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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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2A looks like a real battle.


how can you have valley ranked 5 with a 8-7 record when there's manila, tabiona,dugway, monticello, green river that all have better records than valley even Salt Lake Lutheran has a better record

Record doesn't matter

It is not the record that matter, it is how tough the team is. Valley plays in the toughest region, that is why they are ranked like they are. You put them in Region 18 and their record would be just like Dugway's. So that is why they are there and no I am not from Valley or region 15.


North Summit vs. South Summit battle this week....we all know the Braves are whats up!!!

2A Fan

The Wildcats better be prepared for a battle against the Wasps tonight- don't be surprised to see the young Wasps pull off the upset. Wasps by 10 or more.


Everyone should understand that these rankings are the opinion of DNEWS. Everyone has their own opinion of who should be ranked or not. So quit saying "why do YOU have them ranked, bla, bla, bla."
Simply state, I think so and so should be ranked because bla, bla, bla.

Everyones opinion is not them same...so get over it.

.....Nuff said.......


You can't always judge a team by their record. Look at Valley in baseball. They went 9-8 and played in the state semi-finals. ALL but one of their losses for the year were to Wayne and Panguitch. When the number three team plays the top two teams seven times in a season it hurts the record. Region 15 teams have tough games in all of their sports. They work hard for their wins and often have very close games.

1A Fan

Green River has a better record but look at their schedule. They don't have any quality wins. All the wins have come against weaker teams, like Tintic, Meridian, Wasatch Academy, Monument Valley, etc. Monticello's record is only slightly better at 8-6, but they have few quality wins. They beat Wayne, Whitehorse by 2pts. in overtime, and barely beat Green River. Look at all the losses against good competition.

1A Girls Rock

I think the rankings for the 1A girls is right on track. It could be a toss up for #1 and #2, but I think the rest of the field is pretty evenly matched.
It should be a great tournament. With a few upsets in the making.

South Summit

South Summit is the perfect example of being ranked solely on record. If you look at who they played in the preseason and a very soft region- it is easy to see why their record is so glossy. Their next two games could be interesting.

1 A boys

Ranking look good except I think Dugway should be ranked higher.

1A Ralphie

Let's face it, after the three top teams, there are five or six teams with similar chances to place at State. Let's have fun.

juab Fan

Where is the Juab boys in the 2A rankings? They had a great win against Rowland Hall last week- not because of good coaching, but due to great players!

dugway ex player and fan

Ranking dont matter. It the way you play on the court. Any buddy can get beat any night. It comes down to making it to state. You don't get a bid for being ranked.


2A is going to come down to the 1 and 2 ranked teams (Who pretty much tie for first, they split region games.). SS and Manti.


I can't believe someone would suggest manila, tabiona,dugway, monticello, green river, and salt lake lutheran to be ranked ahead of valley. Give me a break, that is like saying utah state should be ranked ahead of Duke and North Carolina because Utah State has a better record. Rankings are not just on records but how good the team is. Crazy concept I know.

1A rankings

1 escalante
2 rich
3 panguitch
4 valley
5 wayne
6 duchesne
7 tabiona
8 monticello
9 piute
10 green river/milford/dugway/and all the other bad teams with good records

most dangerous

1. Escalante
2. Rich
3. Wayne
4. Panguitch
5. Valley
6. Monticello
7. Duchesne
8. Tabiona


Oh yeah, the SS Badgers. Lookin pretty tough!

oh come on!!

records don't mean a thing...remember WHITE HORSE last year ,. oh oh we almost beat Provo at the summer b-ball camp ... then we played a 5A new mexico team..blah blah blah..only to be put to school by a team which came to play defense and shut em down..just bring it to town!!

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