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Historic event filled with examples of hope, unity, graciousness, they say

Published: Thursday, Jan. 22 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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The graciousness of these leaders toward our new president is striking. God bless them and Obama both.


I, too, agree that we should unite behind our new president and pray for him. He has enormous problems to solve--some caused by the greed and deceit of some government and business leaders and some caused by the greed and deceit of some Americans. But most Americans are good, hard-working and caring people. If we work together, hopefully we can climb out of this horrible economic crisis, a terrible war, and a man-made catastophe of people losing homes, jobs, and health care. May God bless bless our country and its new leader, that we can become a beacon of light and liberty to the world and not a symbol of abuse and corruption.

Cougar Blue

Thanks for those observations, Brethren. I truly feel that the Lord is giving us a new opportunity to heal the many schisms that exist in our country. I pray for Barak continually.


While many of us in Utah did not vote for our new president, I am sure I am not the only one who felt proud as our nation continued to carry the torch and show the world that peaceful transfers of power are something to celebrate,to aspire to, to demand. Democracy in its many forms will always be the hope of all those oppressed in so many foreign lands. Like many of you, I will pray for our new president, and his administration. This is a great nation, and will continue to be so, as long as we revere and worship the Lord of its creation. I hope and pray the new president holds fast to all the ideals of our founding fathers and continues to show the world why our land is so great! Land of the free, and home of the brave! God Bless You, President Obama, in your righteous desires for this nation!

LDS Welcome

The ironic truth is, the LDS Church may be more welcome among liberal democrats than conservative Republicans and Evangelicals. Go chew on that for a while...

Pale Bear

In case you aren't up on the recent Prop 8 news, the Church doesn't do things just to be politically correct.

Even though President Obama's ideals are different in many ways from the Church's doctrine doesn't mean the leaders shouldn't call for support. Members of the Church believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates. Just because there isn't always agreement between the two doesn't call for a lack of civility on the part of either.

I believe the Church will continue to take stands on issues that affect the moral integrity of the people whether it is politically correct or not. And I believe that the leaders will sincerely pray for Obama to be a good president and do a good job in leading the nation. Those are not mutually exclusive commitments.

Willing to give Obama a chance

Obama is against everything the church supports? Apparantly your "everything" includes just a couple of high-profile topics and not the dozens or hundreds of areas where his principles coincide quite well with the church. While a lot of his support may come from an emotional draw, I encourage you to make the most out of these similarities because he'll be your president for at least the next 4 years.


LDS Welcome | 2:50 p.m. Jan. 21, 2009
The ironic truth is, the LDS Church may be more welcome among liberal democrats than conservative Republicans and Evangelicals. Go chew on that for a while.

You hit the nail on the head.


You have got to be kidding me Mr. Rout. By now means has Obama said anything that goes against Church policy. And for you to say that the Democrats are the ones who run on emotion then I really think you should take a look at your own party.

goes against what???

Obama does not go against the teachings of the LDS Church. From what I understand about the church, it teaches its people to love one another, no matter race, color, religion or sexual preference. The LDS Church that I know teaches service to others. See obama wants everyone to give service to others when Bush taught us to shop in our time of need. Obama is not divisive like Bush was. He knows what it is like to grow up without. Unlike Bush, who went to private schools.

I will do as the lord commands

I have written things against our President.

If church leaders feel we should follow this man,
and pray for him.

I have now repented and will follow his leadership.


There are 2 Church doctrines here:
1. Standing up for what's right
2. Being subject to presidents

They are paradoxical, meaning they appear to conflict, but nevertheless do not conflict.

Joe W.

I believe the LDS Church leaders, as they should, support the President of the United States as best they possibly can. Pres. Uchtdorf is a man of great integrity and expressed his spiritual emotions in a great way ~ and it was impressive to note how President Obama returned that support.

Clearly there are differences ~ but the beauty of the American system is to be able to live together in love and harmony as we work on those differences.


Now you've got me all confused. Were the Church Leaders "inspired" by the inauguration, or did they feel "deep emotion" at the inauguration?

Why are DN writers trying to find multiple ways to say the same thing: LDS Leaders attended the inauguration.

So what? Quit re-mixing it to create more headlines! It is really starting to annoy me!


Brothers and Sisters,
Parties and politics aside. I think now (as always) is a great time to support our new administration in the things we can support. Disagree and debate the issues we need to debate. The fact you disagree does not mean you can't support. Although he was not my choice for President does not diminish my willingness to pray for guidance for him and his administration. People deemed the most wicked of men have been changed in the blink of an eye. I'm hoping for some change in some of his philosophies in hopes of a stronger America. My greater concern is this country's willingness to change where we have failed. Now is a testing time for them as well as our new President.

Obama watcher

I just read (Pres.) Obama's official position on abortion. Now compare his position with I Cor.6:19-20. Add to that the following quote "abortion is the most damnable heresy in the world today". (Spencer W. Kimball)


The truth be told, If the LDS Church were a voting individual they would be a Democrat. Look at the relief aid, the welfare system, Education and the care of the elderly and less fortunate. Throw out individual/non-political and personal choices like abortion and they are much closer to being Democrat that the corporate relief GOP.


After reading these silly posts day after day it is clear that religion muddles human thinking. Reality and logic are waiting for you..

FYI Wayne and Obama Watcher

God is not a Democrat. God is not a Republican. There is plenty of good to be found by LDS church members in both parties.

voice of wisdom & perspective

I am now old enough to say that I have witnessed many transitions of power in the US presidency, and when it is from one party to the other, there is always a fear from about half the nation that things will be catastrophic. Well, there is some good in what each president has done, and there is always plenty to criticize, too. I have learned by this point in my life that if we continue to pray for our president's wisdom, and even revelation, and we remain vigilant about issues that counter our faith and moral standards, things will turn out OK, and before you know it, it will be time to elect someone else, or re-elect the current president, if the majority of American voters have concluded that his good points still outweigh his bad performance. Keep your blood pressure under control, folks. I did not vote for Obama, but I certainly know the importance of prayerfully supporting him as our elected leader, similarly to what we do in our church meetings when we sustain a new ecclesiastical leader, with all his/her human frailties. Give people a chance, for heaven's sake. Time heals everything!

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