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Published: Sunday, Jan. 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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now you kewgs should be even more scared, if utah was recruiting him, he would have easily come to utah due to a real defense that dominates everyone easily. This was your one chance to have a player worth talking about on possibly the worst defense in the nation. You did start out well last season but your last 8 games were as pitiful as any D1 school has seen. Sorry about not getting Te'o, but you don't deserve a player as good as him. Count yourself lucky Utah didn't want him

No Surprise

Te'o isn't BYU's first 5-star snub, and he won't be the last. Perhaps one day, a big recruit might sign with the Y, but I never hold my breath with them. The allure of the siren's song is too strong at the big programs. It takes a special young person to see past the glitz that is the BCS.

Mormon athletes who attend USC never seem to find their way to the mission field. I hope Te'o fares better than his predecessors, if that is his choice.


Anonymous...are you serious? You trying to say that Utah didn't try and recruit Teo? If they didn't they would be stupid. Sorry, but Utah lost on this one too, just a lot earlier than BYU.

To Anonymous 12:50 a.m.

Utah did recruit Te'o and would have given their eye teeth for him. Te'o didn't give the Utes the time of day.

To say that Utah didn't want him is like saying they wouldn't have wanted Michael Jordan in basketball simply because Jordan didn't even consider you.

You are awfully full of yourselves.

Note that Utah...

was never in the running. The word is out that Utah spent all its capital on a one-time flash in the pan. Now the coaches and players have all flown the coop.

Re: Anonymous

You Yoot fans are hilarious. Te'o never even showed the slightest bit of interest in Utah and it's even less likely he would have chosen to play there.

Aesop wrote a fable about a fox and grapes; you should read it sometime. They still teach the Classics at Utah, don't they?


BYU should count itself lucky Utah didn't want Te'o? If the person who wrote that thinks for the briefest of moments that Coach Whittingham and his staff would not take Te'o, he's NUTS! There isn't a head coach in the country who would not offer Te'o if he thought there was a chance Te'o would accept.

I've said it before

why would anybody want to play for byu? Their fans throw you under the bus faster than any other team in the nation. Just ask Max Hall or Lee Cummard.

Bear Laker

Manti would have been a nice get, but one player does not a team make. BTW all you yewts, he never put your team on the list. BYU has a fine class coming in and will fare well next year.

byu recruiting

This is a serious blow to byu's program. They have been getting slower and lacking athleticism more and more each year as bronco gets his guys in and crowtons out. Near losses to csu, unlv, and new mex, as well as the embarrasing displays against tcu and utah, proved this point that byu is getting too slow to compete. As a byu fan, I have lost my faith in bronco and his list of priorities. Could he not place "speed" on that list somewhere?


I doubt Te'o will read this commentary but, he could star and play for four years at BYU. At USC he may never get a chance. I hope he does well at the other school and represents himself and his family well.

re: anonymous

you are a fool if you think Utah did not want him. And if they did not want him then Witt is a bigger fool than you are!

Jim Mora

I'm not sure if this story is accurate I mean Dick Harmon put his chances of signing at BYU of 80%. Nothing Harmon puts in print is never wrong. Maybe it's time to start writing about things that happen on the golf course again.

Wow, genius!!

Wow those are two of the most ridiculous comments. First, it is "No Surprise" that he didn't come to BYU AFTER he says he's not coming to BYU. That's prophetic! Also, I'm sure that Utah snubbed him. I think Kyle has a great recruiting plan; when he initially snubs all 5 star recruits. I bet Kyle feels very lucky he wasn't on a 5 star recruits list of choices(sarcasm). Come on guys let's try and say something smart, and possibly insightful, BEFORE it actually goes down.

To Anonymous

I'm a Utah Fan but for Anonymous to say we didn't want Te'o is STUPID. Te'o wasn't interested in Utah not the other way around. Utah is great at finding hidden gems or diamonds in the ruff. We don't get 5 star athletes we get 3 three star and make them 5 star. In other words don't make Utah Fans sound ignorant. Aiono is an welcome exception.


For those who look for errors, my last line should have read "rather than hope."


Okay Cougs - let's not focus on whether or not Teo considered Utah or start criticizing him for his decision. The fact is that this is a bummer. He could have made a huge impact on the defense right away. BYU is an LDS all-star team that unfortunately does not always get the best LDS players.

I do agree with Manti in that, if he really wants to, he can make a bigger impact for the Church as the lone (or one of a few) LDS superstar than one of the 98% at BYU. Even though Ben Olson never lived up to the hype, he generated A LOT of very positive articles about the Church and his mission service in the LA media. He would have just been "preaching to the choir" in Provo.

Teo can be a huge example for the Church at USC - which is where I'd put my money he will end up. I'd love to see all the very best LDS athletes go to the Y but it just isn't happening and hasn't for several years for some reason. Good luck Teo! Take this chance to be a great example!


Look folks, BYU is recruiting a very specific type of recruit. BYU cannot and will not change its recruiting philosophy. Once in a rare while a 4-5 star recruit fits BYU's recruiting mold. Teo was one of those players and, like most of the recent LDS 4-5 star recruits, he chose to go elsewhere.

I think the pull for the very best to play against the very best week in and week out is just stronger right now than what BYU has to offer. The fact is that at Utah players can get everything LDS oriented that they could at BYU plus live a balanced life. At USC and UCLA they also have a nice institute program and strong LDS presence in the community and fan base.

It just isn't a choice anymore between the Church and a top program. Top LDS players can get the Church at a top program and actually get the satisfaction that they have the chance to be even more of an example for the Church if they choose to be.

I just don't see this trend ending folks - we have to succeed with tier-2 LDS athletes.


Who would you want to be coached by Ken Norton or whoever is at BYU. USC has a tradition of great linebackers in college and especially in the NFL. They also have a tradition of great Samoan linebackers from Jr. Seau, Lofa Tatupu, Kaluku Miava, and Rey Maualuga. For the first time Pete Carroll will be holding scholarships for LDS players so that is good missionary work to.

Let ute fans talk...

Let Ute fans talk all they want this year.. They know as well as cougar fans, that they lost numerous people(coaches and players) so therfore they know they need to get there trash talk in now because next year starts a new era of domination for the cougars.

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