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Published: Sunday, Feb. 1 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Please stop dissing golf. Having that said, congratulations Uetts! That Uintah drill team is amazing to watch. They work so hard and they are such a good example to the rest of the student body. They stay out of trouble, wake up ridiculously earlier every day, work together most of the summer, and it just all paid off ... STATE CHAMPS!! ... AGAIN!


Put it in the arts section, not the SPORTS!


Bottom Dwellers are the guys who thrive on writing in their negative comments. They are waisting their time putting schools and positive activities down, and looking for negative reactions from those who post positive comments. They are wanna be media writers, but they havent learned the fine art of writing in their agenda in a gradual way. SOmething the mainstream media has pulled off.
These dancers are very professional and very athletic in their performance. Well deserved coverage!


I'm sure artists spend hours on end perfecting their art and are EXHAUSTED in their task.

guess what - they're not athletes nor are DRILL TEAMERS

hs sports fan

Congratulations to the sports editor for assigning a writer to the state drill competitions. The NFHS and the UHSAA both sanction drill as a sport. However I do notice that the UHSAA has 10 girls sports and 10 boys sports but the Deseret News does not recognize drill team in their all sports award. They recognize 10 boys sports and 9 girls sports. This is a gender issue. The writers or editors making this decision are without a doubt all male. I am sure that Jaclyn Olsen's and Amy Donaldson's opinions are not even considered by the good old boys. I hope the new sports editor is of a different mind set than the last. He might even read this post.The Drill Team Coaches Assm and the UHSAA probably need to bring it to his attention.
They are under the same regulations that the other 19 activities are. They deserve the nice articles and all the recognition we can give them.


I am not a person that likes to watch drill team. I am a person that enjoys basketball, football, and volleyball among other things, but believe me, when you've watched these drill team athletes compete, you realize it is definitely a supremely athletic endeavor, and it is a sport.

Athletic yes

Sport? no no no no

Nay sayers

Why would anyone say anything negative about high school kids doing good things. The DNews should not even give these dough heads a place to comment.

By the way, the definition of a sport is:
"Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively."

By that definition Drill team is a sport, so get over it.

Plenty of action

There's more action and intensity at a drill team competition than at a game of "America's favorite pass time."
At least you don't have to watch any spittin' or scratchin'.


A Skill...Not a Sport!!! Never!!!


Is that nope with a "D"?
Read the definition! (see "Nay sayers" 5:48)
There's an old Dutch saying that goes;
"My mind's made up, don't confuse me with the facts."


who freakin cares about drill team except the drill teamers and parents themselves... really. You can't win in anything else but you can at drill team and the judges are kind of swayish anyway. But get all you can cause it won't last much longer.

I say , I say

how come ...billiards is devided sexually ..like in men and women championships? and it is considered a sport? Yet I just bet there are some damnsels who could beat the tar out of the men in that sport...so I say open Drill team up the Males and let's she who does what...but then again I convinced my daughter out of the drill team sport as I saw ...many of the rules taking her away from the true art of living and loving others..some kind of social club ..not all were snobs but most were...but then when the scholarships came around we won hands down as my daughters efforts were well paid...and all those girls on the team in this po dunk town still walk around with their nose to the sky ...teach about the real not the plastic!!


I was at the drill compition and I still can't figure out why Rich placed fourth. Tabiona wasn't as good as rich. Piute probably wasn't either.


read the dictionary of what a sport is...looks like drill team is a sport....so get off it is not a sport you look under any high school in sport and drill team is there...


can any one tell me why logan was DQ in prop???? that is what is said on the radio this morning. I hate there prop but would like to know why they was DQ.


Way to go Uintah !!


I want to say congratulations to all of the 2A teams that competed this last Saturday! I was so impressed with the good sportsmanship from every team...it did not go un-noticed! Congratulations Millard on your Championship title! Keep up the hard work!


anybody who says drill team is not a sport are crazy and just to arrogant to say it is! honestly they practice ALOT more than the other sports which include: Football, basketball, baseball, softball, track, golf, volleyball, cross country, and many more... talk to a drill team girl and they will tell you how early they get up and for how many hours they work their butts off! Seriously lighten up and open your eyes and keep your mouths shut cause you seriously don't know... i walk by the gym when our first hour bell rings and they are still practicing! So whatever, those that think it isn't a sport keep thinking that all your life cause again your just to arrogant to except it is.
and everybody else. (Drill Team is a sport)

Drill Fan

The girls said that the team with the carosel animals went out of bounds, I think that was why they were DQ.
I want to say amazing job to all the girls for all of the hard work they have done since August! Way to go! In our eyes you are all winners!
Congrats to all the winners, You are truly amazing to watch.

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