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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 28 2009 11:45 a.m. MST

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James Dangle

Wow, that family is beautiful. What a story. It brought a tear to my eyes. Especially Thomas.

Osvaldo Garcia

I used to know Tom Wilkinson. WTG Tom. WTG.


I knew Tom when he was a Captain at his previous airline. He was my favorite.

Greg Luganous

I once knew a Tom Wilkinson. Great swimmer back in his day.

Reynieshia Rogers.

I also knew Tom when he flew out of Denver. He the best.

Rick Bennett

I've known this family for over 16 years. They've inspired me. Nine sons. Nine eagle scouts. Nine honorable LDS missions. In fact, I believe their daughter served an LDS mission, too. What an outstanding family!

Vampire in the Garage

I always wished that Tom would sleep in the garage so that I could attack him, but.....he always out witted me and slept on the couch. :)

Way to go pilots, you are awesome!!! Nice work.

Poliska Yaroslavski

J'ai d'abord rencontr Tom quand il a vol en Russie. Il est un homme stupfiant.

Thurl Bailey

Wow. As a convert to the Church, I'm inspired by families like this.

Anna Heibelstrasse

Iaf zuerst Tom, als er auf einem Aufenthalt hier war. Er ist ein erstaunlicher Mann!

Marie Osmond

The story of this family so inspiring. It is like a Nutrisystem commercial.

Jeff Davis

The Wilkinson boys probably had 500 model airplanes hanging from the ceilings in their home. I think an "obsession" with flying might be more accurate than mere "passion." The trampoline they had in the back yard introduced many of us to flying...and bad landings.

Anna Winkler

I knew Tom in my Salt Lake Singles Ward. I never knew he was to passionate about das flugzeug. Good luck Tom!


我的名字是翼Yee。 湯姆和我是朋友在休斯敦。 他是一個驚人的人!

Joe Peck

Hey! All right Wilkinson! I grew up next door to them. They are an awesome family.

steve w.

and joe peck. you're awesomer.

Steve's brother

how ya been joe?

One of the girls!

Love the article!!! I am one of the lucky sis-in-laws who married one of the 9 boys. They truely are an amazing family. They all love & care about eachother deeply. They are not perfect but pretty close! I am blessed to have married into such a great family. (BTW there are still 3 of them that are single! And they are GOOD guys!)

one of the boyz

I am so lucky to be one of us.

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