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Published: Saturday, Jan. 31 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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It's Okay!

The UTES will never challenge for a National Championship again anyways! 2 years of luck, fools nobody! You'll never be one of the ELITE!



College football is part of our history, our national past-time. College football is part of our culture. College football generates huge amounts of dollars, and helps thousands of other businesses across the country from restaurants, gas stations, clothing suppliers and manufacturers, sod farms, fertilizer manufacturers, athletic support staff,...not to mention all the businesses and products that are advertised on tv.

To pretend that college football, and its attendant playoff system and crowning of a national champion is not important is quite naive. College football is HUGE! Of course congress and the courts should be involved. WHY HAVEN"T THEY FIXED THIS SHAM BEFORE NOW?!! WHAT IS TAKING CONGRESS SO LONG!!!??

Cali Coug

The u finished fourth in the nation, they didn't come close to winning the NC. They never have and never will...we have been waiting for more than 100 years...the mighty yewts...pathetic!!


Did Hatch attend The Sugar Bowl?
The Gov. did NOT.
What a couple of Grandstanding Jokers.

Hurricane Pride

The BCS is a non-profit, amateur athletic association of associations. Congress has no business getting involved in it. It works perfectly just the way it is. The strength of a Conference is taken into account when computing a team's rankings. The Strength of a team's schedule is also taken into account. The Polls are completed by coaches and sports writers and people who are experts in the area. The MWC and the WAC have not been around long enough to build up good records against other, older Conferences. All your Y-ning t-Uting your own horns isn't going to change that, you bunch of crybabies! Hatch is an idiot. Antitrust laws do not apply to non-profit, amateur athletic organizations, just as they don't apply to non-profit Church organizations! Utah has NO legitimate claim on Florida's National Championship, just as BYU has no legitimate claim on Miami's 1984 National Championship! Get a life you bunch of dishonest ignoramuses!

Stop Crying!

To win the national championship you have to play IN the National Championship game... Simply having the best record does not validate national champions...


Sorry, Hatch. Tom Hanks already did that "un-American" game!


I'm ith 8:15, here we are getting sucked into believing that anything anyone says on these posts is important. However, as a BYU alumni and old die hard blue fan who follows it all even though I can't get any of the games on TV, (Canada)I must admit that Utah had a very impressive year and no doubt needed to be considered a national champion, congratulations. Can anyone tell me why BCS doesn't follow the basketball championship format?
Games in the sweet 16 and the elite 8 and the final 4 could be called by the traditional bowl names, making plenty of games (28 plus a final)(tons of money) and creating far more interest. I would be interested in the "Motor City" bowl if it decided the central conference finalist far more than if it were just a couple of no-name teams from Illinois or Wisconsin satisfiyng some sponsors ego or greed in "their" bowl.
Makes sense to me, but then it is a pretty simple plan.


I would love to see the BCS get into legal trouble. That would be the only thing that would get us a playoff. A 16-team playoff would be the best.

GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is more American than hoarding the big bucks? The BCS and NCAA are just getting athletes ready for the multi-million dollar contracts pro sports will offer them. Its all about the money.The networks, the BCS schools and their coaches are getting rich off the current system.


The government can't do anything. The only thing that can change it is if the NCAA takes some responsibility and takes over its own postseason, effectively disenfranchising the BCS (which it has the power to do, but Brand doesn't have the courage to do it).

SEC # 1

Na Na Na Hey Hey SEC # 1, What's all the cring for, Can't walk the walk so ya'll beat Alabama (Who didn't want to be there) so what! WHO CARES! Utah had it's 15 min of FAME, It's over, the SEC is still is # 1 three years in a row. Quit whining and get a better conference that's all. The MWC an't good enough to get in, quit playing with the NM, or who's else in this pee-wee conference. Better yet GO INDENPENDANT so Utah can play in the NC game. ND is indenpendant and when they earn it they get to play.

Joseph Smith

The Bogus Chump System was formed a SEC commissioner and is now run by ACC commissioner. It favors east coast conferences such as the The Easy, the Awful Coaster Conference, and the Secondary Eastern Conference. Of the course the BCS chump was Flawdah that trounced the mighty Citadel. And of course Flawdah has scheduled Charleston Southern a Division II team this coming September. East coast bias is in charge of college football.


I think we should keep the BCS ranking and the bowl games and add a 32 team playoff bracket and have each of your first round games at your smaller bowls.Then your second round games played at your bigger bowls and then your quarter finals at the Rose, Fiesta, Orange, and Sugar Bowl.Then you got the BCS Championship and the there will be no arguing over who was the real champion because it will be proven. I think at the end of the regular season you take your top 32 and starting with the number one school let them pick what bowl they want to play in and the number 32 team would have to go there and play them. Then let number number two team pick what bowl game and number 31 would have to go there and play them. Then after they play round one do the same thing with round 2. I feel lt would be better for the cities of the smaller bowls to have big name schools go there and play. This way we can keep the BCS rankings and still have your bowl games.

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