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Parade marks U.'s 13-0 season, Sugar Bowl win

Published: Saturday, Jan. 17 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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After the thumping of Alabama no one refers to Utah a Bo Diddly Tech.

Utah has gained respect on the national stage by beating good teams. No Bo Diddly Techs here.

Re: Ute Man

The first game you played was against the same Bo-Diddly Tech that BYU played in 1984, except it was against a bunch of freshman. So don't knock the '84 cougars too much it just makes you look bad.

Re: re: Utah Man

Different years, different teams. And while the '84 win over Michigan was among the best wins for that team, the win over Michigan for Utah ranked only about 7th, one spot ahead of beating byU.

Big Smile

I attended the parade and it was very cool. I was a little worried that there might be a small turnout being on a weekday at 3PM, but I was very impressed. Both sides of state street were lined 4-5 people deep for four blocks. I got Sakoda to sign my ball hat and it will be a nice little momento of this season. Thanks to the Coug fans that are giving us props. Although I'll always cheer for the Utes in a heads up, I like to see BYU win their non-conference games. Utah will be competing for the conference title next year, but I hope the OC situation works out alright. Can't wait till next year. Go Utes!

L. Wayne

Why would the University of Utah football team even consider playing the 2nd or 3rd ranked college team in the country?


The Utes were perfect. They represented the school and the state very well. As a full blooded Ute I hold no great love for the TDS - but, in the first game of the 2009 season I will be cheering for the boys down south - please whoop Oklahoma - real football fans (with 1/2 a brain) support their school first, then they support the conference.


BYU fans

just keep showing envy because big blue has done nothing noteworthy in sports in at least 20 years...your envy is annoying

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