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Published: Saturday, Jan. 31 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Correction . . .
It's all about money and power. It's the prime example of a "good-ole-boys" club that permeates society. What can we do about it? Just go out and punch em in the mouth every chance you get . . . just like Utah did on Jan 2.


The NCAA makes the decision when a school qualifies to be a Division 1 School. They have guidelines. Once the school has met those guidelines, they should be able to work their way to the top. College sports being tied to educational institutions should be the last place for unjustified bias. Have a playoff..the big heavier weighted schools will be there with the majority of the teams anyway, but give everyone an equal chance...the American way. Thanks Orrin you've done a lot of good for Utah and its citizens. You've done more than those who come for six months, get a drivers license and declare themselves Utah citizens, get their benefits and leave. Your heart is here and here is where you belong.


I watched the Sugar Bowl with a close friend of mine, who holds a PhD in sociology. He pointed out to me during the game that, regardless of how dominating the University of Utah might win, that they would be denied a national championship because, in sociological terms, they (and other non-BCS teams) are the victims of discrimination.

The way that discrimination works is, those in control continually change the rules of the game. When the victim meets the unusually difficult standards set by those in control, then the rules of the game get changed so the victim still cannot attain the desired results. Unfortunately, we in America know all too well about discrimination against certain racial and religious groups. In this case it's been extended to the athletic field.

Utah Mann

Way to go Orin!!!! You are the man. Way to stand up for your state and your school!!


Look, there cannot be playoffs - ever.

There are only so many weeks and every week a game can be played is already taken - get it?

You cannot add more games - ever.

Same reason + who's going to fill all those big stadiums after the semester? Alumni? Come on?
You think students are just going to "hang-out" on campus when there's no classes? Never happen.

You cannot cut games - ever.

Football is a revenue producing sport. It pays (in part) for all the other sports. If 8 teams are in a playoff, that means 112 ARE NOT. Who's going to cover the losses of those schools if they have to cut their schedule to make room for playoffs?

By the way, if you think revenue sharing will, sober up. A 3 week playoff will eliminate 168 games. All the playoffs in the world will not cover a loss that big.

These are the core obstacles and there is no way around them. It's been studied to death. However, if someone knows a way to have playoffs without changing the number of games, the schedule or using polls, please tell us.

The world is waiting.


Jeeze, folks. Several teams have gone undefeated through the years and not awarded anything. Talk to Penn State. Talk to Auburn. Take to Alabama. Talk to Boston College, Washington, Virginia, Wake forest, Montana: the list is long. Yes its unfair that you got little respect. You had a great team and a GREAT Sugar Bowl whipping of Alabama, something the National Champs couldnt do. But, its done. The sooner you move on, the better.


While I agree that a playoff is the ultimate solution, I have a great deal of trepidation over our government getting involved. Aren't there more important and constitutionally based things for government to worry about?

Enforce Laws

What difference does it make if there are "more important" things to spend money and time on? There are certainly "more important" things for cops to do than cite someone for 10 over the speed limit, but we still benefit as a society when all laws, including the "less important" ones are enforced.

With the huge amount of money and institutional inequity involved, the BCS monopoly is certainly worthy of attention, especially if laws are being broken, even if there are "more important" items on the agenda. National security and economic stability will always be among, if not the most important issues for our government to face. Should every other issue be ignored because they are less important?

There can be a playoff

There are four weeks from the end of the football season in Nov. until the championship game in Jan. There could be a playoff game each of the four weeks and it woulw be much better than the teams all practicing and getting stale for 4 weeks. The BCS college presidents say they are concerned the players will miss too much school. Bull, how many days of school are there in December they just want to continue their liscence to steal which is what they are doing. There only needs to be a playoff for 8 teams with 4 more playing in and you have the playoff. Lets get some honesty here.

Re: Bob

Uh not to point out the obvious but if you need a model just look at the rest of college football that isn't D1. DIAA, DII, and DIII all have a playoff. The argument that D1 cannot fit the extra games into its schedule has never held any logic when the rest of college football does it every year.


to There can be a playoff
Ever heard of Finals, they are scheduled for 4 to 6 days in Mid-December. These football are called Student-Athletes, not Athlete-Students.


the economy is already messed up; so lets fix the BCS.

Enforce Laws

The economy is messed up - so let's ignore every other problem in our country.

John Marx

It seems everytime I hear Orrin speak I like him less. Yes the BCS is screwed up, but it's just a game. He's just pandering to his constituents. What a waste of time.


where's the presidential order to eliminate the BS-C by next week??? Obama orders federal funding for foreign abortions but he cannot get rid of the BSC??? murder is okay but extortion and robbery are okay??? i see how this administration works....good job Uncle Orrin!!!!

Enforce Laws

The BCS is "just a game" only to extremely naive and uninformed people. To the schools that benefit from the monopoly, and to those that are hoping for BCS crumbs, it's not just a game at all. It's tremendously huge amounts of money and big business. Any other large business that isn't "just a game" gets scrutinized for unfair business practices - why not the BCS just because it involves football?

Media Magnet

Hatch is such a media magnet. He is only after attention. Where was this when it all mattered a few months ago or a few years ago? Hatch knows he can talk about this now and get a lot of play in the media. Typical Hatch. Only concerned with propping himself up.

Where were you Uncle Orin? Oh yeah, you live in Virginia year round.


How is the BCS a monopoly? BYU and Utah do not have to play in it if they do not want to. There is Division I-AA. All 3 Divison 1 in-state teams chose and agreed to the system. They can even start their own league if they wanted to. Orrin Hatch is a RINO and and embarrassment to the state. What an anti- free enterprise idea he has... Legislate the BCS?


Can we please stop complaining about how "Congress/Senators/AG should focus on the bigger problems!" Using this flawed logic, 98% of Congress' work should be set aside to work on poverty, war, etc. The facts are:

(1) Congress has to deal with everything, and the BCS controversy involves more jobs, money, and fundamental fairness than most of what they deal with. This IS important.

(2) Congress has direct constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce, the most important part of which is antitrust enforcement (A1, S8)

(3) College football is entertainment, but it is also a huge business. The money generated by the FBS teams dwarfs the income of many other businesses Congress is required to regulate.

not a waste of time

Sen. Hatch is fighting for the future tens of millions of dollars that would flow to this state and some of its Universities both public and private. Why is that not important? If the MWC had an auto bid or was allowed to compete in a playoff the financial reward would be HUGE.

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