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University of Utah gymnastics team falls on the road to Georgia

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 20 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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It is not a sport if you have to sit down and wait for someone else to decide if you get any points.

It is called a dance competition.

It takes incredible skill, but in th end your fate is in the hands of someone else who may or may not like what you do.

how depressing to have to ask after everything you do: Did you like it? Do I get any points?

This puts gymnastics in the same category as cheerleading competitions and dance squad competitions.


HA HA!!! I enjoy nothing more than seeing a Ute team lose.

Re: Huh?

You have a good point: objective-based sports tend to be easier to watch (and even like) than are subjective-based sports.

Gymnastics may not be a sport in your mind, but it is an athletic competition. Other sports that are subjective include figure skating, snowboarding (half pipe), diving, and freestyle skiing (such as aerial acrobatics), just to name a few. I understand some people wouldn't consider these "sports" because of their subjective nature.

While sports like football and basketball are often more objective, they still have very subjective components (such as penalties). How subjective can pass interference be sometimes? What about charging? How much time is used in football to review plays to see if a player was down before the ball came loose? What about the level of accuracy used to determine a 1st down? What about the almighty BCS (who can't even pin down a national champion without a mutiny)? If that isn't subjective, I don't know what is!!!

My point is that sports should be valued for the skill level required to compete, not their scoring structure.


With Football you're also at the mercy on whether a referee is going to make a good all--so the "fate is in the hands of someone else." This is especially true with pass interference calls. Curtis didn't get the call against the Cards, etc.

Gymnasts are amazing athletes that have worked all their lives for the moment of competing in a college meet. That's not true of cheerleaders or dance squads.

Even if you don't like the judging, that doesn't make it a non-sport.

I think "huh?'s" take is conceited.


I don't like gymnastics, they are very boring but I know many who do. It is a sport "subjective" that will never go above the college level(olympics are mostly children anyhow except for the mens). Heck most colleges don't even carry the program, only those that have done well for years like Utah or schools that have a lot of money to waste. Has anyone ever seen a crowd at a University meet? Definetly a waste of money.

Re: Anon

Glad you could finally be happy...we recognize that it's been some time since you were treated to such an outcome.


Duh...do your research. Some of the womens gymnastic meets at the U of U get more people attending than the basket ball team. You sound like an idiot. And those girls are hot, so I'm totally for it! Lol. Go Utes!

P.S...to anonymous: go troll the BYU boards or something. Or get a girlfriend. You're negativity isn't wanted here. (Not sayin he's a BYU fan, cause most of them have enough class not to say something retarded like that).


Duh...you've appropriately named yourself. Maybe YOU should go to a Utah meet and be among the 14,000 others there with you.

Re: Duh

I don't like snowboarding, diving, or freestyle skiing--they are very boring. It is a sport "subjective" that will never appear at the college level(the Olympics are mostly children anyhow). Heck, most colleges don't even carry these programs. Definitely a waste of money.

John Lambert

Losing never looked so good!


those "little" gymnasts are in better condition than MOST professional baseball players, golfers, and many football players. I have run several marathons and still can't quite touch my toes...I have a lot of respect for anyone that can fold themselves in half while spinning in the air. I totally agree with the 10:22 poster as well.

Trampolining on the other hand....should maybe not be an "event" in the Olympics.

Utes lose

Love it when the utes lose. Good job Georgia.

So many zoobs

commenting on a Utah article. Jealous that the Red Rocks invariably whip the coogs behinds every year.

Hang in there....

girls. You are still in the top 5 in my book. Go Utes......


Love when the underdog wins!

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