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Published: Thursday, Jan. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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to WHAT?!? | 3:56 p.m. Jan. 14, 2009

FYI, I grew up in the country around guns, attended hunting/ gun safety courses, have gone hunting, had a grandfather who was a police office and life member of the NRA. All the being said, I have personally know one friend who was accidentally shot by another. I have witnessed a teenage male "friend" get his father's gun and put one in the chamber, spin it and point it at another kid, and pull the trigger (to this day we are not sure if he know the chamber that clicked was empty). I have seen bulletts go through the neighbor's barn roof. I have had two classmates and the father of another commit suicide with a gun. I have had a loaded gun pointed at me (by a teenage "friend", his father's gun), and back in the 50's one day when my grandfather came home from work he was taking his gun out of the holster and accidentally shot himself in the leg (his fellow officers always gave him grief and the rumor going arond was that my grandmother shot him). Just telling you my experiences that formed my opnions. Peace

Wild Bill

Enough toilet talk. This man is okay and that is all that matters. They also have good prices on toilets right now at home depot.

toilet phob

Consealing toilets is not without certain hazards!

The Stall has ears

The toilets last words were......gurgle!


Take it easy on him, he's just a fall guy for Dick Cheney! It's okay, right-wing folks - a little humor, goes a long way!


If you think carrying with an empty chamber is the normal thing to do, you've been watching too much television. On tv and in the movies, they love to show the Jack Bauer types racking the slide, for effect. In real life, semiauto handguns are designed to be carried with a round in the chamber.

That Kahr is designed to be dropped from a building and not fire. There's no way it just went off when dropped; it's physically impossible unless the owner modified the internal mechanism of the gun. The firing pin is blocked by a piece of steel that only moves out of the way when the trigger is pulled. Any inertial force that could cause the firing pin block to move would have to occur at a different angle from any inertial force that could cause the firing pin to strike the primer. And Kahr firearms have heavy, long trigger pulls--they require a quite deliberate pull of the trigger.

My guess: either he was playing with the gun in the stall and pulled the trigger, or it did fall and as it fell he tried to grab it in mid-air, pulling the trigger in the process.


Re: goforit,

Many people own guns and have not gone through what you and your family have gone through. It's sad that your family has gone through so much, and I'm very sorry for that.

I knew high school kids who committed suicide on drugs. It seems to me that there were more people when I was growing up who committed suicide with drugs rather then with a gun. I know it happens with guns, but drugs are just as bad as guns if not worse.

CW9 Owner

Kahr's have a built in safety that will not allow the gun to fire unless the trigger is pulled about half way. I have a feeling that he was sitting on the can, playing with his "gun" and carelessly shot a round.

Unfortunately, the only people that will know this for sure are him and the poor toilet that he sent to junkyard.

CO Coug

Luckily the toilet was wearing it's ceramic plates inside of it's body armor.

Junkyard dog

Re: CW9Owner...Great comment! You are absolutely correct.

Gun toter

This is the very reason why I don't have a concealed carry permit. I just carry a 12-gauge over and under with me wherever I go in plain view. As I get older, however, sometimes I forget where I left it.
Left it in the Bishop's office last Sunday....


RE: Gun Toter

You should not even carry a gun. Of course, you must be kidding all of us on here? Otherwise, you are an unsafe person, and will probably end up getting your gun confiscated by the police.

I just love the toilet bowl picture on Des/News. This means one less bowl in the world that needs cleaning.... hurray!

Schindler's List

I am surprised you haven't had any letters of complaint from the JDL; showing a gas chamber and all.

Tidbits of gun wisdom

This unfortunate man not withstanding...

I carry a gun because they don't make holsters for cops.

When seconds count, the cops are minutes away.

My right to self defense is not subject to silly peoples opinions to the contrary.

Modern firearms DO NOT "go off" when dropped. It's one of those designs made mandatory by common sense in the market. Like the man says: " keep yer booger-picker off the bang switch!"


I nominate this man for the 2009 Darwin award.

Funny man

What a wonderful story. I truly impressed with this kid.


Did he use a toilet seat cover? Those public toilets seats can be kind of sticky and that could possible have contributed to this unfortunate accident.

Eau de Toilet

I believe in our right to have weapons, but I dont think that means wear one. People will be talking about the man who shot a toilet and lived for a long time. It will probably be a story shot round the world in an email.

Did you hear about the man who was hunting and after several hours of no luck, decided to see how much fun it would be to shoot down a power line. After shooting the power line down he wondered how much fun it would be to urinate on the downed power line. Unfortunately for the man urinating on the power line, the circuit breaker failed leaving the power line hot Needless to say, he fried his you know what. Luckily, the man lived. Unfortunately for the power company, the man sued them for a failed circuit breaker and damages to his person.

As with the gentleman who blew away the toilet bowl, on the surface it is comical and laughable, but the reality is, someone could get hurt. Just because you have a license to wear a concealed weapon, doesnt mean you should. Consider leaving it at home.


"2009 Darwin Award"

Sorry, friend, you must die in the process of being stupid to win the Darwin award. The toilet's untimely death doesn't count.

@ Howdy

Firearms with striker blocks will not and can not fire with out having the trigger pulled. This idiot had the firearm fall from his holster and tried to grab for it as it fell. By doing this he put his booger hook on the bang switch. Look at the mechanics of the firearm in question and you will see it can only be fired if the trigger is pulled.

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