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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 27 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Looks like 1A is wide open for second.


Is the Schumway kid back for San Juan, I noticed his name was not in the box score for a couple of weeks. If he is back look out. I'm assuming he was sick or injured does any one know. 2A looks like the deepest field to me I think there are eight teams who could win it.

2A Fan

Where is Layton Christian in the rankings- they are in first place in their region, and spanked previously ranked Juab by 20 plus points- it could have been a lot worse if Layton Christian didn't pull of their dogs. As well, they beat Rowland Hall last week by 3 points, Rowland Hall has already beat North Summit by a dozen or so.


Is Layton Christian Academy for real?

Reply 2A fan

It's true you have beat some good opponents but I don't think Layton Christian has been consistent enough lets see how you do against North Summit this week. I do think you have the talent to beat them but they are a little better then the Salt lake Lutherans of the basketball world.

Brave Believer

I feel that Layton Christian is for real. We should have a heck of a battle with them tonight. The win over Rowland Hall is impressive, the Juab win was not a suprise. The region title is a 3 team race with LCA, RHSM and NS.

Go Braves


We will just see how the Layton Christian-North Summit game goes tonight. I will take North Summit.

Reply to Fan

From what I witnessed- they are for real. They push the ball, are under control, play tough zone, and have some great shooters and athletic kids. I wouldn't be surprised to see them in contention when all is said and done. I guess the Brown kid was injured and has just recently started playing again- he has put up some pretty good stats the past few games.

get wayne out

Wayne county has had one good game in the last three weeks, let em go!! it would be one thing if they were 8-5 and hot right now but they are 8-5 with most of their loses in the last 3 weeks, shoot put piute in their they just beat em


GLAD TO see the rankings back, its been a while

3A Ranking

Bear River the team to beat. Hurricane Contender. Judge is a big question mark but rated on reputation and not talent. Wasatch has potential. Waterford is way over rated. Big man is decent but plays way under potential for 6'10". Teams over looked, Juan Diego, Logan. Early Prediction Bear River Hurricane final! Bear River Bear Take it all.


Is Wasatch no longer a "wrestling" school?

1a fan

Rich girls and Piute Girls have had 2 common opponents: Valley and Green River
Rich beat Valley by 25. Piute beat Valley by 38 and 13, average = 25.5
Rich beat Green River by 19 on a neutral court. Piute beat Green River by 18 on Green River's court. Looks like to me it's a pretty tight race. Should be an interesting girls 1a tournament.

RE: 3A Ranking

Since Hurricane should finish 1st in Region 9 and Bear River should finish 1st in region 11, and should they both remain undefeated in tournament play, they will meet in game 3. This makes it impossible for them to be in the championship game. You should really check your information before you post, your other observations are pretty much nonsense too.

yeah 1A is wide open

Rich is still one of the best teams and the second half of the year I think they will start playing like it, Outside of them Duchesne, Valley, Panguitch, Piute, Wayne, and Monticello all have a shot

basketball fan

Layton Christian is for real!!! As long as they play as a team and stay healthly I think they will win Region 14 and have a very good chance at state. They have a great coach who has already won the 1A state championship so he knows how to get them ready for the big games. If you get a chance to go to one of their games you should - they are very fun to watch.

Panguitch #1

Panguitch will be number 1 soon, we had escalante beat last week, and we will beat them next time we play them

correct standings?

Here are the facts for those who are wondering if Layton Christian is for real. Only team 4-0 in region 14 play, #3 in Avg Difference, #1 in points scored per game, 3 of the top 18 top scorers and 2 of the top 7 in 3 pointers. After looking at all this my question is.... why aren't they ranked in the top 5??? Good luck tonight to North Summit and Layton Christian - may the best team win


Nice job Emery girls! I think you are about to make an incredible run.

1A South

Had them beat? Panguitch was down 18 points at the half and only came within 7 the rest of the game. When Escalante pushed up the tempo and the "D" Panguitch threw the ball away almost ever time, and Escalante was able to rebuild a lead winning 80 to 69. Panguitch played a good 3rd quarter...they haven't played a good, consistent 4 quarter ball game all year. How about the loss to Wayne for an example? And I would say they have their work cut out for them the next time they play Valley.

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