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Published: Thursday, Jan. 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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He sure fired off a load!

Heaven Help Us

Will these flush-by shootings ever end???

Glade News

The Urinal must have been shaken up?


Any gun can fail and can fire if dropped. No machine is perfect. The likely hood that this is the case with this shooting is very low. Use a good holster and you will be less likely to have your gun fall out. Leave it in the holster unless you have to use it.


Geese, accidents happen. It's too bad that we don't live in an accident proof world. Give the guy a break!

Proud to have a CWP

Gunman Kills Five People at Trolley Square
February 13th, 2007 @ 8:00am

The winding hallways of Salt Lake City's Trolley Square became a shooting gallery for an 18-year-old gunman in a trench coat who fired a shotgun randomly at customers, killing five and wounding four before being killed by police,

Let's all give up our guns, who needs to have a concealed weapon with a round in the chamber. I bet if we ask nicely the criminals will give theirs up too. Every cop gets a CWP glad there was off duty cop using his right to carring a concealed weapon there that night. If you were on the reciving end of a crazy shooter I bet you would like to have someone there with a CWP to protect if needed.


I have always thought these concealed carry people were a little strange, but this proves they are stupid, too!

Stinken thing!

There has been times in my life that I wished that I had a gun to take out my own toilet bowl.


Man Charged With Strangling Girlfriend and 4 Children, Motive Sought


Any idiot carrying a loaded gun in his pants is lucky to get off with a cut on the arm. The gun should never have one in the chamber, unless he intends to shoot it. This guy was truly one of the dumbest people alive or there really is more to the story.


Odds of firing if dropped are minuscule. Highly likely that something else happened.


Why would you have a bullet chambered, what if that had hit a kid in the stall next to him?

Eastern Observer


Why Rip Utah?

I've lived in a lot of places. Utah is easily one of the nicer places in this country. Yes, Utahns have their share of mishaps and unusual attitudes. Think you'll find a group of people that don't? Good luck. We have unusual liquor laws, awful drivers, big families, the occassional polygamist, and lots of polite people. Let me tell you from experience: life is a whole lot stranger in many other places.

teddy bear

Hey,you guys! This is UTAH! Many, many people here own guns. My family have owned guns for many generations. Guns may be used for protection someday. This country is no longer safe and we may need them someday to protect our families. I do not own a gun but respect the weapon, if it is used correctly and wisely, like target practice for fun. Anyway, this guy made a dumb mistake because he wasn't thinking, and probably was sitting on the toilet busy devouring one of those sloppy Carl's Jr hamburgers and had a drip in the wrong place that set his gun off. He will learn from this I'm most certain.


Where do you people come from that think giving up guns and making them illegal is going to make things safer? Things are illegal in this country now, but the criminals STILL do them. The fact that I can own a gun makes you knuckleheads safer. If you take away my rights to own or carry a gun, guess what? The criminals will be the only ones with them. It would be a lot easier for a thief to pick the house without a way to defend if he or she knows that a law abiding person cant own a gun. Welcome to the real world. Matthew Miller


if you introduce a gun into your enviroment you are more likely to have an injury due to an accidnet, your (or the neighbor's) kid shooting one aonther, a suicide, or some kind of family member shooting another family member. statistics show that for ever one time a gun is unsed for abona fide self defense reason there are 120 incidents of acciential shootings, suicides, shooting of another family member, etc. So, as someone who cannot fathom or stand the gun toting mentality, please all of you arm yourselves to the hills, because statistically you will be less in numbers in the future. and, no, i dont say thank you to your twisted fantisies about saving the public (myself included) from the crazed mall shooter), i am more afraid of people like the gut who capped the toliet and if my kid happened to be in that bathroom.

Lucky it was just the toilet

If that bullet had gone through a wall, it's likely that someone would have been hit.

Why isn't this person's name and picture being published?


OH, STOP! you wimpy fatalist out there--GET A FLIPPIN GRIP! This happens to be a stupid guy who had a stupid accident with his gun, this sort of stuff doesn't happen everyday. Maybe this guy needs to go back to gun school or something, so that he will learn how to be a bit more careful.

My advise to all you fatalist on this post is probably to do the same thing-- GO TO GUN SCHOOL!

Pants on fire

I don't buy this story at all.

Drops out of is olster and goes off.

Yeah! Right!

Now sell me some swamp land....

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