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Published: Thursday, Jan. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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liberal Larry

Why didn't DNews list the name of this rocket scientist, and include his picture?

Toilet Seat is Okay

From the picture the toilet seat appears to be in good shape. Let us hope they use it on the next toilet they put in. They will have to put a disclaimer up so that everyone using the restroom will know that the toilet seat was involved in a shooting. Was it a random act? Or was it planned out to go down that way? Ponder those questions for a while.
While gun safety is not a laughing matter, this story is. Be safe with your guns and know that they are deadly weapons and should not be carried lightly.


What's with the obsession to carry a gun? The chances of ever needing it are absolutely remote. Logic and reality defy the irrational, paranoid desire to pack heat to proctect oneself. Or is it an expression of machoism or sexual inadequacy?


I just have one question...did he get his business flushed before he blew the bowl apart or did more than porcelain splash all over him???

Whoa Nellie

The first paragraph of this article says it all. Now that's funny. And a big Amen to Fodder for late night. Some of the commenters on DNews articles are great examples of grade school dropouts. What is really scary though are the many who profess to have attended college or graduated from some university but still cannot spell. Start out by learning the difference between the word "your" and "you're" then move on to "there" and "their" and know when to use these words. Once you've accomplished that task finish your education by learning the correct usage of the words "then" and "than" and when to use either one. Then come back and post your comments.

Final shot: The two best signs I've seen concerning urinating were: 1) In the men's restroom of a restaurant, "We aim to please. You aim too, please." 2) At a public swimming pool, "We don't swim in your toilet so please don't pee in our pool."

Laughing Loud

Best DNews comments ever:

"sounds like a crap shoot."

"Bet the urinal was shaken up."

"Guns Don't Kill People...Toilets do."


Kenneth in Texas

re: "Only in Utah?" and "JT":

I agree! Stories like this can happen in any state allowing concealed weapons to be carried in public places. In those states or countries where such weapon possession is prohibited, such things can still happen to the criminals that don't care about those "no gun" laws.

No crime was apparently committed. Perhaps some foolishness in lack of properly holstering the gun, but that's no crime. Just be glad only the toilet caught the stray bullet. It's much easier to replace the toilet than a human life.

Wyoming Native

Now that Dick Cheney is retired this guy should look him up and go hunting together...POT SHOT is what it sound like


It seems that many of you have some strange idea that people who choose to carry a concealed firearm lack self esteem or are compensating for something. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most are average people who you would never suspect as having a firearm on them. It's very likely that someone you know well at work, school, or in your neighborhood is legally armed.

Watch out

Remember, Utah law allows concealed weapons in your child's elementary school, too. Of course, if a "legal" carrier accidently kills a six year old while using the john at school, law enforcement will pass it off as "just one of those things."

Very Humorous

This is way too funny!!!!! I Loved it..... It's also good that he and others were not hurt.


The lady's chest pains probably had more to do with the six dollar burgar she just pounded than the gun going off!


This is not a question about concealed carry or carrying a loaded weapon. The question is "accidental" or unintended discharge. The ONLY way a Kahr P40 will discharge is to pull the trigger! You can drop that gun all day long and it will not fire. There is more to the story (and the excuse given) than was conveyed.

Keep your finger off of the trigger if you don't want a gun to discharge! This man needs more training.


Re- Watch out,
You sound like a person who likes to create chaos.... Calm down!

I'm happy this young man is ok too, and did not hurt himself or anyone else.

American Standardme

The guy was just lucky it was a toilet and not a bidet. Those things could shoot back.

Wasting Time

Someone must have left the toilet seat up!!

Drop Test

Apparently he is not familiar with the mechanical safeties of the Khar pistol. I doesnt fire if you dropped on its barrel or backside, you have to pull the trigger. There is a good possibility that he was playing with it and accidentally discharged the weapon. Keep your finger off the trigger and be a responsible gun owner.

still laughing

Thar she blows!


This man should lose his permit and permanently be prevented from getting it back. We need to send a message to every concealed carry holder out there that those of us who are responsible won't have our right infringed on because of idiots like this. A modern firearm doesn't go off when dropped! They only go off when you pull the trigger!!!!

to be or not to be

All toilets thinking of committing a grime should think twice!

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