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Published: Thursday, Jan. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I find it interesting that so many people on this thread are saying that the man shouldn't of had a round chambered in the gun. Of course there is a round in the gun. If your being assaulted you aren't just going to be able to say "hold on just a second I need to load my gun so I can protect myself." NO that ain't going to work If the gun went off there must have been a mechanical mistake. Nobody was hurt anyways so there is no reason to make a big deal.

Still against concealed carrying

I'd rather that nobody had to feel the need to carry a gun around. But since people apparently do, I say again that anybody who is going to carry a gun should be required to carry it VISIBLY. Never hidden.

I have a healthy fear of guns -- because I do know how to use them safely, and also how easy it is for deadly accidents to happen. This guy is lucky he isn't dead.

If people are going to be carrying guns around, I say it should be a requirement that the gun be visible, not concealed.

To Anonymous 5:55

I know a number of very sane and intelligent people who have concealed carry permits, some of them pillars of the community (not in Utah - if that matters to some). Most don't carry regularly, only in circumstances when it makes sense.

You obviously have a tendency to jump to conclusions, have an irrational fear of guns, and have a vivid imagination of the unlikely.

You scare me more than the man in the story. Maybe you need an evaluation?


I heard of blowing up the toilet! but this is a little to literal for me.


Re: Still against concealed carrying

You said: should be required to carry it VISIBLY. Never hidden.

UMMM, That would not be too brilliant, because then it would make it easy for some crazed, wacko nut to confiscate the gun from you.

Alan T.

Owners of firearms have a great responsibility, and those who carry them concealed have even greater responsibility. One of those people making a serious mistake doesn't make it wrong, crazy, or paranoid for the rest of us to do so responsibly. For some, the act of going about in society being completely unarmed, and thus disadvantaged when it comes to preventing violent crime, is just as if not more irresponsible. I don't consider policeman to be hired henchmen that I pay to do the rough and dirty work - preventing crime and promoting lawful behavior is a burden which belongs to every responsible citizen; policeman are here to help, and just spend more time at it than the rest of us do. The man whose weapon discharged in the restaurant was *lucky* that the toilet and his arm were the only real casualties - but it defies logic to try to make this mean that firearms are bad, and concealed weapon permit holders are paranoid vigilantes, etc. Making a claim like that says more about *you* than the subject of your rant.


Ok first off, every state in the union has firearm carring citizens, legal or not is another story, how about cops being tased or shot by their partner, or even better a chief shooting himself last year. This kind of thing happens in every state, every day. It's old news, how about the stories of citizens who carry legally, doing good and preventing a crime. Don't hear anything negative about that do we!

protect your rights

CCW holders need to protect us from marauding loons like "what is my political affiliation." Maybe next we should take away your right to make stupid statements.


I've read all the comments, and just like any topic, everyone has an opinion. I carry a Kahr PM9 and have a CHL in the state of Texas. This story has some humor to it due to the man being in a restroom, but I'm thankful that nobody was seriously hurt. Truth is this young man made a mistake and he was not honest with the police about what happened. The Kahr will only fire if the trigger is intentionally pulled. The design features an internal striker block and Kahr's have passed every drop test mandated on them. A Kahr is a safe firearm to carry for personal defense. I'm shocked the police took his word on what happened and blamed the hardware over user error. In most cases of accidental discharges, the error is human, not hardware.

Gun Nut Logic

Of course guns don't go off when you drop them!

Guns are subject to the most rigorous consumer product safety standards imagina...

...oh wait...

...that's right...

...guns are basically the only consumer product in America NOT regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Thanks NRA!

Guns do NOT kill people

I always carry 'Condition 1'. Carrying without a round in the chamber is as good as leaving your weapon at home. Do you think a mugger will wait for you to draw, remove safety, rack slide, and fire?

IF the weapon has an external safety, I will leave it Condition 1, but never 'red'. Safety off. However my favorite concealed weapons have no manual safety, and are always Condition 1. If someone is trying to kill me or my family, I draw + pull trigger. Making it anymore complicated than that is asking for trouble.

Also, most modern autoloaders have a Drop Safety, including Kahrs. I highly doubt this happened as reported in the story. Barring a defective weapon, the firing pin should be stationary, even during a dramatic drop, until the trigger is pulled.

To: Anonymous, Jan 17th

Im still not understanding why we are weirdos. We are law abiding people just like any other person. Because we want to protect ourselves and our families we are considered weird. I will never understand that one. You are the U.S. citizen that wants everything given to to them. The same person who is ready to sue another citizen because the coffee was hot and they didn't know. This country is coming apart at the seams because of people like you who will just sit and watch this country waste away and blame everybody else. I hope for your sake you don't have a situation where you wish you had a firearm to protect yourself or your family.

Idaho Guy

Gun problems occure most often with guns not properly secured (gunsafe - proper holster). A $600.00 firearm and a $20.00 holster does not cut it. Alot of problems could be solved by a quality gunsafe and a quility holster. The gun should have never ben allowed to fall. Enough on the subject.


I hope they nailed the jerk to the wall. There's no such thing as an accident with a gun. Concealed Carry Licenses are all about taking responsibility for your safety and NEVER even by negligence, endangering your neighbors.

And a Kahr doesn't go off on impact. He's lying about that. He fumbled the re-holster or was playing with the darned thing. He needs to lose his license for either one.


I think this story could most certainly be used in supporting an anti-gun campaign. Even though no one was seriously hurt and the man had the gun legally things could have been a lot worse.


I have drop tested Kahr PM40s several times in a facility designed for such tests and they have NEVER discharged except when the trigger is pulled. Glocks have never accidentally discharged, either. Not true of one or two other makes.


Dave writes

"Has he never heard of the safety catch? If this guy is so irresponsible as to allow an accident like this to happen, his concealed weapon permit should be revoked."

DAO pistols like the Kahr do not have "safety catches" or any externally mounted, mechanical positive safety device. They do have striker blocks and other safety features, however.


"Having a concealed carry permit is one thing. Having a round chambered and ready to fire in the restroom of a fast food joint is unacceptable. I support the NRA and the right to carry, but come on, this guy could of killed somebody due to his carelessness. Who needs to have a round chambered and ready to fire???"

Answer ... anyone who carries for self-defense. Having to chamber a round can easily cost you your life when attacked. As was stated, the cops carry with a round chambered for the same reason.

The reality is that well over 2 million defensive handgun uses occur in this country each year. The number of accidental shootings pales in comparison to the number of lives saved by defensive use of handguns by law-abiding citizens who legally carry.
In fact, the police are seldom present when innocents are attacked by violent criminals and those would-be victims need to be responsible for protecting themselves. The police, according to many court rulings are under no obligation to protect you. The invariably arrive after the fact and end up drawing a chalk outline around the victim's body. Not a desirable outcome.

Mike Heath

Agree that quality guns like this one are drop proof as designed, and that the story is incomplete. Also amazed once again at the invective and hateful tone of people who have never survived or been exposed to deadly violence, and don't know what they are talking about. Truly, they are the ones who are frightening.


So according to my research (having never actually held the kahr P40) it is a double action gun, so even if it had been dropped the hammer wouldn't have been back, so it couldn't have been fired. I have experience with the kel-tec P3AT which is a similar gun. This gun is designed to be a long, hard trigger pull as the "safety" so it doesn't actually have a safety switch. I still don't see how this particular gun could have fired while dropped, I believe that even with a round chambered this gun is still double action because that is it's so called safety. (at least this is how it is with the kel-tec)

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