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Published: Saturday, Jan. 17 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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oh brother. A parade? For coming in second place? What values are we teaching our children?


RE:dogie, the Utes were unbeaten and Sugar Bowl Champs. That's reason to celebrate (parade). As for finishing second. That's all voting. Why wait for voters who don't pay close attention to decide who's champion and who should throw parades.


Oh was that yesterday? Gee I was busy doing other important things that were worth more of my attention. I was spending time with my husband and we were watching the Discovery Channel.

The game that keeps on giving

Just wait until what you see what they have planned next month.

March will be a special celebration.

April looks big.

May will be huge.

June will be special.July will remember the special ones.

July will be the most cxpensive celebration of them all.

August will be boffo.

September will leave you laughing, crying and yet thinking.

During football season each halftime will be a presentation of the many national trophies they were presented. Crackerjack, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Carl's Jr. are a few of the sponsors.

2010 is when the Utah fans are waiting to really celebrate this the greatest team in Utah history (#2 in the nation).

Shurtluff, Decker, plan a ceremoy per week. People from Pioneer will be payed as actors to replicate the game every weekend throughout the summer (Which will work well, because many of the actors played football at the U of U, culmination on December 25, no longet know in Utah as Christmas, but Ute-Mas, where by legend, Kyle enters each house and sprinkles Sugar in each child's cereal.

Then the made for TV movie.

What a honor for the team from Utah, 2nd place in the whole-wide country...

Sorry, I was just gushing...


Who cares about freaking rankings? This team went out and beat every team on its schedule. No other team in America can say that. That is what is really being celebrated. Not some ranking that is based upon the biased opinions of those who are against us. I really am starting to wonder why they hate us so much. All we do is continue to do it on the field year after year when no one says that we can. How the hell can you say we came in second place when we didn't lose to ANYBODY? To me, there is not and has never been a national champion in Major College Football. Until a playoff system is put into place, nobody can claim this to be false. The "non-BCS" stigma is the only reason did not get their chance to be the real National Champion. A playoff system would solve this problem.


what kind of comment is that? Who says they came in second? They had a tremendous football year. Kudos to them. The Utes deserve all the honor they are getting. Unfortunately, the one honor they deserve the most, the #1 ranking, they won't get. All this coming from a BYU fan. I think it's great. Love those Utah Utes.

K. Winert

I want to offer my congratulations to the team. It was a great win over Alabama and a great season. You really deserved t be #1 and you deserve the parade and any other kudos you receive. BTW, this is coming from a huge Cougar fan.

Proud Utah Alum


I guess the only values you think we should teach our kids is the only accomplishment worth celebrating is if there is no one in front of you? It's not as if this was some of sort of protest parade, but a parade honoring the only undefeated team in the FBS and the Sugar Bowl champions. The Utes second place finish was not a result of a loss, but rather a system that doesn't quite work like it promised it would. So, if you have issue with a parade, that's fine, but don't take some moral high ground that doesn't exist when you are worried about the values it teaches your kid. The only thing that is clear hear is that you think winner take all is value, that isn't quite right in my opinion.

To Dogie:

I know for my family and I, Utah and BYU fans alike, the Utes gave us something to cheer about during a time when there isn't a whole lot of good news. The team not only played with tremendous heart and talent, but they represented the state of Utah with class and grace. Truly a team of great character.

You don't have to enjoy the moment, but don't criticize the rest who have chosen to celebrate. This season will live on as the greatest college football season in Utah, to date.

How about putting a smile on your face and just enjoying the moment.


BYU Fans: Please get out your journal and enter this one as something the cougar-ettes will never achieve.


Dougie, get a life, will ya? I am pleased that Ute fans everywhere love their team and applaud their accomplishment. Lets have some fun and be happy for awhile.

Wiley Old School

We're teaching our children that hard work and accomplishment can and should be celebrated from time to time.

But I guess that's a bad message to teach. When your kid is named as salutotorian instead of valedictorian, I'm sure it will do them good to hear from you that such a trivial accomplishment is not worthy of acknowledgement.

Olympic athletes earning silver medals should just toss their medals in the trash. Certainly home towns and media of such athletes shouldn't promote mediocrity by recognizing these athletes. All that fuss about Dana Torres was certainly embarassing.

Oh yeah, and Avis should just cease operations.

Dogie, please let us know how to get in touch with you so that we can invite you to bring your wonderful message and your personal example of outstanding accomplishment to our young people.


Are you for real, Dogie? I am a Cougar fan, as blue as they come, but I salute the Utes for accomplishing what they did this year. It isn't about celebrating being #2, though they have every reason to do so. The system stinks, but that isn't Utah's fault. A total team effort is required to be undefeated - no one else in the whole country did it every single week! There are so many good values that can be gleaned from what they did. I feel sorry for anyone who can't find any values to teach their children from what the Utes did.

Give me a break

A parade. What's next a holiday? Oh wait they did that as well. Maybe it should be a national holiday. We could call it - National Overreaction Day. News flash people - the Utes didn't win a national championship and acting like it doesn't make it so. They had a great season but this is getting reduculous. Maybe Utah should change their names to the Wannabe's.


What values are "we" teaching our children? I was at the parade with my two young daughters and wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. We were there celebrating an amazing season with our Ute football team. What an awesome accomplishment to beat mighty Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and also trounce Dogie's team (48-24) along the way. Hopefully when you say "we", Dogie, that didnt include you. Don't try to rain on our parade with tears from your team's broken dreams.

RE: Dogie

From Vegas Ute:

Its OK to celebrate overcoming all obstacles put in your path.

Its OK to share in a sense of community.

Its OK to acknowledge hard work, and the result of it.

Its OK to congratulate a high level of achievement.

Its OK to recognize that sometimes that its the willingness to struggle against all odds that counts.

Its OK to say: Thanks for memory.

Its OK to revel in having done what none of your peers can say they have done.

Its OK to congratulate those who you compete against (sportsmanship).

It's OK to say: "Nothing is impossible".

It's OK to take joy in the journey, when the destination is not attainable.

Its all good!

Teach correct principles. They are the pillars that values rest upon.

Dogie: This comment is the only bone I can give you,
chew well!

Dogie-Open Your Eyes

They are the only undefeated team in the country! By merit and play they are #1. I know that just hurts for a Cougar fan like yourself. BYU will never do what Utah just did. The 1984 team was such a fluke and uncomfortable for its lack of merit in who BYU beat (4th place team in Big Ten) that the conspirators created the BCS.


Wow I love the way the city had put on this "party" for the Utes "studs". I hope the band lead the way. Cause in reality it's the band that keeps the fans going - other wise all these football games and b-ball games would be very boring. It's still a shame that the U felt they couldn't help the band in any way to go to the inaugeration. I hope Huntsman and Shurtleff opened up their pockets and helped them, like I'm sure they did with this parade.

Re: Dog Pile

The Utes are winners! You are just a little bitter.

Congratulations to Utah and all non BCS teams!

The Utes demonstrated that they can beat anyone throughout the entire season not just during their bowl roll!...

One can't wait until they extend the bowl winning streak even further. Our season tickets are already banked.

Second Place?

The only reason why you(Dogie) think this team came in second place is because you really do think that a 13-0 season is worse than a 13-1 season. When you are undefeated you are only considered to be in second place when you lose hence the New England Patriots.

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