy I did and I am glad I voted Yes.

@Stalwart Sentinel 1:55 a.m.

Well said.

Remember Noah

God lost patience with corrupt people in Noah's time as He did in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah. Make's me wonder how much patience He will have with these GLBT folks today.

Can I clear 1 thing up

I've seen written many times 'I don't go around flaunting my sexual orientation.' Guess what, if you are straight and married and talk about your husband or wife, you are displaying your sexual orientation.

After working with a homosexual co-worker, and having him talk about his partner, it made me realize how my talking about my wife was just as much wearing my sexual orientation on my sleeve as his talking about when he came out of the closet.

Now, I will grant that protests and rallies in the GLBT community do qualify as 'flaunting their sexual orientation.' But, the vast majority in the GLBT community are not 'flaunting' - they're living their lives.

A reminder

Um... to those with short selective memories, envelopes with "white powder" were mailed to a number of mormon sites including the LA and SLC temples the week of the "outrage" over Prop 8. This is domestic terrorism, regardless of whether the powder was harmless. It was not a harmless prank, its intent is to spread fear and threaten people. Church houses and properties were vandalized.

Even after such events, the LDS church has consistently stated its support to those with differing political viewpoints regarding legal alterations that don't impinge upon redefining traditional marriage.

Gays need to appeal to the membership of the church, and try to demonstrate some good will--perhaps by refraining from attacking the church every chance they get (especially here on these sorts of sites)--if they wish to be successful in convincing the citizens of Utah that they have no hidden agendae...

respect and equality

Gays want equality with other Americans period. I am a heterosexual married man and when what you are is supported by society's norms you don't have to flaunt it because it is the norm. People of priviledge are not conscious of how they have priviledge. I support equal rights under the constitution of this great land. Equality of rights is something we all should support. That is the basic arguement if you throw out the fear and hate-mongering. Society will continue to move forward as we go about creating a more just society that works for all.

Re: Stalwart Sentinel

Yes domestic terrorism is the epitome of tolerance, isn't it?


To the GLBT community: Please, by all means, go ahead and take out ads and put up billboards. It spreads a lot of money around the economy of the State. Since I own a billboard site, I would love it. If you think it's going change anyone's mind, you're living in space.

But, hey, keep it up. I could use the money.

fed up

There is no reason why society should embrace or give its stamp of approval to deviant sexual behavior. Sex and sexual attraction have an obvious biological purpose. Men and women have complementary parts for a reason. "Same-sex attraction" is an obvious dysfunction. The fact that, a couple of decades ago, the American Psychological Association took it off the list in a purely political move, does not change the facts. But we're all now supposed to go along in this "Emperor's New Clothes" world and pretend this obvious dysfunction is just lovely. And that doesn't even deal with the morality of it, which is still important to some of us.

There is nothing "gay" about homosexuality. The homosexuals are threatening Mormons in California, and now are trying to play "Gotcha" with the Church here in Utah. Enough.

Roles Reversed

Those who oppose homosexual rights are human, worthy of basic dignity and respect.

Has your homosexual boss fired you when he found out you contributed to Prop 8?

Did your homosexual landlord evict you when he found out you are opposed to homosexual rights?

Do you live in fear because your name, phone number and address is posted on a website because you contributed $100 to Prop 8?

Yes this has and does happen.

Don't sit there and act like the victim. Typically you have more money than we married folk with children. You travel more, you eat out more, you go to more movies, you have more parties, you buy more clothes, you have nicer cars, you are free to come and go as you please.

You can live anywhere.

You can go see your sick partner in the hospital.

You can receive death benefits as a beneficiary.

You can sue for wrongful termination.

You can sue a landlord.

Give me a break with this oppression bologna. You have every right straight people have. Why should you have special rights because of the fact you chose to have sex with another person of the same sex?


The GLBT community has taken over the comments on the SL Tribune website. Every article, no matter how remotely related to the LDS Church, is another opportunity for vicious verbal attacks, lies, slander, and other things, which in a strictly legal sense qualify as terrorism with overt and covert threats against all those who oppose the GLBT demands.

One of the biggest posters even admitted last week, that he doesn't live in Utah, but yet, he is privy to a multitude of secret policies within the LDS Church to control retail within Utah and squash the GLBT community.

What rubbish.

When I chided some of the posters for the nastiness of their comments one replied, "Well, we'll grow up when you start treating us like adults." I guess he flunked logic in school. You get treated like an adult when you act like one.

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