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Published: Sunday, Feb. 1 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Logan was not DQ there is not such a thing... They were penalized for a girl going out of bounds doing a summersault...


Cheer and drill team are very competative and very fun to watch. The people who compete work many hours and have the highest level of commitment. BUT they are not sports, they are competitions. There are other "sports" that should be labelled competitions. Diving, gymnastics,etc.. events that use subjective scoring. I'm not putting down those who compete in these activities. Most are very 'athletic' and train harder than athletes in other 'sports'. Not being a sport is NOT A PUT DOWN! Don't take it as such.




Good job Uettes! I heard the Uettes swept the drill down again too. Does anyone know who the girls were that won the drill down in 3A?


To the Rich fan who can't figure out why they placed 4th.

It's because that is where they belong. If your going to make stupid comments why don't you just say they where better than Duchesne?

U'ette fan

Jessie Barton, Janelle Batty and Kadee Pitt. Most of the top 10 were from UINTAH!!!

Sport _

you may not think of it as a sport. But as far as dedication and practice and hours spent. Unless you are a one sport athlete, there is no way you spend more time practicing than these dancers. They start in the summer, and practice several hours a day until the middle of basketball season - in that amount of time, schools have gone through fall sports and most of the way thrugh winter sports. Give them credit and congrats to all of those who participated.


If we define a "sport" as an activity that we keep score by points attained and define "not a sport" as subjective decision making for the winner than I would have to say that the end results of college football is not a sport either because that is how the BCS decides the national winner of football. However, everyone can agree that both activities (football & cheer/drill) are very athletic activities and thus deserves to be mentioned in any section of the news. Just because its judged doesn't mean it is automatically deemed to the "arts" section. Still both activities deserve to be mentioned in the "NEWS" because they are both accomplishments. And yes there are also state cheer competitions as well as national comps for both cheer and dance (in regards to a previous comment). I would not wish to do either physical activity of cheer or dance, I would rather stick to the easy things like basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc... Go Uintah!!!!


Somebody makes a comment and you all argue about it, let it go and enjoy your moment. Drill teams do work hard and are recognized by the UHSAA as a sport so I don't see any reason to get worked up when somebody says it isn't?

Thats women for you argue fight complain, and never appreciate the FACTS, althoug a few of you do, your the GOOD WOMEN of the WORLD and their are FEW!


Congrats to the selgaes! You guys have deserved this for a long time!

Drill Fan

I give it up to every single person on any drill team. I have seen some tough sports, and this is definately up there. I have never seen anything with such mental, artistic, and physical demands as this, it is incredible what dancers go through, kudos to you! Good job girls.

We Love Our Selgaes

Way to go Selgaes!!!! We love you! And good job to all the other drill teams, this was definately a fabulous year! Thanks girls for makin us proud!

Logan Fan

The Logan team was penalized because one girl went out of bounds on their prop dance. Their prop was by far more fun, more difficult and obviously more work than any of the others so it was sad to see the penalty because they danced so well and have done so well at all of the other competitions; however, Uintah also has had a great year and was deserving of first place. I was so excited to see the Selgaes get first in their division as they have also done so well all year!

Congrats to ALL the girls and ALL the teams, anyone who thinks Drill isn't a sport, has absolutely no idea what it takes to be a dancer.


The drill team girls put in way more hours than any other SPORT in high school. They have their dances down so perfect they hardly breathe out of sync. The only reason people say this isn't a sport is cause they aren't facing another team while performing. But every drill team girl is in a better phsical condition as anyother person who plays sports in high school. Stop saying it's not.


I don't get why Juab took 5th in military on Saturday; they were amazing! :)

duchesne fan

Duchesne stands completely alone in 1A. They would probably take state in 2A. Coach Grant does an incredible job with those girls. 6 titles in a row...that is impressive!

good job d news

It is so nice to see that you cover all high school sports. Drill team has a huge following, and it's great to see you cover the competitions.


"Carpe Diem" was the theme for the U'ettes this year and did they ever "Seize the day"! You girls are awesome! All of your hard work, dedication, and early mornings paid off! Robin and Cami... A huge THANK YOU! Not only do our coaches teach our drill team to dance- they teach them life skills such as being apprecitive, responsible, dedication and humility to name a few. You girls are true athletes! Way to go!

Congrats to all that preformed Saturday! It was a truly amazing day! So many talented girls! Great Job!


Congrats to all the teams 1A-5A. You are all amazing. Drill team is a hard sport and takes a lot of effort but we do it because we love it. I'm sorry Logan for the problem with prop. We love you guys! There was very good sportsmanship displayed on Saturday and we appreciated it very much. I love my girls and will miss you next year. Great job Selgaes.

1a dancer

Drill team is the hardest, most dedicated and all around the best thing i could do. It takes discipline, strength and yes artistic ability. We wake up at five in the morning to practice very day and we really did our best like all of the other teams. WAY TO GO STATE DRILL TEAMS

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