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Published: Sunday, Feb. 1 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Dancing Queen

Cheer and Drill are not a sport it's so much more than that. We run, spin, throw people in the air, do push ups, work so hard for 3 minutes that leave us breathless, and every second is worth it. Remember, football and basketball didn't even start until 8th or 9th at least not seriously. I started dancing when i was 3 and competing when i was in the 4th grade. And I'm still competing. People who dance put blood, sweat, and their whole heart into it. We don't appreciate it when people go by thinking that it's not a sport. That all our hard work is just nothing. You don't have to agree with everything that we are saying but at least respect us, because we respect you.

drill membet

drill is a sport. end of story :)

ALL sports fan

If drill isn't a sport then I would like to see all of those who say it's not get out and do what those girls do every morning and then at games and then compete! If you say it's not, then go find one of the coaches, have them teach you the routine and see if you are out of breath when your done. It takes alot of physical work to dance for that long. Yes I am a drill fan, but I also am a football, basketball, and HUGE baseball fan. They are all sports. But what I would like to say is that I was in the crowd that Saturday and was very impressed with the Duchesne team that went and hugged the Millard team. That is true sportsmanship right there. If Duchesne goes 2A then maybe they will get some competition. But I would like to congratulate their team on winning 6 consecutive state titles. They might not have any competition, but they still work their butts off and look AMAZING!! Good luck next year girls and I hope Coach Grant sticks around for another year. And another win??? GO DUCHESNE!!!!

Cedar High-Mohey Tawa fan

I think Cedar High's Mohey Tawa(Dancing Princess) was underestimated this year. They worked hard and did amazing at State-with only 2 seniors! Great job ladies!


Congrats to Uintah and Millard you girls were amazing! And to all the people who have stuck up for us thanks to! we were worked our butts off this year and it paid off! WAY TO GO TALONS!! thanks to all the community and the parents who support us...We have the best coaches in the world too! thanks again


I have been a former drill team member and I can't believe the people on here saying it's not a sport- they obviously haven't tried it themselves and are scared to do so! I remember the Football players always coming to us and asking how we do what we do. I think a sport is anything physically demanding, and also as a certified personal trainer with a degree in health and exercise... it is a SPORT! Drill team does compete,they get scores and it's physical so if anything those people saying this stuff are the ones sitting on the couch watching the sports and not doing something physical themselves!!!

WOW! you are wrong

> I doubt you really think this. Prison is physically demanding. Car wrecks are physically demanding. Staying awake all night is physically demanding. Eating too much is physically demanding? Drill IS exercise and its healthy and I sure like girls performing in drill teams, but it isn't a sport. It might also be a competition, not a sport.


I am on the Rebelettes, I was all year and they did work extremely hard. This year was the first time they combined cheer and drill together. I experienced doing both and it was quite a challenge. Nobody can deny that Rich rose from the ashes compared to last year. I am not saying they deserved first place or anything, tabi and piute and duchesne did great. I am not denying that Duchesne has good dancers, no doubt about it. But it is not competitive and does not show any creativity to repeat dances from the years before. I will give it to them that their dances were amazing, but they should be for doing them for six years. Yes, I understand that there are new girls coming in every year but they also are on the jv squad until they get that dance memorized like the back of their hand. I would just appreciate it if they either changed it up or the state did something about it. It shows no creativity. I think I can speak for all drill teams when saying this.


As an observer of drill for many years (30+), why does drill continue with the novelty portion when it is so cost-prohibitive? I notice that the judges seem to get distracted by the "show" and fail to see the techniques as they should.

With the economy as it is, it would seem like cutting novelty would make more sense. Keep military, prop, and dance...get rid of novelty.

DanCiNg FaN!

Drill team is most definitely a sport, but arguing that point is apparently never-ending.

Although it is a sport, drill team is very controversial. While other teams have the chance to get more points after there opponents pull ahead, drill team girls only have one shot. Whatever the judges think about that one single time is what they get. Drill team girls work hard year-round for a three-minute routine. Another controversy is the fact that big names get big titles. Im from a smaller school and know from experience that judges don't give you a chance if you don't have the name they want to hear.

To bad alot of girls work goes unnoticed because of the name of their school. Something should be done about this, but its difficult to say who a judge might know or like. This is a tough call to make but something should change.


You all are very naive if you think everything about real sports are easy. You whine about judges try dealing with refs. Sometimes if they don't like a person they'll foul them out of the game. Don't get on here and make a fool of yourself if you can't see it from every point of view. By the way... Dancing is considered an art, drill team is dancing therefore, an art not sport. If you guys were smart you'd be honored instead mad about that. I would be.

Drill team is SOOO awesomeeeee!

i am on dril teem and i half 2 say dat it iz de best sport in de wordl. it iz soooooooooooooooo hard nd i just tink dat any1 how tinks dat it isnt a sport shud just STOP OIT!!!!!!!


its actually much longer than six months. try outs are in march and practices start in april. our very last competition is in the begining of march. so its actually a full year. my team puts in about 15 hours a week of practices. i dont think any sport at least in high school could does that all year. be a dancer requires flexibility. agility. stamina. strength. balance. dedicadtion and plenty of hard work. plus we have to keep our grades up. so who ever says its not a sport. you need to know your wrong

Ute fan

Congrats to the U'ettes who do work their butts off during their long season to do something so amazing. I'm a male, and I actually know that tons of males love to go watch drill team. Why? Because it's amazing. Why else would people go to watch it? To the people who make such a fuss about whether it's a sport or not--you should go try and do what they do. I highly doubt that you'll be able to. Quit judging these talented girls so much. They deserve to be celebrated for what they do. Any "sport" that puts in so much effort should be recognized. Don't be so pesamistic.
Nice job Uintah!

North Summit!!

okay, first ii want everyone to know ii am on drill team and is getting offended by how everyone says drill team is not hard. Drill is definetly difficult. You work your butt off everyday to put on a good show. Our Drill Team is performing at the 2010 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, and that just puts more pressure on us, and more practices, on top of reaching our goal of winning regions. We work so hard every morning. I would say that drill team in a sport and a hobby. Foot ball works hard too, and puts on a game every now and then, but the drill team performs in competitions and school assemblies, etc. Drill team is a good work out, and everyone on Drill Team gets some good credit of making the team to represent your school
Drill team is to a sport. we work a lot harder then the foot ball players!
if you have a problem with that, then email me.


Everyone seem to be arguing about wether drill is a sport of not. I was on drill team for three years. I got up every day and 5 am, and would go to practice tell 9 am. Then After school I would stay for 3 hours also. My heart rate was in the lowest it could be.... Athlete shape. I had lest then ll% body fat. I was working so hard that I couldn't hardly eat breakfast in the morning because it would make me sick. I saw girls push there body's past there limit. I don't care if you don't think it is a sport. But the statistics show that it is. You can go and hate it if you would like. I have so much respect for dancers. It is one of the hardest things you can do. If you don't agree go take a dance class and push yourself to your max and see what you think.

GO U'ETTES!!! I miss you girls

Holladay, UT

No one can change that it is or it isn't a sport except UHSSA!Drill competetions start at about 9-o-clock and end at about 6:30! It is very long and the girls get exhausted! it is a very hard SPORT to do!

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