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He finds they negatively influence relationships

Published: Saturday, Jan. 24 2009 12:26 a.m. MST

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@Emily Joe:

Such as Drinking, or Bowling or Fishing?

Just because you yourself do not approve of something does not automatically make it a bad thing, I'm not a big fan of Video Games either to be honest, but that doesn't mean I can't respect the people who choose to use it as a past-time just like any other past-time. I am sure there were people who told Rembrandt that Painting was a pointless pastime, or told Beethoven that sitting indoors composing Music was a waste of time and that he should be doing something more 'wholesome' with his life.

Judging people by our own standards and opinions is one of the most restricting and selfish things we can do, yet people seem incredibly eager to do it.

As mentioned earlier, does that still mean that the studies that found Elvis promoted promiscuity in teens are valid, and that we should, therefore, put restrictions on who is 'capable' of listening to them?

Of course the results of studies change with time, that's what science is all about.

Sally Sue

This is the first time I have added a comment on any
subject. It seems that the point of the study was to see what effect video games had on 813 students. The conclusion was that games have a negative affect on relationships. The same could be said for TV and movies.

Is it just one more thing to study. In my opinion any type of medium whether it be music, the spoken word, or video, if it puts out negative information then that is what the brain will take in and one will naturally react to it negatively.

Next time you watch or listen to something negative listen to the self-talk that goes on after. The brain will let you know how it feels about what has just been viewed. It is a universal law.

E. Zachary Knight


You mean like watching tv or reading a book. Neither of those activities are any more social than playing a video game.


The results in this study could just as well be applied to any recreational activity that demands one's full time and attention.
Perhaps it is the sedate nature of gaming that gives it such a bad wrap.
The question is, can a video gamer have healthy relationships with friends and family?
Of course they can! Some may have to cut back on their playing time, but why target the video game itself?
That's like blaming guns for killing people.
(maybe that's not the appropriate analogy in this case.)

statistics 101

correlation is not causation

Bill Jenkins

I know many young people who have terrible relationships with their family and there isn't a video game system in the house. Well, there was a PS2 that was used to play DVD's but these people had no games. They also did not have cable TV and rarely watched the DVD player.

It is about how you make it work. And comparing it to cult-like mormon behavior that is designed to brainwash the youth is probably going to show video games to be terrible.

Video games are the devil. Right? Beat feet.

Sar Casam

Sure I can accept the results, video games and marajuana are related therefore video games cause drug use. Hey! Marajuana and munchies are related too, therefore Dorittos, cheetos and mini pizzas cause drug use!!!! I love the new scientific method.


Why were only unmarried people used in the study???


In my opinion, the effect of excessive video-game exposure is obvious. Society has come to accept that they and those around them are checked-out to the point that most people don't even think twice about playing violent video games. It's a sad thing and I feel bad for all of the previous commentators who find nothing wrong with violent video games or even non-violent games in excess.


With all deference to the study, as has been noted, causation and correlation are different. My experience suggests that video games are an escape mechanism, symptomatic of a poor social environment. I would encourage another study to determine whether playing multiplayer games, with their artificially-created social environment helps players to adjust to real-world environments better than their peers playing solitary games, or no games at all. But that would require at least six groups, several years, and good deal of funding.

Amen to "Mother of Sons"

I've seen the exact same thing with my brother. I would never say this to him, but he is a loser. He hasn't gotten anywhere in his 33 years (except for beating games) I think he is FINALLY beginning to understand this, but he has already wasted so much time.

I know gamers love to defend their addiction, but the truth is they are missing out on real life because so much of their free time is WASTED on video games.

(Cue gamers to defend their addiction and try to convince us that "wonderful" things come from gaming.)


I'm so ashamed at everyone at the comments section It is stupid to play Video games 24 Hrs a day but you people (both non-gamers and gamers) are LOSERS, You people treat video games like the Civil war (I'm sorry to the author of this article) but I'm fed up with the video game war (Non gamers better grow up here your're acting like children)

Russell Carroll

I'm curious at how the defense "other things are just as bad" is a good defense. Doesn't that indicate an agreement of the problem.

Regardless I think of it in terms of influence. Some things are more positive influences than others. Influences do exactly that. They influence. They don't choose someone's actions, but they can impact what actions happen.

It's sad that video games haven't worked to make themselves a more positive influence. There are movies and books that influence people to do things that positively impact the world around them. Until the same is routinely said of video games, video games deserve additional scrutiny. How are they influencing society is a very valid question regardless of what it is aimed at.

...and when the influence is negative (like smoking for example) the public should be made aware of that fact.

I make video games for a living and I really think the industry needs to take a more serious look at the influence video games have instead of categorically dismissing it.


First, surveys are the least reliable of all research methods. I'll take quantitative analysis over qualitative any day of the week.

That people with low self-esteem, and poor relationships would be drawn to the escapism of video games is common sense, not brilliant scientific research. People who don't like their life are more likely to want to escape from it than those who are already happy.

Chicken and the egg my friends.

And poor, poor Jack T...still tilting at windmills I see...


The same exact opinions here can be said about doing too much of anything excessively. This "researcher" (and I use that term lightly considering how narrow the study was) has an agenda, just like Jack Thompson and all those others who criticized comic books, rock n roll, TV, and rap music. Stop giving these people attention.


If J.D Thompson uses this to his advantage, we all know it's doomed to fail.


@Amen 2:41pm

Why would I bother defending myself to you, you've already got us tagged and bagged as far as you are concerned, arguing my point with you would be like talking to a brick wall, and just as pointless.

If people want to debate the facts, fine, if people are going to regurgitate their own prejudices, one way or the other, then there's no point starting a dialogue, is there?

Though, I will point out that even clinics that are dedicated to gaming addiction are admitting that it is rarely gaming alone that is the problem, there are usually underlying social factors. Take a look at Keith Bakker, founder of the Video Game Addiction Clinic, and see what he has to say, I cannot post a link because of posting rules.


First of all Amen, lots of wonderful things can come from gaming.You seem to assume that because we play video games, were automatically wasting out time.However, many of us are capable of gaming in moderation and not succumb to addiction.

Grow up,and get your head out of your but.Video games give people entertainment and fond memories, in the exact same way that a book or a movie can. You need to get over your prejudice and realize that gamers are everywere, and can be just as successful as those who condemn our hobby.

Jamie A.

Although the topic of video games stimulates much debate (as seen through nearly every comment), the point is that this research supports previous evidence concerning the negative effects of video games. Those who have questions or criticisms are typically those who are uneducated as to the full research that has been performed. Don't be so quick to judge when you don't know all the details. The students and the teachers are both educated and extremely knowledgeable about this area of specialty. I know both the teacher and Alex, and this research took much time and effort from a college student. Why not praise someone for their accomplishments instead of being so critical? If you are so upset about the study, go work on your own research and prove us all wrong.


@Jamie A.
The studies linking "the negative effects of video games" are flimsy and limited at best; if you'd ever played something like DDR or Rock Band, you'd know that video games can be fun AND physically demanding, and with GTA and Gears of War, you'd know that games aren't just for kids anymore.

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