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Published: Thursday, Jan. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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It must have been one of those low flow toilets...

Accidents happen

My advice: Quit taking pot-shots at the poor guy. Pot...shots.

I'm coming to get you

I'm sure this guy is now having bad toilet nightmares. NO, NO! NO! NO! I didn't mean to shoot you!

Toilet Ghosts are the worst. Watch for the haunting of the over flowing toilet bowl, he's coming to get you.


let me get this right ... as for the female employee who was shaken and panicked and experiencing chest pains ... would that qualify as an on the job accident??? lol
peace, mTw


the people calling the guy an idiot for having a round loaded in the chamber are idiots. so when the guy needs his gun because his life is in danger, is he going to stop the criminal and ask if he'll wait to let him chamber a round before attacking? if you carry a gun for protection, it has to be ready instantly. you may not have time to chamber a round.

Alex Trebek

Sounds fishy. From what I gathered from all of you "experts" it's not likely his gun would've gone off from a 3 foot drop. Maybe he was going to rob the place and accidentally fired off a round into the toilet. I hope he flushed first, because that mess would've been yucky...


I feel vindicated reading about this incident. Now people may believe me and my explanations for a certain incident in a men's room. I this gentleman had been using a "wide stance" as I do. This whole unfortunate incident might have been avoided.

L. Craig


Wow! This mental midget cooked up QUITE the "story" to tell the POleece how he came to kill the commode.
I for one do not believe his "story". Having worn a handgun professionally for many years, and having driven a patrol car for same amopunt of time, I KNOW that he pulled the trigger. I've told hundreds of felons to "drop the gun" they did and NONE "accidentally went off". If they had, then I would hold a record for the most Felons shot.(so would a lot of other peace officers)
I'm "guessing" he cheaped out on spending on a holster(if he even HAD a holster), and when he dropped "trou" the "Ka-boom" happened. This is a case of negligence not accidental "mishandling. I for one think his carry permit should be withheld from him for awhile, so he can re-visit appropriate firearms handling procedures.
Again, in my professional experience in another state far larger in population than Utah, I've had hundreds of felons intentionally drop their loaded pistols and revolvers and NOT ONE "went off".
Charley-the-Commode-Killer had better learn how to handle his pistol, next time he might give himself a radical vasectomy.


This man should be locked away for a long time, he is a danger to everyone!


There is no way that any gun will ever go off if you follow one simple rule, don't put your finger on the trigger! It it to bad that this person has to give the concealed weapon permit holders a bad rep, so please my fellow C.W.P. holders lets be responsible with our right to carry.

Dude quit fondling your tool in a public place anyway... only take it out at home to play with it.


The guy probably tried to catch the gun as it was falling and pulled the trigger. There's no way it would go off by striking the ground.

too long

This story has been a headline of Davis County news for three days. Could you please just move on? There has got to be more news out there!!

Broken Up

To: too long 6:36 - If you will notice this story comes up under the "Most commented" section, which indicates the story still has "legs."

Unless you are mayor of centerville or town historian why don't you let this story die a peaceful death, on it's own, unlike that poor, defenseless toilet at Carl.....Jr's.....I'm sorry for crying.


These concealed carry wierdos are filled with mental illness. I would be my bottom dollar this guy chickened out at the last minute when trying to commit suicide then had a lot of explaining to do about how the toilet got shot. This dude needs a full psychiatric evaluation as do all concealed carry wierdos!


Re-- anonymous,
It looks like you are pretty whacked yourself to make a judgment of someone you do not know. Maybe you need to check yourself in and get off the streets.


I used a hammer and nail to chip off built up calcium deposits on our toilet...not a good idea...a small hole developed and husband had to replace toilet. And I'm not from Utah. Had a good laugh from this story anyway.

Against concealed carrying

There should be no such thing as a concealed weapons permit. Carrying a concealed firearm needs to be a one-way ticket to jail.

On the other hand, I do think that since firearms are legal and keeping and carrying is constitutionally protected, anyone who carries one in public should do so FULLY TRAINED, with a permit, and with the weapon visible.

If anybody besides law enforcement is going to be allowed to carry guns, I'd rather *know* who has one than have a bunch of people running around with weapons hidden in their pants and purses.


Has he never heard of the safety catch? If this guy is so irresponsible as to allow an accident like this to happen, his concealed weapon permit should be revoked.


You never know when a rogue toilet is going to attack. Luckily, this man was prepared.


Against concealed carrying.

Well, I hope you are never in a situation where you wished you had a gun to protect your loved ones from a crazed killer, or a mad dog. Who knows what the future may bring. Our world is not as safe as you may think. If a gun is handled properly than it can be a good thing. You need to get over your personal fear. Perhaps take a gun class. Learn the safety side of owning a gun. Don't make judgments of one person who had an accident.

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