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Published: Saturday, Jan. 31 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Get those priorities right, man

The writer reports this:

"Hatch said, however, he would prefer that the BCS fix its problems before the matter goes to the courts or Congress because they should be focused on bigger problems that are facing the nation."

Isn't that basically saying that Congress should be focusing on the big problems that the nation faces but, by golly, Congress may have to set that aside to take care of the intransigent BCS?

Okay, I am not very good a prioritization either. Here I am posting on the Reader Comments, again.


Hatch should be commended for drawing attention to the travesty that is the BCS. As I understand it, he isn't saying Congress or the courts should fix the problem. He is calling on the BCS and the universities to clean up their act. I don't know if Utah could have beat Florida. The Utes sure deserved a shot, though. That much is certain. The BCS is a joke.

Big picture

With all the problems in this country Orrin, wouldn't your time be better spent elsewhere?

Re: Alan

Who cares if they could beat Florida? Could they beat Texas or USC? Why is Florida always the standard? Well, because they were the BCS champ. Using them as the measuring stick only validifies what the BCS has done.

Re:Re: Alan

I believe that Utah could have matched up with any team in the country. But we will never know will we. At least they deserved a shot at a national championship. If basketball can have a playoff system, why not football? They are the only sport that still has a "Mythical National Champion"!!!


give me a break. yeah the BCS is fixed and cheats out a bunch of people but honestly i am a little embarrassed by this and by AG Shurtleff for doing all this. don't get me wrong the Utes are number 1 and should be the Champs but come on its college football. there are more important things that need to be taken care of by men using our money. we the people are paying for the investigating and legal battles that will happen from this.


Thats is exactly what Senator Hatch is saying here. Congress' priorities should be elsewhere so he's asking the BCS to straighten itself out so the Government doesn't have to.

Gene Mason

The triumphs and failings of college football are not a matter of national security. The presence or absence of Utah's football team from the BCS championship game will not determine whether our economy survives or collapses.

For some, college football is a temporary escape from a bitter reality in which government has played no small part.

As such, college football should not be subject to the meddlings of one disgruntled fan, whether that fan is Orrin Hatch or Joe Sixpack.


Sure there are bigger problems facing our country, but this is one that we can actually fix rather quickly. This has gone on way too long! Why would the current BCS conferences want to change when they get such an advantage in recruiting (informing the blue chip recruit that he can not play for a notional championship if he goes to Utah, BYU, or Boise State)and the large amounts of money from the BCS Bowl games. Thanks Senator Hatch!!


The question isn't whether Utah could have beaten Florida or USC or Texas. The question is if any of those teams could have beaten Utah.

BCS cant fix the problem

The BSC will watch out for their own and still give the 6 BSC confrences the advantage in a playoff. All the confrences should have input and equal weight. The + 1 modle stinks. A 4 team playoff stinks. Even an 8 team playoff stinks. There should be at least a 16 team playoff. If we had a playoff the championship game would be the second, if not the first, next to the super bowl, as a sporting event in the USA. Thee are no good excuces for not having a playoff except in the minds of thoes who control the BCS and who want all the money. Some entity other than the BSC, like the NCAA, should have the final say. The NCAA does a pretty good job with the basketball tournament.


It's all about money and power. It's the prime example of a "good-ole-boys" club that permeates society. What can we do about it? Just go out and punch em in the month every chance you get . . . just like Utah did on Jan 2.


Threaten the money-monger BCS top guys with jail time and see what happens! If it's criminal, why not?


errr "mouth" not "month". (typo in my previous comment)


Orin Hatch makes a statement about something. He is too old and too tired to do anything but talk. He has been basically useless as a senator for the last 20 years. I think he did some good work when he was head of the committee. Now he does nothing. He is on the BCS bandwagon because he can just talk. If you want him to act, people you will have to wait a looooooooong time. He only shows up when he is up for reelection. We are stuck with him until he dies. At least Bob Bennett has done a couple of useful things lately. Utah is not well represented.

Utah Man

Thank-you Senator Hatch! While others grumble that there are more important things to do you hit it right on. The money that is being excluded for the non-BCS conferences is enormous. The schools can earn that money if they can play in those big bowl games. If not fair citizens, it's YOUR tax dollars that will need to be spent. The athletic programs bring dollars to the Universities for more things than just athletics. So while it was a few words from a powerful Senator, the words spoken could really help all Universities achieve fairness and revenue that they deserve based on their records and performance.
Thank-you once again Senator Hatch
Thank-you to the U Football team for busting the BCS and putting the issue squarely on the table.
Thank-you for being the TRUE National Champions!!

RE Big Picture

This is about big $$$$$$$, not just a game.

Take it to them Orrin!

Besides, with the makeup of THIS congress, I'd like them to be preoccupied with something so they don't screw up the country too horribly.

yeah but...

why does utah have to prove that they could beat texas, usc and florida...could any of those schools beat ALL of the other teams too? why is it always cold utah beat them? or could utah beat them? why not-utah beat everybody in front of them , when no other team did the same. including 4 in the top 25. and alabama in the sugar bowl. could texas beat sc? could sc beat florida? could florida beat utah? ...who knows-EXCEPT that UTAH won all their games.

send orrin back to penn

orrin, please go back to where you came from - you have worn out your welcome

What the other hand is doing

While the senior senator is giving impassioned speeches on the floor of the U.S. Senate about how un-American and vile the BCS is, this same paper reported this week that the U of U, led by Michael Young, is doing its best to get into the BCS and is lobbying for a meeting with the BCS brass to persuade them that the MWC deserves a spot. Which is it? Seems like if you're one of the conferences on the inside, the view looks pretty good.

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